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08 Jan 2011
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PostedApr 07, 2013 3:13 pm

Looking for an Active, social guild(that hopefully have TS)

I want to join an active and social guild which either have TS(Teamchat)
Hello, I'm a 22 Year old guy who would like to apply for an active and social Guild. I don't mind helping others, or giving advice and i'm an active chatter as well as i do tend to like to talk to the peoples i play games with. Since i'm not usually that social while i'm gaming, i would like to find a guild that either use TS(Teamchat) or are active on Skype, i find it alot of fun talking to others while i game and still have the oppertunity to play the game(Not just chatting) with others. My English isn't top notch, but i would like to think that most peoples would understand what i'm saying =P

Anyways, i'm quite active since gaming is one of my daily hobbies and since i just like to focus on one game at the time, i will be on as much as i can.

Timezone: +2 GMT.

Online time: Weekdays: after 4PM(becouse of work) I usually work from 8AM-4PM so i usually wont be online before that.
Weekends: If i got the time i'm usually on after 10AM, i'm an early bird and in the weekends i often spend time at the gym before that, so u'll find me online early at the day

I can't say to myself that i'm an adult even though i'm 22, I do like gaming for the most becouse I like to have fun while i'm playing. I won't screw around alot or troll other players, but i do like a good talk with others while i'm gaming. (reason why i want a guild with TS/Skype). And yess, i DO get hyped alot when i get something good, I'm sorry but that's jut how i am online=P


Main - Ave(WH) (gearwise i will focus her, i do spend quite abit money on gaming, and i do share my happiness eith other players if i get something good).

Sub: Evighet(ME) - This is my healer(At most i will make this a pure supporter without much effort in her fighting capabilities, i like to have a change of pace being a fighter sometimes, so i like supporting others with buffs and heals. I will + her weapon alot becouse of the added healing capabilites)

Sub2 - Fey(PU)(This is my punisher, whenever i just feel like laxing in the back of the group i'll play her, her gear will be set lower than Ave's, but i will focus her at later levels.

Sub3 - Kosebamsen(This will become my Senti, i don't know when, but i will start her later)

Ave: Level 28
Fey Level 29
Evighet Level 26

I'm currently in a guild, but i feel like the guild aren't that social + the timezones are off, so i would like to join a more active one. I can join with whoever you want me to join up with. I do support the guild i'm in with and if there's any more questions you might have, just ask me.

Thank you. -Jay.


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17 Jun 2009
PostedApr 08, 2013 1:08 pm
Hey you can join us if you are a free Knight we have team speak as well more information here

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