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[Forum Tutorial] Suggestions Explained, Event

[Forum Tutorial] Suggestions Explained

Suggestions, both Gameplay/Content and Events, is a place to rally support and ideas about changes you wish to see from your beloved game. Because Aeria Games is producing DK Online, we hold no direct influence over new content added to the game. However, with enough organization and support from the players, this makes it easier for our GMs and PMs to turn to the developers and ask for a new feature.

Gameplay/Content is for new features and experiences you would like to see from your game. Generally, your topic will consist of things related to character changes, game mechanic changes, quest changes, PvP changes and overall gameplay changes.

Events is for places Aeria can step in with minimal effort from the developers. Proposing a drop event for a special occasion, an AP event (when AP shops are available) and other GM/GS lead events you would like to see should be posted here. While a different castle siege is seen as an event, that is something that requires substantial developer involvement in and would truly be a gameplay suggestion.

Occasionally, threads that are seen as “duplicates” in both sections are locked and directed to a thread that has a similar focus and more support. This is nothing personal. While your idea is amazing, we ask that you offer your support in an already established, similar suggestion.

Why this section over another?
While General Discussion is seen as a “catch-all” for most ideas and threads, our suggestions forum is a great place to propose new ideas and even support ideas you believe in. Organized into two sections, it is easier for the GMs and potential supporters to see your thread and bring it closer to a reality.
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