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11 Feb 2013
Hampton, Virginia United States
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Aeria ( The story of Allagory)

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Today was okay, it seemed liked any other weekday did. I woke up and took

out the trash. I enjoyed a cigarette on the walk there and back. After that I rushed a shower

and booted up my PC. Its an older model so I feel as though I need to warm her up before I

use her. Out of respect for the classics you understand. While I waited for the PC to boot up, I

fried a couple of eggs. After breakfast and early morning gaming I hopped on bus down to the

local school. I was on my way to see friend for lunch. But today was the day that terrorist

decide to take a bus hostage, and of all the buses they could have chosen; they chose mine!

My terrorist experience was broadcasted nation wide. As if we need more proof to be

scared of terrorist!

Truth is, the bus driver had a mental meltdown behind the wheel, he had seizure or

something. This brave guy got up and ran to the steering wheel. But the bus driver did

something weird. The pushed the brave the guy, he went flying. I thought the bus crashed

when I saw him fly over my head. I looked up front and saw the bus driving itself.

.........I know how that sounds.



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11 Feb 2013
Hampton, Virginia United States
PostedApr 02, 2013 3:28 pm

Aeria ( The story of Allagory)

Downloading error

Now. I'm sitting in my chair on the city bus. Some young guy was just sent flying into the


of the bus. The bus driver is possessed, looking for the next the human dart. The bus is

driving itself. All I could think about was my lunch date that I was going to miss. Then

complete chaos broke, people stamped over one another to get away from the now glowing

green bus driver. I saw an old lady jumping over chairs to get to the back. The bus driver

stalked slowly toward me. I stood up, causing him to pause mid way. When he stopped

glowing I saw that his skin had changed. It was no longer skin, but something more. Then

as if things couldn't get worse. I heard a voice speaking to me in my head. It told me it was

sent to find me. To give me a gift. He opened his mouth and a blinding white light made me

faint. I distinctly remember hearing singing. But I couldn't repeat it if I tried.

I woke up like everybody else. The bus was still, off. Everyone was sitting in their normal

seats, drowsy and confused like me. All accept that brave young man. He was marked man

before I could do anything. I made sure to stress that part. Poor kid.

My whole family greeted me at my front door when I got home. They threw me a hero's

party. I think it was just an excuse to drink. Well not the elder woman of my family. They

Aunt's and my sisters, were there because Mon needed support. "My baby," she cried " first

the war, now terrorist!" Nothing I said soothed her, "Mom...Mom! Momma!" I would say.

"God, you saved him, you've always saved him Lord, I thank you!"

I would sigh and go into my normal speech. "The war never got me got I never made into

the Army, I got tangled up in the barb wire remember?"

"Thank you *****!"

After my Mother and her sister circle left, the men of my family stayed for drinks, figures. I

grabbed a few from the table and made for my room. My old PC was humming softly under

my computer desk. Good thing I warm it up in the morning, I can't wait til log on my

favorite game. World of Champions. A game where power speaks loudest in the language of

politics. And I have a golden ticket to the top. But every dark over ruler needs his

consultant; and so do I. Thats where my friend Chill. He's King of the third seated guild, but

he's been wanting to make a guild of his own for the longest. If I play my hand right I may

help my friend and help myself.

I log into my account and boot up my character..........Allagory

Allagory is a muscular dark skin man. His face bares scared tinted red. His eyes were gold,

a prized color. I won them fighting in the tournaments.

I wore brown drab robes. I always felt that being flashy made you a prime target. In a

game where murder was rewarded, you were a fool not to expect an attack.

But the guilds had a ranking system that involved protecting cities. The top guild holds the

head position and is ranked number 1. Too flashy more my taste.

I made my way through the city of Rosaleen. I've made a good reputation for myself

around here. This made traveling through these parts extremely easy. Allagory's speed is

extremely fast before stems, It's times like now that I like to use every buff and potion I

have and push myself to the limit. And man am I fast! They always said it was my speed

that won those tournaments. However I feel that they were too slow to see what other stuff

I brought to the table other than my speed.

I ran past the castle guard before he had time to register me. Up to the top and halfway

around I came to a halt outside his chamber door. I heard voices. I recognized Three men

and one woman. I through the door open. I banged hard against the wall. Chill's chamber

was massive. It was bare from comer to comer. The floor was a direct contrast from the

castle's stone cobble.

"Ohhhhh, " sneers a snoody voice. "Look who it is, the all mighty Allagory, the conquer of


"Put a sock in it Aeries." She was red haired women who spoke. She wore a leafy armor set

and on her back, a long bow made of strong willow. Her name was Minerva and she the

guilds best ranger. Her panther, Garfield, sat next to her. She was locked in a hunter's glare.

Piecing the man standing to my left. Aeries was was a good looking blond man. But all that

disappeared when he opened his mouth. I've no doubt saved him from being


"Step aside before I kill you both." I wave my arm and they both cower away, I never said

my nice reputation was for being nice. I'm the King killer, the conquer of the trials, and one

of the seven council; the only check and balance system for the top guild leader. The council

has the power to strip the top leader at any time. Thats true power. The power to take

power away.

I marched Allagory forward. My fleet gliding across the wooden floor of the massive hall. I stopped in the center. The occupant of the throne I was approaching raised his hand. He was a chubby fellow with straw like hair. "Leave us." He ordered his guard, the three men left without a fight, but the women stayed. She may not appear to be a threat shivering as she did now, but I was no fool. I looked at Chill and said, "she stays."

Minerva was a loyal guard, or a clever deceiver, I've never made her out quiet yet. That panther of hers cries a small roar that vibrates the hall. Chill waved his hand and a small creature appeared in a cloud puff. It had long spiky hair and bright green skin. It wore funny little clothes. His sprite he named Float.
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