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08 Aug 2012
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PostedMar 30, 2013 4:29 pm

WTB Lv 50 Golden, Orange, & Enchants

Names Okner
In the game Eden Eternal, my name is Okner (Diamond server) please COD me or send a message (not a whisper) to me and i will get back to you. For all items below i will pay a very fair, and reasonable price(in game gold). I have enough money to purchase them all, and if you have more than one i would love to have. If you do decide to cod, cod for a reasonable price, i will most likely accept if sent with a fair price. Thank you kindly and good luck with your own Eden Eternal experience ^_^
I would like to buy some items that are between Lv.48-Lv.50 & Enchants
-------------Lv. 50 Skull Cutter Dagger (Golden)
-------------Lv. 50 Wild Arrogance Cestus (Golden)
-------------Lv. 50 Demon Wolf Ring (Golden)
-------------LV. 50 Shooting Star Necklace (Orange)
-------------Lv. 48 Royal Cloak (Orange)
-------------Enchant-Muscle Explosion Lv.5 x5
-------------Enchant-Muscle Explosion Lv.4 x5
PS: Good luck to you all my fellow Eden Eternal players :3
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