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05 Sep 2007
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PostedMar 16, 2013 11:31 pm

Is LC the new online place to meet Masochist?

I sent this as a response to another players comment, but I figured Id throw it out there for the rest of you.

I was reading one of your post, something about Aeria having to beg the devs to do anything. You do Know that BarunSon is a business right? They like to make money, and making customers happy makes them money. Not only are they a company, they are Korean company. If Aeria is willing to pay, they will do the work.

You really think they just make new maps, copy paste toons, and item mall junk because thats all they want to do? No but thats all the publisher is willing to pay for.

I dont think BarunSon would be in business today, if they weren't delivering exactly what publishers are were willing to pay for. The surprise is Aeria is still in business.

The current generation of lc players have proven they will stick around with all the flaws, (can't tell you how many times I've read "I've been waiting years for a fix")

A real pvp fix would be extremely expensive to implement, would not bring back old players in any meaningful way (they have moved on with life and to other games). In laymen's terms terms, there is no money in it for them.

Throwing a few maps together (super easy stuff considering lc's old engine, dont believe me, Search the web, PC Gaming has thousands of user created maps way more complex than anything seen in lc), copy paste toons (I dont need to tell you how cheap and easy that is) and Item mall items. That is what Aeria, and the rest of the Car Salesmen peddling LC are willing to pay for. These features will make them money.

Most people know this stuff, I think whats left of the LC forum community is slow at picking up when they are being conned or more likely they're masochist.

Aeria has got it real good, just blame it all on the devs, its not like the customer can prove other wise. Good thing MMO's are addicting.

IF the devs controlled the game as much as LC game sages would have you believe then every version would be exactly the same.
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