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21 May 2011
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PostedMar 21, 2013 9:37 pm

UCG Spring Season Announcement

Spring Season:

-April 6th - June 8th

Game Type:

-5v5 Demolition - This will be single elimination/Bo3 consisting of 32 teams maximum for each tournament.

Point System:

-For every match a team wins they receive 3 points.

-For every match a team plays they receive 2 points.

-If a team forfeits regardless of reason they lose 1 point.

-When a match is won by forfeit the winning team receives 4 points.

-1st place for the events receive 8 points.

-2nd place for the events receive 4 points.

-3rd place for the events receive 2 points.

-The Top 8 teams at the end of the first four events will be invited to the Spring Season Championships Bracket, an additional 4~ teams will added to the waiting list.


-April 6th-7th official start to Spring Season.

o 5v5 Demolition: Introductory

-April 20th -21st

o 5v5 Demolition: Reserve

-May 4th-5th

o 5v5 Demolition: Trilogy

-May 18th-19th

o 5v5 Demolition: Last Chance

-June 1st-2nd

o 5v5 Demolition: Championship brackets for Top 8 qualifying teams.

Championship Bracket Prizes:

1st place: 4,000 AP each

2nd place: 3,000 AP each

3rd place: 2,000 AP each

4th place: 1,500 AP each

5th place: 1,000 AP each

6th place: 750 AP each

7th place: 500 AP each

8th place: 400 AP each

Spring Season Ruleset Draft


More Information:

Register Here:

Date and Time of the event:

Teamspeak3 Server:

Tournament Prizes:

1st place 5 players

1st Place: 50k Euro

2nd Place: 25k Euro

3rd Place: 15k Euro

4th Place: 12k Euro

5th Place: 8k Euro

6th Place: 5k Euro

Please note: If there is a tie, the sum of win/loss of set difference decide the place > sum of win/loss of round difference decide the rank > head-to-head

Room Settings:

-Limitation of Rank: None

-Tournament Rule 7 Wins

-Friendly Damage: On

-Spectator: Checked

-Free Join: Checked

-Ghost Chat: Checked

-Automatic Team Balance: Unchecked

-3rd person’s Observation: Unchecked

Map Selection:

Dual Site

Black Scent (Snow)

Fox Hunting

Hammer Blow





-Mode: 5vs5 Demolition mission

-All matches are to be played in PvP Channel 2 of US East (If both teams are from EU, they may go to EU Server if they both agree)

-Round of Matches: Offense and defense are automatically shifted, and each of them consists of 6 rounds. Regarding a special situation, 12 rounds may be given as maximum. In case of a draw at the end of the 12th round, 1 extra round shall be given without changing the offense and defense. (Maximum is 13round)

-Higher Seed chooses Side and will be held responsible for creating the room with the correct settings. If the settings are incorrect please call a deadround and fix the settings and resume the game with the same score. If the settings are still incorrect, the hosting team is disqualified.

-Lower seed begins the map banning process. This process is the act of banning out maps you don't want to play until one map is left to play. In case of a Bo3, the last 3 maps will be banned in the opposite order they were banned.

-No Hacking/Exploits/Macros. If any of which are suspected, please call a deadround and get an admin.

-Ping Limit: 160. If the player is over the ping limit for 2 minutes. He/She will be required to drop from the game and be subbed for the duration of that match. Please notify the player that he is over and take a screenshot. If a player has been subbed twice for this reason they cannot play for the duration of the event.

-Deadrounds: Deadrounds may be called for teams once per half. This does not apply for calling for an admin when the enemy team has broken a rule.

-Minimum amount of players needed to play a game is 4. If a team doesn't have four players by the time a match is to be started, call for an admin and take a screenshot.

- Players may only participate in the match with the IGNs that appear on their roster

-There are no obligations or limitations for class changing during a match.

-2 Snipers (F3) Maximum per team

-Since the range of applicable weapons and items may possibly change by UCG without special announcement, participants are responsible to check if there are any alterations.

Items/Gear Permitted:

-Refer to this link for a list of the allowed items:

If the Item is not specified on the list, then that item is not allowed. If a player is found playing with illegal equipment, call a deadround. The team with the illegal player loses that round.

[b]Issues/Problems in the match:/[b]

-You may call a Dead Round, but you MUST take a screenshot of you saying so. An Admin will go into your game to resolve any issues. Make sure to call the administrator before the match ends NOT after. If it is a simple fix and you don't call for an admin, the team that called the Deadround has 5 minutes to ready up.

-Screenshot all Deadrounds and Screenshot the end of the match! MANDATORY Attachments will be enabled on the challonge bracket in order for you to upload your screenshots.

-If you suspect malicious gameplay (Cheating/Exploits) of any sorts. Call a Deadround and Leave the Match. Contact an administrator ASAP!

-Please message an Admin after your match to report your score. Upload your screenshots, if necessary, to the challonge bracket under your match.

-Deadround/Endgame screenshots are required by the hosting team.

-Any Unsportsmanlike Conduct will not be tolerated. 1 Warning will be issued before that player being ejected. All Chat ingame should be left to Team Chat unless calling a deadround. If you have any problems with this, please call a deadround and ask a admin to spectate the duration of the match.


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21 May 2011
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PostedMar 21, 2013 9:38 pm


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PostedMar 21, 2013 9:39 pm


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06 Aug 2012
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PostedMar 21, 2013 10:08 pm
i still havent received my prize from winter demo gg

IGN: magMuse (during the tourny it was Aviators, but got name change, so please give 1500ap and 10k euros to magMuse)

Event(s) you're missing prize from: Demo last change (3rd place, 10k euroes), Championship bracket demo (4th place, 1500ap)

Team you played for in said event(s): Incognito

If possible, post a video link or screenshot showing you playing in said event: you streamed my team once each tourny
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