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Legendary Founder: Scarlet Blade
16 Oct 2011
PostedApr 04, 2013 5:27 pm

So They Decieded To Release The Founders Packs

To those who bought points when they were available during closed beta.
like myself and so many who bought the points for founders packs, but wasnt able to get them due to Aeria and their security (payments ere on hold thing) they finally decided to give those who has purchased RP during the event.
But now the Elite Packs cost 19k points the same price as the legendary! this is ridiculous since i bought enough points for that elite pack when it was just 9.9k points. no way am i paying $250(19kpoints) for the Elite pack and i urge anyone else who is in the same situation as me and received the email with the links to those packs, NOT TO BUY!
DO NOT go and buy more points because the legendary pack is the same price if you had no intentions of spending that much in the first place. Urge them to change the price of the Elite packs back to 9k points.

Edit. yes i see it says Legendary founder on my thingy there, im using my main account for this. the purchase was on another account.
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