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15 Jan 2013
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PostedMar 27, 2013 8:55 pm

Sentinel Gaming Community Recruiting Guilds/Clans to host.

Sentinel Gaming is a gaming community searching for clans to support in their games.

Currently Looking for guilds/clans to join our community.

Sentinel Gaming was founded upon the idea of stress-free gaming. We encourage all gamers to play and work together to create a relaxed environment in which we grow and game peacefully. We do not tolerate immature people and/or individuals who think it is o.k. to display racism, sexism, or any kind of language that might be offensive to one another. We as a community believe that the success of our Gaming community will come forth from a relaxed, fun environment in which we never over work our staff or in any circumstance, disturb our community member's overall Gaming experience.

Sentinel Gaming is Recruiting! Our Mission is to provide an excellent Gaming enviroment for our members of the community. We are currently recruiting both casual and competitive gamers for our community, all skill levels are welcome!

What we have to offer.
High Quality website and forum
Competitive teams
Teamspeak 3
Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms
Leadership opportunities
Youtube Channel
Game News

Well Mannered
Working Headset/Mic
Use of our Teamspeak when you're in-game
The rules of our community can be found on our community website
Also, feel free to jump into our teamspeak & chat with current community members and ask questions or game with us.

Current Clans:
We are also accepting mergers into our community. Any Questions talk directly to Abyzmul by teamspeak or email at or


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28 Mar 2013
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PostedMar 28, 2013 8:55 pm

This group is great

Great group of people, enjoy playing with all of them.
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