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14 Jan 2012
PostedApr 01, 2013 3:35 am
Arthur5174 wrote:
Prince_Swag wrote:
I guess there were working fixing the issues instead of setting up EXP bonuses and stuff.  

really now? If that were the case, the login server wouldn't be preventing so many players from logging in right now even the the status is in the green.

IDC about stupid bonuses, items, or any other crap. What I do care about is fixing all the friggin' bugs that is making PvP and game in general very frustrating to attempt playing.

1. Many of us can't see our opponents HP bar go down much, if at all when we are spamming a variety of skills/ele weapons (dont matter when damage doesn't register for us either above the toon or on their HP bar Rolling Eyes )

2. Many skills are still not working properly and have taken on the effects of other classes when using them. From what I hear archers' deadly special skills all dont work at all.

3. Much more frequent "Dead" mobs are appearing than usual, causing people to have to relog at least every 30 minutes.

4. There is no real reason for eliminating the attack bonuses from all other classes while upping the attack of Mages/Pagans and spell casters in general when you institute a new skill archer can use to up the defense an additional 500 from the party/raid buff Ancient Hymn lvl 3. Simply put, with 1K+ less attack and additional defense buff, you have mroe than guaranteed that what used to be slow PvP will now be less people in attendance.

Already, many on both factions are people selling off their sets in end-game because who can blame them when they spent tons of real $ to make their gears just to have their effective value drop like a turd going down the toilet bowl? No direct explanation or agenda has been given if this attack power will ever be given back to the rest of the classes.

5. There are more bugs that the community has identified and posted in various threads that also contribute to the need/necessity to institute more patches/fixes.

6. Exp. bonus/items at discount for a holiday are not a need or necessity but a WANT. What this game NEEDS are more fixes to what is plaguing game mechanics, PvP, and overall enjoyment of the content.

TY all for taking the time to read my vomit  

WTH are u talking about?????????ALL THESE AREN'T PRIORITIES ..... #1 priority = AGE releasing EOM while their game is completely bugged out to an extent that its hardly even playable.But fear not , AGE aims to provide its customers with the best experience ever..dont worry bro we're safe Laughing


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12 Jun 2008
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PostedApr 01, 2013 3:41 am
splasher__ wrote:
I suggest a 'Kill the Shaiya programmer' event.  

Why not try a swap, let's find some apprentices so they can learn and work on the game, win win?


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13 May 2010
Oldsmar, Florida United States
PostedApr 01, 2013 6:31 am
personally i'd just love to be able to play the game again and pvp without being 2 hit... whats the use of having uber gear thats nearly maxed out and you get 2 shot by a priest FFS! i know too many ppl that have already talked about selling their sets and getting out while they can still "cash out" so to speak.

here's an idea... since you dont know how to fix what you broke, copy the old code for the damage tables and put it back in the place of the new code and send that out as the newest patch. then whey you figure out wtf you did to break it maybe try scaling it based on lvl. a 1k atk increase in a zone where people normally only have 1-1.5k atk is a killer for that zone (canta and 1-15)

i'd ask what you guys were thinking but tbh i really dont think you were... afterall that requires using your brain which appears to either be absent or on vacation at this point considering the current blunder. maybe hire new people that actually have the desire to make the game better instead of squeezing every last cent they can from a game by killing it?

lets try simple mathematics... every other class that gets a buff in canta gets around 20-35 stat point or atk increase in w'e (Hex, Leadership, etc) but mages get over 1k.... does this seem balanced? then u Free Knights up and add 600-1k atk to all other classes and a full rec orc or priest can be 2-3 shot by a nub geared newb in the zone?

next time you're going to Free Knights the players over can you at least use lube?
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