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29 Mar 2013
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PostedApr 10, 2013 12:51 pm

Frag Shards, Gems, and Economics of Materials

It does not make sense to buy in bulk when it costs less to make one frag shard at a time
I am not sure if this subject is covered elsewhere but I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and the price fluctuation of general items have moved around entirely too much and I believe a lot of it has to do with players not understanding the value of their items whether higher or lower than it should be (constant inflation so far in my experience).

First Point -
"Buying in bulk costs you more than buying large quantities of lower value gems (chipped)"

Note:Lets factor out costs of Gems and PCs (on player market) and assume you collected enough chipped gems and PCs to synthesize the following:

1 Frag Shard - 3 shining rubies, 3 shining Topaz, 3 PCs, and 1.5 gold.
6 Frag Shards - 3 superior rubies, 3 shining topaz, 10 PCs, and 6 gold.
40 Frag Shards - 3 immaculate rubies, 3 immaculate topaz, 50 PCs, and 20 gold.

Value of those situations
1 Frag Shard = 6g 7s 92c per (6 Shining Gems Synth cost, 4g 57s 92c + 1.5g / 1 shard gained)
6 Frag Shards = 8g 66s 8c per (6 Superior Gems Synth cost, 46g 0s 8c + 6g / 6 shards gained)
40 Frag Shards = 32g 32s 97c per (6 Immaculate Gems Synth cost, 12d 73g 12s 4c + 20g / 40 shards gained)

usually buying in bulk saves you on resources but this is not the case actually save a little more than 26g in synthesis alone Wink

Second Point - "The selling price of gems and purified crystals have a direct impact on the cost of Frag Shards"

On my server which is S1/S2 these are the prices I see:
PCs = 3g - 4g (some try to sell for 5g)
chipped gems = 15s - 30s

Making 1 frag shard requires 8 PC and 486 total chipped gems
8 PCs at above price = 24g - 32g
486 Chipped Gems at above price = 72g 9s - 1d 45g 8s
Complete Synthesis Cost for 1 Frag Shard = 6g 7s 92c
1 frag shard Total Cost to Make = 1d 2g 97s 92c – 1d 83g 87s 92c

Note:This is the cost without trying to make a profit on selling to other players

Every increase in the worth of Purified Crystals or Gems will Increase the cost of Frag Shards exponentially. This in the end will limit resources across the board for the majority of non rich players

Third and Final Point - "Player's Choice"

It is the choice of the players in the game to feed into the inflation of cost in resources or begin to balance out a more reasonable amount to spend and sell items.

  • Know that when you buy high sellers will continue to sell high
  • Every increase to the value of PCs and Gems exponentially increases cost to make Frag Shards
  • You have the ability to not purchase from certain sellers
  • You do not NEED that resource if it costs more than it is actually worth
  • Only the players can change the in game economics of the players market

Ok I am now done QQing all over this post. Just wanted you all to think about what you are spending on you items since it impacts everybody playing!


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18 Jul 2012
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PostedApr 10, 2013 1:52 pm
I agree with you 100%. Recently i havent been buying anything from the player shops because of the prices (which rise daily). Some people dont get that if you raise the price of a certain item you are in great need of everyone will start selling at that price Ex. WTB gmut 25g (when the regular price is 15g)

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