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Siege's tips for SW PVP

Siege's Shadow Walker PVP Tips

Hi everyone, it is Siege from Andromeda Server. I am bored during maintenance so I thought I'd share some things with my fellow SW's. This is for primarily new people, but might have some helpful things for veterans too.


-You will die a lot as a SW. Get used to it. Every death makes you stronger and smarter.

-Reduce the time you spend out of combat with opposing forces to gain the fastest amount of rank points. To do this always take the path diagonally through titan's spawn directly to the RG base since it takes less time. It may not seem like much but over a 1000 times it adds up. Also, if you can afford it, the 115 mov speed bikes are worth it.

-Always kill the mech outside of titan's spawn near the opposing base. Why you ask? If you don't you will not be able to fade if you spot a group of enemies because you will be in combat. Also you don't want to waste your ghost walk cd on trash. He will always aggro you even if you hug the opposing wall.

-Pick your battles. Sometimes it is better to fade and let people go to get the easier targets behind them.

-Don't go out looking for good 29's to fight. Just farm low level people and the 29's will find you every time. This way you get some easy rank points in the process.

-Use your cyberskin! You can use it in caer and it helps greatly.

-Stun/disable locking is the name of the game. Max all skills that have a stun/disable ability. Once you have all three you can use your own variation of this rotation. Stun, normal damage ability, stun, normal damage ability, stun, normal damage ability. This does good damage and also prevents the enemy from hitting you. Since you are squishy one miss in this rotation the enemy can execute their own stuns on you which is bad news bears for you.

-Never use you a charge as an opener! Unless it is the only option to get a kill. Why you ask isn't it good to prevent them from moving? Yes but stuns can do this for you so you are effectively wasting it. Use it for the end of your rotation when the enemy is trying to get away. If you know the player is very good and won't try and run for it, you can use it at the start because of def debuff.

-Have a get away plan. Get skyjump, practice it all the time when you get it. Make it muscle memory to use it quickly and correctly. You can use charge on pve mobs to get a good running headstart. Be smart when ghost walking, if a punisher is hailing you, or whipper is doing aoe on you....ghost walk won't work. Skyjump out of aoe, wait for their skills to land, then use shadow walk. Hooray it actually worked!

-You can fade past the opposing bases guards if you hug the railing. You are on the lower tier right outside the enemies base? If you need to get to the upper tiers you can save yourself time by fading out and hugging the railing going up the ramp right to the base. Ghost walk does work on base guards as well!

-Know all of your mech's skills and when to use them. The most useful skill by far is the 4th which is the gap closer. If your enemy is getting away with low health and you don't have charge up, switch to mech hit 4 and get your kill.

-Buffs are your friend. Every one of your buff skills should have at least 1 point in them. Before engaging with an enemy while faded cast all buffs before attacking. Casting buffs does not break you out of fade.

-Engaging multiple enemies. When fighting multiple enemies try positioning yourself in the middle of them and open up with flare, or heavy hitting skill then flare. Use both aoe stuns first, having 2-3 other people stunned for 4+ seconds makes your odds of scoring a kill much higher. If you can manage it once the second stun wears off ghost walk out to remove their target on you, then come back in to level the person your killing. This sometimes buys you an extra second before being tag teamed. Use charge and mech charge to close gaps between spread out players. Wasting time running between each one will get you killed.

-Before each fight use hp and sp pots don't wait for middle of combat. Simple and effective.

-This a little more in-depth that you probably need but there is a trick that will help you kill medics. They have two skills - veil of critical and veil of detection. They last 20/40 seconds, the cd for them is 60 seconds. When you are trying to pick off a geared medic, wait until these buffs drop then open up on them. Also they have two major heals that heal them for most of their life. These heals have a long cd. While you are faded watching them, wait for them to cast these heals before you attack.

-The ultimate skill for SW's is extremely high damage single target melee attack with a 1.5 second cast time. To make best use of this skill always stun the target before hand so that the skill will land correctly. An enemy can be in range during the start of the cast and move out of range at the end. If the do this the skill won't go on cd, but you will have waster 1.5 seconds.

-Rank points are based on the person's rank that you killed. They are also shared between all people who did damage to the target. A highly ranked player may give 121 rank points but if 10 people attacked him you may only get much less. You can see how much rank you have by going to character screen and clicking the tab above the stats. When you spend your rank points on an item you rank points are subtracted and you will drop in rank #.

-Always do caer dailies as they are the easiest way to get rank points from memory chips.

-North/South/East/West each contain a suboss. Do not attempt to attack them unless you have a full group of geared players.

-Titan spawns in the middle of the map. The loot for Titan is based on party damage not first attack. Whichever party does more damage to titan gets the loot. You can see who is in first by looking at the damage meters.


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This guide really helps a lot. Thanks :3
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