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05 Sep 2009
United States
PostedMar 26, 2013 11:12 am

Aeria Ignite Launcher Not loading games?

It dosent seem to load all the games i have downloaded
I was going to play Scarlet Blade, but this error showed up

Then i tried launching it from the taskbar, and it gives me this
What does this mean? Confused


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09 Aug 2011
Aeria Games, CA United States
PostedMar 26, 2013 11:50 am
That's a new one. Try this, see if it fixes it:

1. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements:

2. Completely exit and the Aeria Ignite client to trigger any necessary updates.

3. Make sure your version of windows is up to date, as this can cause issues with opening Ignite. You can find out more through your windows update software.

4. Update your flash player and clear cookies/cache on Internet Explorer (even if you do not normally use it to browse the internet).

5. Delete the following folder (hidden, enable viewing hidden files in order to be able to locate it): C:\ProgramData\Aeria Games\Ignite\Data

6. Go to your add/remove programs (type appwiz.cpl in the Windows search box on Vista and higher PCs)

7. Uninstall “Scarlet Blade” and “Akamai Netsession Interface”

8. Go to C:\ProgramData\Aeria Games\Ignite\Downloads and delete “sb”

9. Re launch Ignite (Right click and run as administrator)

10. Use Ignite to download Scarlet Blade (to the default directory)

You should then be able to log in.
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