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19 May 2012
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PostedMar 19, 2013 7:04 am

Why Doesn't Everyone Report Hackers?

So, I was playing a full match of DMC, when 2 hackers on my side, and 1 on the blue team came in. The match only had 4 minutes left, and as I wanted to get GP for the match, I waited it out. A lot of people saw the hackers and instantly left (so they didn't report). Some new people came in and filled the empty slots, saw the hackers, and instantly left (so they didn't report). Some of us stayed around (maybe 1-2 reported at best).

After the game was over (and I recorded some videos of the hackers) I messaged some of the people who'd stuck around to the end of the game, and asked them when they'd be reporting the hackers (I've done this a large amount of times after there's been hackers in the game). Some don't reply (making obvious they don't plan on reporting), some say they don't know how to (I explain how to, and they stop replying for the most part), some say that they only said they'd report to the hacker in hopes of scaring them off (so they didn't ever plan on reporting) and then a select few actually report hackers each time they see them.

My question is, why do people complain about hackers all the time (rightfully so) in and possibly out of game, but then don't play their part in taking the hackers down by reporting them?


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25 Jun 2012
Toronto Canada
PostedMar 19, 2013 8:49 am
I personally don't report. Cause they never ban the hackers i report. So i don't really like getting my time wasted

What happened to wolfteam? every one was the fun jerk kind, Now you're all nice freaks. Go away. No one talk to me you guys disappointed me big time in my 3 days return
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