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30 Mar 2013
The Dark Order Netherlands
PostedMar 31, 2013 2:28 pm

[question] how to....

Hey guys, maybe you've read my other thread about being back and stuff...
so since it's been so long i guess very much has changed...

so i've got some questions for my freshly created account:

1. i couldn't find any good PvE guide for zerks, do you know one?
2. i couldn't find any updated money making guide ( low-level ) is there any?

3. if i want to solo things like PC what lvl / gears should i have on a zerk?
4. what is the best way to get that gear and upgrade it to +9 without too much gold?

5. is powerleveling "legal / illegal" in gf? ( if it isn't legal i won't use it but just in case ^^ )

that were my questions for the time being...
thanks for your help
regards ~Allen

P.S.: current funding is 700g ( i got an old friend to help me a little ^^ ) funding indication for question 4

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08 Mar 2010
Hell. Denmark
PostedMar 31, 2013 3:39 pm
1. Zerks are best PvE wise no matter what. Any gear will do, however, I do recommend Legacy at least. 2 handed weapons aren't exactly preferred in my opinion.
2.Err, I suppose you could craft and sell weapons. Same with farming rep items.
3. At level 31, you should be able to solo PC. It's relatively easy.
4.What I personally do is use B-Scrolls till +6, then farm A-Scrolls to +9 with, however, I do normally require a few Greater Blacksmith Repair Hammers.
5. Powerleveling is only not allowed in level-locked locations such as Deepfathom and Prism Island.

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