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April Fools!! Or Not….

April Fools Day is celebrated all around the world and we decided to join in on the action this year! We know we’ve been messing around for the past couple weeks but when we finished building our April Fools Day car we knew that it is one of the most unique cars we’ve built in Need for Speed World!

The Scion TC “THIS END UP” Edition features a completely custom and exclusive body kit that you won’t find on any other car in Need for Speed World. It’s completely exclusive because it’s a cardboard body kit! The lightest weight composites were weighed against each other for their strength, durability, flexibility, and cost. In the end, the maintenance costs, combined with nearly limitless flexibility lead our team to choose CF (Cardboard Fiber). The corrugated nature of the material keeps it somewhat rigid, while providing the flexibility to be molded to nearly any shape.

The abundant availability, and low cost of the materials was a key consideration, as you can take an unexpected trip into the wall, and repair the damage for less than $10! The fiber reinforced bonding strips (commonly referred to as “tape”) make a great alternative to traditional resins commonly used with composites. A 10 yard roll is less than $10 and can be applied by any member of the crew!

In actuality, this is just a livery, placed atop a proper carbon composite body kit, giving this Scion TC, a truly prolific weight loss. The tongue in cheek nature of this car disappears once the go pedal is pressed. Unleash the power of the 2.4l engine, and slam through the gears in this top tuned TC!
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