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[Guide] Jewel Farm

Chicken Cards~
Original Jewel Farm post can be found here. This guide will give more details and information. Smile

Jewel Farm is usually open on Saturdays, all day (24 hours). It's not every week but you can find out if it's planned this week by looking for it in the events section of the DDTank forums. This is a coin-based event.

How to get to Jewel Farm:

Jewel Farm will appear as a chest in the top right of your game screen as shown above. Simply click it to enter the Jewel Farm interface.

The above image will pop up! Close the mini pop-up and you'll be able to play.

Once you're in, just press the "Create" button at the bottom of the interface to start a game of Jewel Farm. Clicking a card will cause a Card Flip. If you want to use Eagle Eye, make sure too click the Eagle Eye icon before clicking the card. More details below.

Eagle Eye and Card flipping:
You can use both Eagle Eye and Flip Cards 5 times each. There are 18 cards total, which means if you use both Eagle Eye and all Card Flips, you can cover 50% of the cards to increase your chance of getting a rare item.

Cost of both is below:
Flip Card
1st Time: 50 coins
2nd Time: 200 coins
3rd Time: 400 coins
4th Time: 600 coins
5th Time: 800 coins  

Eagle Eye
1st Time: 100 coins
2nd Time: 350 coins
3rd Time: 600 coins
4th Time: 850 coins
5th Time: 1100 coins  

Total of using all Flip Card chances = 2050c
Total of using all Eagle Eye chances = 3000c
Using all chances of both Flip Card and Eagle Eye = 5050c

After using all your flip card chances, ALL cards will flip over and show what were behind them.

Using Eagle Eye:
To use Eagle Eye, simply click on the Eagle eye icon at the top of the Jewel Farm interface after creating it like in the image below.

After clicking on Eagle Eye, just click on a card you wish to look behind. It will show you what is behind the card, then flip back over but you will still be able to see what's behind it. Using Eagle Eye does NOT select the card/item which means you must card flip the same card to obtain the item.

You may use Eagle Eye up to 5 times per Jewel Farm game. It's recommended to use all Eagle Eye tries to increase your chance of getting a rare item but obviously not required. Use it before doing any actual Card Flipping for maximum effectiveness.

Using Card Flip:
Card flip is extremely easy. After starting a game of Jewel Farm, simply click a card to perform a Card Flip. The game will show you the required coins for the current Card Flip at the bottom-right of the interface.

As stated before, it's recommended to use Eagle Eye before Card Flipping to increase chances.

Card Refreshing:

You will get a free chance to refresh every 5 minutes. You must have coins in your backpack to be able to use the free refresh but it will not cost you a single coin! If you just can't wait for the next free refresh, you can refresh it by paying 50c.

The refresh button is found at the top right of the Jewel Farm interface as shown above. Remaining time til free refresh is shown directly below it.

Important Notes
  • Unless shown differently, all rewards from Jewel Farm are unbound.
  • Event is repeatable.
  • You can stop/close the Jewel Farm interface at any time. Once you Card Flip, the item underneath is automatically obtained.
  • Use all chances of Eagle Eye and Card Flip to increase your chances. You can stop at any time with no penalties.
  • Free refreshes! Time is money. Save your coins and wait for the free refresh if you have the time and patience to.
  • Using all Card Flip chances will show what's behind the rest of the cards (like in boatyards).
  • Cards are obviously shuffled after beginning a Jewel Farm game.



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Egg-cilent guide.


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The guide easter-rific? xD
Thanks for the Guide Very Happy!

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