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PostedMar 25, 2013 6:25 pm

April Fool's Event

A sprite in a cute dress named Sweetie has appeared in Ilya. Sweetie has always been bullied by the local people and she is now plotting to take her revenge on April Fools Day. How will she do it? Come and join in her grand conspiracy for the greatest prank ever!

How to participate:

1. Go to Ilya and meet Sweetie at 318, 218.

2. Take the quest and then go to the sprite merchant and buy a Magic Honey-Glazed Biscuit. Then go speak to Merlin in Ilya.(282,275). Once done with these two tasks, return to Sweetie to start the next part of the quest. (once done with this quest you will get a 3hr debuff before you can do this quest again)

3. Now you will have the Camera and the candy to transform.

4. Use the candy to transform into a Wraith for 1hr.

5. Once transformed, go to the 3 NPC's listed in the event
- Messenger Lily (260, 84)
- Nina (215, 170)
- Ilya Guard Captain Augusque (285, 135)

6. Prank all 3 and return to Sweetie to get your reward! (once you turn in for a reward you get another 3hr debuff before you can do this part of the quest again as well)


Has a chance to contain:

Magic Donut
Magic Lollipop
Magic Crispy Puff
Magic Creme Brulee
High Energy Protien Snack
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