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29 Mar 2013
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PostedMar 31, 2013 3:25 pm

Can't buy AP -- Please help

So... I have a new account and i bought AP yesterday at 15:46:03. I then waited until that time today (24 hours later) so I could buy more ap since i had a new account. Now before it got to the time where i could buy more AP, when i clicked on 'Buy Ap' it gave me the whole "you have to wait a day blah blah blah" message. And when i got to the time i was supposed to be allowed to buy AP the message wasn't there anymore and i could continue on to purchase AP, so i did so. I am using PayPal express and i get all the way through the process and hit purchase at the end then it takes me back the the page where it displays the message "all new accounts must wait a day to purchase more AP blah blah." But I already waited a day so i should be allowed to buy it. And i got no AP nor did it take away any money from my PayPal.

Please help i'm trying to get as much as i can from the tier event and this is a major roadblock.

Thank you!
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