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GameMaster: Germany
23 Jan 2012
PostedMar 21, 2013 8:58 am

The OCG League 2nd Round

Competition in A.V.A is heating up, and it's just beginning....
A.V.A Community, listen up!

Get ready because the OCG has teamed up with A.V.A to create a league worth fighting in.

The OCG league will host events such as: Pugs, Drafts, Tournaments and much more.

It will be available to players of all levels, old and new.

It will be cheat free. OCG’s highly sophisticated anti cheat will keep the league fair for all

And there's going to be PRIZES too!

The second event kicks off with the ‘AVA Draft’:

  • Saturday 24th March at 8PM EDT

  • Saturday 24th March at 5pm PDT

  • Sunday 25th March at 1am CET


1st. 1K AP for Each player
2nd 40K Euros/player
3rd: 10K Euros/player

Be sure to check out the rules Here

More information will follow, for now just sign up Here

Who will be crowned king?

Who will take home the Prizes?

Let's let the league decide!

- Team A.V.A
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