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08 Jun 2011
PostedApr 07, 2013 5:23 pm

[EE Theme Days]

Hi there.

I propose that every month there should be a "theme day" of some sort where people can dress up to the specific theme. Costumes are a big part of Eden Eternal as we get them from the Crystal Altar, Item Mall, Alpaca Machine, Arena, CCM npc, and many more places. I just felt that we should have more events like the "beach parties", weddings, and holiday events for people to dress up to a certain theme.

It can certainly raise spirit and cheer, and everyone can participate. You don't have to be rich to get costumes as there are in-game cheap ways to get costumes (Self -Improvement Quest, alpaca tokens, CCM). I just feel that people either like dressing up or showing off their primes and costumes. So why not make it an event?

If dressing up is not a big enough incentive, a small number of random players spotted wearing clothing according to the theme of the day can win a CP Charm I (NT) or a small prize such as that. This encourages low leveled players to participate more.

Just a little idea.
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