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As the Sun sets, a little lime stares into the ocean. A lot has changed since that first day when he was torn from his Mother Tree by a strange light that gave him life.
At first he just could not understand what happened, but then Willy found him.

Willy was a Carrot that suffered the same faith. He also woke up above the ground not really knowing what had happened, but then this beautiful Cherry named Cherry found him and explained that as the world goes round and round, every once in a while this magical light turns simple veggies into special beings that have the power to chance the world.

Cherry was the granddaughter of the last clan of Veggies that had roamed this planet and she had been searching for other ever since she saw the signs.

Now, Super Lime, Crazy Willy and Cherry Lilly must fight their way into the Alpha Cruise to Orta, and use their Fruitlitious Powers to maintain order in this World.


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In a fruit basket far away, there was a little Lime imprisoned. He was not the only one held as a prisoner. He was accompanied by three others; Matador Mango, Earl Lipton Grapefruit, and Deceiving Red -Cherry. While they were being transported, Little Lime started asking around out of curiosity. “Matador Mango, Why are you imprisoned in this transporter?” Little Lime asked. Matador Mango Replied with his manly Mango voice “Well, you see little one… The Dark ruler EvilBannana, he is trying to destroy all the competition…” Matador Mango went silent for a few seconds, then continued ” and by removing me from the field, he will have taken out the biggest competition, Harharharharhar! “

As Matador Mango continued with his egotistical story about how terrific he is, Little Lime slowly stepped away, engaging the other two prisoners on the prisoner carrier. Little Lime slowly walked over to Deceiving Red Cherry, as she was sitting in a corner of the prisoner carrier. As he got closer, Deceiving Red Cherry turned her head slowly, in the direction of Little Lime, staring him down with the creepiest look anyone could ever imagine. As Deceiving Red Cherry was doing this, Little Lime Noticed he probably wasn’t wanted in that corner, so he let Deceiving Red Cherry be. After the creepy encounter with Deceiving Red Cherry, Little Lime had finally gotten the guts to try to communicate with the last prisoner on board. Before He headed over to Earl Lipton Grapefruit, he inspected him.. before it ended up being a creep like Deceiving Red Cherry… Which he didn’t, so Little Lime gave it a try. “Hello Earl Lipton Grapefruit, who is this Dark Ruler EvilBannana, Matador Mango was speaking of?” Earl Lipton Grapefruit replied “Well Little one, I might as well tell you the story of Dark Ruler EvilBannana… Come here and sit down.” As Little Lime sat down, Earl Lipton Grapefruit cleared his throat

” It all began when Dark Ruler EvilBannana got abandoned by his family. He was all alone, and his heart was filled with darkness. This darkness made something snap. His hatred for everyone that had friends and family to support them in their lives made him weak for the dark souls lurking around the world. At one point, he got possessed by one of those dark souls, which gave him mystical dark powers. With these new powers he slowly took over his point of origin, and after that the region around it, ending up taking over the entire continent. Many have tried to stop him, sadly unsuccessful. Not all hope is lost though… As an ancient script once said: Where darkness would arrive, a new hero shall…” His story got rudely interrupted as the prisoner transport came to a halt. The transport doors opened with two huge guards standing behind the doors “EVERYONE OUT!” Yelled one of the guards in a threatening and demanding manner, to which the prisoners complied to.

As they were being escorted out of prisoner transport, Earl Lipton Grapefruit looked around him “ This seems to be Dark Ruler Evillbannana’s HQ.. Why would they bring us here?!” One of the guards walked up to Earl Lipton and pushed him “Not another word out of you old man! Now move!” As they moved closer to the gates of the HQ, they heard a loud yell from the walls “HALT PRISONERS!” As the prisoners came to a complete stop, an obscurity appeared on the walls. “ I feel a potential power source that I would like to have eliminated….. Ladies and gentlemen… We have found the Prophesy’s Hero…” A hysterical evil laugh occurs, as Dark Ruler EvilBannana steps out of the shades of his dark aura. “So… Which one of you four is it..?” Matador Mango steps forward yelling “It’s me of course! I’ll squash you like a fruit fly!” Matador Mango makes a stampede, rushing towards Dark Ruler EvilBannana. As he is getting closer and closer, EvilBannana doesn’t move a hair. Matador Mango, still rushing torwards Dark Ruler EvilBannana, with a tremendous speed, and a deafening war yell….Comes to a complete stop, 2 steps away from the Dark Ruler. Unable to move, Matador Mango tries to move, with all the power in him, but unsuccessful…. And nobody understands how this is happening, Since EvilBannana hasn’t moved one bit. EvilBannana whispers something in Matador’s ear. Not even 5 seconds later Matador Mango gets blasted in the opposite direction with some kind of sonic boom, thru 2 layers of the HQ’s walls. “You aren’t it… you are pathetic.” Evilbannana is now looking at the three prisoners that are still standing.

While watching this, Little Lime started feeling sparks inside his juicy little body. Seeing how his helpless… friends… were getting pushed around and hurt, just made him mad. While the Dark Ruler was looking at the other two prisoners, since a useless little lime like him couldn’t possibly be the chosen one, he felt a power surge near him. Looking at Deceiving Red Cherry, and at old Earl Lipton Grapefruit, he just couldn’t find out who it was. The following moment, in the blink of an eye, Dark Ruler Evilbannana gets punched away with a tremendous sonic boom, not from Deceiving Red Cherry, Not from Earl Lipton Grapefruit… but from Little Lime. Earl Lipton Grapefruit grinned and thought to himself “My thoughts were correct after all.” Mad and humiliated that a little scum like that would even touch him, he yelled to his guards “TAKE HIM OUT! TAKE HIM OUT NOW!” Without hesitation, Evil’s guards started heading towards Little Lime. Before they could even reach him, they took a sonic boom to the stomach, each and every one of them.

The Dark Ruler’s guards are down, and he himself, is barely standing. “How do you poses so much power!?” Evil asked. Little Lime was staring him down, with no response…. Like he was in some sort of trance. “DON’T IGNORE ME!!!” Evil was getting filled with rage. His rage started clouding his judgment. Nobody has ever had the nerve to taunt him like this. Evil launched a sonic boom. Little Lime replied with a sonic boom of his own, canceling out both sonic booms. After seeing Little Lime canceling out Evil’s powers with ease, Evil called out his last group of guards, “Protect me you fools! Noowww!” 5 more guards joined the fight. All the guards closed in on Little Lime. Once again, Little Lime replied to it… Not with sonic booms though. In a flash, Little Lime closed the gap between him and the guards, with some powerful uppercuts as a follow up. Little Lime downed the guards in a record-breaking time. Little Lime started looking around him, noticing that the Dark Ruler had fled the scene. While out of immediate danger, the power field around Little Lime declined, until it was gone. He collapsed, all his power sapped out of him.

After a while, he came back to his senses, slowly getting up, and looking around him. He noticed that Earl Lipton Grapefruit was sitting near a campfire, patching up Matador Mango. Earl Lipton Grapefruit noticed that Little Lime awakened. “Oh good, you are awake!” Earl Lipton Grapefruit worked his way towards the Little one. “You are probably wondering what just happened?” Little Lime Nodded. “Well little one, it all started at the begin of time, where Friends and Foes didn’t exist. The time where good and evil weren’t different. That is…. Till we came along. With our kind, there came ignorance, hate, and all the other dreadful things we bring with us. During the development of the dark side of the world, there were 3 wise elders. They saw the development of the dark side of the world, and decided to create something to stop it. Something so pure of light, that not even the darkest evil could poses it. So they combined their powers to form an aura, an aura of light. After it was created they all agreed to one thing. That the aura of light will find a host during the time when it’s needed the most, and that it will seek the best soul for the job… And that little one… Is you.”

This is the day Super Lime was born. Many adventures still await him as he has only just met Dark Ruler EvilBannana. As the years go by, Super Lime gets stronger and learns more secrets about his powers, and what the 3 wise elders have planned for him.
“ Someday the world will be freed from all darkness, and I shall help the world with that task – Super Lime”

I hope you all enjoyed my story :3
May the best one win!

- David.


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MeiuAngel wrote:
You post your story here in this thread, Azurasin. People are posting "Reserved" so they have a post to put their story in when they've finished it to their satisfaction.

I shall use this informative post for that purpose. Buahaha.  

oooh haha thank you >.< so ill just make my story then go on my reserved spot and put my story there >.<


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A/N: I caught myself writing a short story of only 5 SHORT chapters. Chapter 1- intro, 2-plot and character background, 3-climax, 4-wrap it up, and 5 - Conclusion. Somehow the chapters just seemed not as short as they were in my mind. I eventually just had to chop chapter 4-7 out and write a epilogue instead in order to make the deadline. However I am glad i made it in time. ^^

Prologue -

My body burned as if my very insides were on fire! My vision quickly blurred, and I I mentally cursed my stupidity as realization of my being tricked sank in. I could hear the laughter of a familiar voice nearby as my consciousness faded. I was certain death was soon to follow.

Chapter 1 – Find the Lime

“Li are you alright?” I heard Xen ask me telepathically. His words capturing my attention and bringing me back to reality. We were both sitting on the large soft sofa watching-well I was suppose to be trying to watch the news with him. “You look unwell. Your usual dark green is now very light and pale looking. I don't know much about lime health, but is there anything I can do?” Xen, like Talja was an unhatched baby dragon. How he could see out his egg was a mystery in itself, but then again, I was the only talking lime I knew.

“I'm fine.” I assured Zen before focusing on the huge sixty inch television screen. We had been waiting for X or owner to return home when an emergency gathering of the Aeria people was called.

“My fellow Aerian's.” One of the leaders of the Aeria kingdom stepped forward to speak. “As I am certain you all have heard of the faint energy reading coming from what was,and still is a DAGEROUS land!” The speaker put great emphasis on the word dangerous, clearly trying to make a point. “We urge all Aerian's to refrain from trying to discover what the signal is. Rest assured that we are going to have things investigated to ensure your safety.”

“Is the dangerous land Orta?” A reporter asked.

“We are unsure of that at the moment.” The leader replied to the question swiftly, as if knowing that question would be asked.

“How can you be unsure when before the great fog, the land of Orta was there? Shouldn't the land still be there?” The same reporter pushed for more answers. It was a good point being made, so the audience was listening carefully. From what I had heard from X, a certain incident that happened awhile back resulted in the land of Orta vanishing. I didn't know much as we had been so busy with all the traveling I had little to no time to ask.

“The mysterious fog has yet to be understood. We neither know where it came from, nor what it has done with the land of Orta. If it is a transforming or a transportation fog, it is still unsure. However, we already have a team working on discovering what the Great Fog is.” The leader remained firm, choosing every word cautiously.

“So does that mean your expecting a different land other than Orta to be there?” The reporter was certainly pushing for a direct answer, but you can't really expect the leaders to have one since in all honesty, there was little to no information to disclose.

“We don't know what to expect, so we are keeping ourselves open to other options.” A typical answer, and although it may have a ring truth, could they really be holding back information from the people? Next reporters question.”

“How are you planning to investigate the land? Are you going to send another Alpha team?” Anther reporter tossed out a question. If the leader tried to dance around this question, then certainly a more direct question would follow like the last.

“Yes we do plan to send an Alpha team out to investigate.” To my surprise they gave a straightforward answer. X had said they might want to avoid talking about alpha teams, but they seemed fine with it.

“Certainly you have heard that no one has been able to enter the Great Fog without meeting with
catastrophe. Is this just going to be a repeat of Alpha Team Nyago.”

It fell silent as everyone recalled what had happened to Princess Nyago and the others. I personally don't know what exactly happened. I heard they were deemed brave hero's, but as far as the details that lead to them obtaining that title, I knew nothing. Aeria's leader took a deep and leaned closer to the mic. Looking straight into the camera with a determined look, the leader replied. “The tragedy that befell Alpha Team Nyago, I will not allow to happen again. However, we cannot ignore this new land. Nyago and the others who gave their lives to discover the land of Orta, wouldn't want us to sit back either. We will not let their deaths be in vain. We will send out another Alpha team, and we will successfully declare the land of Orta safe for the public.” The crowd cheered in excitement. “So do not, I not act on your own and try to investigate the power source.” The crowd fell silent with only a few grumbles being heard here and there. Apparently a moving speech with a disclaimer nobody wanted to hear.

“Xen? What happened to Alpha Team Nyago?” I wondered. I had only been with X about one year, and we had only been in the city about one week now to stock up on goods. We spent more time traveling on adventures then we did here in the main city. I saw a monument of a sleeping cat in the center of the city when I first came here. I had asked about it. But X only said it was a statue of Nyago, another genderless creature like X. Clearly there was more to it then X had told me.

“It all started -” Xen was began to explain when we were interrupted by a loud landing on the roof. “There back!” Xen exclaimed excitedly as he floated quickly to the rooftop entrance. I followed behind him closely. He was always excited to see his twin sister Talja for some strange reason. X said they could communicate their thoughts to one another even at a far distance, but he would always rush to her side as if she'd been gone for years. The door leading to the roof opened and Xen quickly floated around his sister who was just as excited to see him.

X, who was a shiny metal orb, transformed into a boy and waved goodbye to his owl like flying pet named Vi. He then faced me with a huge smile. “Tadah!” He said before transforming into a curvaceous woman wearing little to nothing at all.

“What are you doing?” I asked puzzled.

“Its the body I got for visiting the Scarlets on Blade island.” She said in a seductive voice. “What do you think? It even comes with this smexy voice.” She winked at me, which I do admit sent a shiver of fear running through me.

“I don't know. Its ok I guess.” I didn't quite know how to answer, I was sort of wondering where the rest of her clothes were. But being a lime that wore nothing but my own skin...I sort of felt perhaps, I didn't really have the right to ask.

X transformed into a normal looking human whose gender I couldn't tell and sighed. “The breast on that body is way to huge for me, I feel like I'm going to fall over when I use that body off of the Blade island.” He patted his back and stretched.

“How was it over there?”

“Monsters have taken over the surface, its crazy! They have a lot of work that needs to be done over there.”

“Your not going to help?” X stared at me puzzled and I stared back just as puzzled.

“We don't have time to help out, we are going to look for Lime.” Talja answered as she floated over to X's left Shoulder and Xen to X's Right shoulder.

“But Aeria's leader just said-”

“Yes I know.” X replied. “ I have already signed us up to be on the Alpha team, but in the meantime-”X snapped his finger and a small red cape appeared before me. “I made that for you. Its super proof because your IGN is Super Lime.”

“Wait what?” I was lost.

“Every traveler has their own IGN. I've had to get permission for you to come on my travels by saying your a pet, but now you can just travel as a can travel like a regular traveler now.”

X says that when I am happy, my green skin gets really dark. I am certain I must have been as dark as I could be. I wasn't crazy about the name Super Lime, but this meant I was more then a pet to X. I was like Xen and Talja, something more. This was some sort of touching moment, I was sure of it.

“Alright lets go find the lime!” I quickly put my cape on and X whistled for the giant white owl like creature from before. It swooped down from the sky, and in one smooth motion we grabbed on to its back as it passed by. “Now that your wearing the cape, you now owe me. “Protect me with your life ok?” X cackled evilly.

“What is this a bribe!?” I retorted as we flew away from the city towards the land of Orta.

Chapter 2 – History

“Your so dazzling with your cape blowing in the wind like that.” X complimented me.

“I would save you even if you didn't give me the cape you know?”

“I know.” X smiled. “It fits perfectly, I'm glad.”

“X?” I paused for a second to think. “Do- do you think there are others like me?”

“Of course not!” I could feel my heart sink a bit. “Your the only one who could taste amazing with sprite!”


“Sorry, sorry, joking.” X laughed before thinking. “Its hard to say. I found you floating all alone in the ocean. So I can't really be sure...but is that a bad thing? For example, I'm the only one of my kind, genderless with no real form, sure there is...” X hesitated. “Well their was, Nyago who was also genderless like me, but we're two different species. Nyago has a kitty form, and I have no definitive form. Likewise the same for you.”

“I-I guess.”

“In Alpha Team Nyago, there was a blueberry who could talk. He wasn't a lime, but he was a talking fruit. So I guess that means their could be others?” As stupid as it sounds. What X said gave me hope.

“Hey X, do you ever get lonely?”

“Nah not real- I mean yes. But you know what I do?”

“Your lying but what?”

“I'm not lying! Ok, maybe I don't ever feel lonely, but that is only because home is where the love is.”


“Pft, your such a unripened fruit.”X joked. “It means it doesn't matter who or what looks like you, but who love you.”

“I think I get it.” I wasn't really sure what X meant, but I'm sure it was one of those life lesson things that one day I'd figure out. Either that or I would wonder for the rest of my life how X could spew out such nonsense with a straight face.

“What happened to Alpha Team Nyago?” I unconsciously blurted out without a second thought. To my surprise X didn't show any signs of being bothered by the topic.

“It all happened that day I found you. In fact it was the only reason I was out their that day. It all started three years ago.

I as well as a few adventures had received a report from Aeria headquarters. It seemed there was a strange new land moving towards the lands of Aeria. It was emanating a faint energy which was soon identified as the ancient goddess fruit called Lime. Many of the people of Aeria were in an uproar about the whole thing. They usually are whenever a new land appears. You can just imagine all the rumors that started about the fruit and the new land. Of course all of it was just rumors and nothing really solid. However the lure of a new land to be explored, lured many adventurers to the land of Aeria.

I like many other adventurers set out on foot, others went by sky and sea. Not soon after, the leaders of Aeria sent out an Alpha team to scout out the lands of Orta, as they do for ever new land. It was your typical investigation for all involved. Adventurers would gather information about the land from outside, and the alpha team would gather information from the inside.

You could say it all happened in under 24 hours, or at least that is how it felt. It all happened so fast it seems. The Alpha team quickly returned with good news for the people...However there was a strange fog enveloping the land of Orta that concerned them. As the fog grew, so did the energy from the lime diminish.

In hopes of discovering what the fog was, Nyago's team was dispatched for its final time. I watched from afar with many others as their boat arrived at the dock of what was rumored to be blue coral. They had just barely all gotten off the boat when the air grew still. I'll never forget it. It was as if the very land of Orta had died. The fog suddenly engulfed the island just as Nyago shouted for everyone to return to the ship. The sounds of everyone running towards the ship seemed as if drums in my ears. It fell silent for what felt like an eternity. The silence and tension in the air could have killed had anyone standing there taken any note of it. We heard a loud crashing noise and heard a few screams, but the fog was to thick to see through. Many adventures dived into the ocean hoping to assist the team, but they vanished as well, only to turn up a few days later with no memory of what had happened. When I heard the loud noise I ran towards the sound following the land. I followed until the land beneath my feet vanished, and all I could hear was the sound of water. My instincts told me to go back, but I was worried and torn. It was then that I saw a blue light and heard what sounded like a young girls voice.

She said: “Please help him.”

I followed the light further into the fog until I found you floating in water surrounded by a blue light.”

“You found me right after the accident? I thought you said it was 3 years ago, I've only known you for 1 year.”

“Well the announcement and first investigation started 3 years ago, and continued until just last year when the Alpha team vanished and I met you.”

“You don't think I had anything to do with the fog do you?”

“Like I told you before, when I first found you, I wondered if you were the lime. You were surrounded by the goddesses light after all.”

“Could I-”

“No your not.” X sighed. “You only emanate traces of her light, not nearly as much that was radiating from the land of Orta. I don't know why the Goddess wanted to save you, but your not the lime we are seeking. While were on the topic I also thought the goddess realized I was hungry and was trying to feed me.”

“You were going to eat me!?”

“I was hungry.”

“You told me you were only using that knife to test how strong I was.”

“That, and to eat you. I tried to peel you with my nails but you wouldn't peel, so I got a knife.”

“Who just eats a lime!”

“I WAS HUNGRY!” X defended. “Look, we had been out there for days. Even before the incident I hadn't eaten because I was so excited. When I learned you could talk I was in shock.” X explained.

I took a deep breath trying to collect my thoughts. “When did they deem the Alpha team dead?”

“Where I found you, the water was overflowing with blood. Before you came conscience I called out for anyone, but I got no reply. Eventually the fog vanished and I was back at the outskirts of the land where I had watched the team dock. Blood doesn't mean anything, it could just mean severely wounded. Silence could mean unconsciousness or too far away. I held to those thoughts as I waited with the rest for them to return.

All of our hopes and dreams were with that team, so when they didn't come back after a few days of waiting, many gave up continuing their journey. Our numbers dwindled until it was but a small group of us known as lurkers left. With the lime energy readings completely gone, and the team and land of Orta now deemed missing by the law of Aeria's leaders, even the lurkers began to vanish. About a month or two later, someone found the cape our beloved Nyago had wore the day the team was lost. It was covered in what was identified as Nyago's own blood, and a a few others in his team. Word of a bloody ocean, the same one I found you floating in reached the ears of the council, and after six months of looking, they were deemed dead.”

“I- I had no idea.”

“How could you, I stayed out of the city for almost a year now.”

“You never came back since you found me?”

“I only came back this week to pick up your IGN. They told me I had to come in person to get it.” He raised his eyebrow in disbelief. “The lime is still out there and I want to find it. It is what any adventure would do.”

Chapter 3 – Lime Paradise

“X I don't think you should-” I was interrupted by a gunshot that clipped Vi's wings. Vi took a nose dive sending Xen, Talja and I flying into the air.

“X!” Xen and Talja having been startled awake from their slumber panicked as they dived down after him.

“Stay there!” X ordered and we all froze. I shook it off and followed after Vi. I heard another gunshot and this time Vi dodged it, as it shot past Vi, what looked like a small cannon ball whizzed by me.

“You dare fly over MY ocean!” A woman shouted from below as she pointed her Cutlass at us.

“Tch, I forgot these were pirate oceans.” X mumbled as the bird now safely glided around the ships.

I flew down to who seemed to be the captain about to give another order to fire. “We mean no harm.” I explained, well, tried to anyway. “ We are but travelers making our way to the Great Fog.”

“What business would simple travelers possible have at the Great Fog?” The captain spate.

“The Great Fog is quite the talk of the town and is catching the attention of many people such as tourist.”

“So you be Tourist?”

“NEVER. We are nothing more than BROKE travelers trying to get a good picture of the Great Fog up close.” X yelled downward, not hiding how upset he was. He never did like losing cash.

“Broke you say?” The captain thought to herself. She smiled and grabbed me. “Then we shall take your talking lime. I'm certain it will fetch a pretty penny.” She laughed. “Oh and your Bird. Fire.” The bird dodged the brigade of shots and dropped X into the ocean before soaring higher into the sky and taking off with Xen and Talj. “Follow it, before it gets away.” The captain ordered

“Help!” I heard X splashing about in the ocean. “Some help!”

I begin to wiggle my way out of the captains grip. “No you don't.” she squeezed me and to my surprise liquid came out, hitting her in the eyes. “Agh my eyes!” She screamed. While her crew mates tried to assistant her, I broke free of her grasp and quickly rushed to X's aid. X grabbed me and the liquid squirted out again, this time hitting X's eyes.

“My eyes!” He let go of me falling back into the ocean. “Can't swim!” He grabbed me again and I squirted again. “STOP IT!!!!” I didn't know what to do, I didn't even know I could shoot anything.

“I'm sorry, I don't know how to stop it! Just keep your eyes closed and grab me.” I instructed and X tried to find me but was having a hard time grabbing on to me.

“I'M GOING TO DIE!” X screamed flailing around. Finally he grabbed onto me and again the liquid squirt at him again. This time he hung his head downwards. “Why are you trying to kill me?” X asked with heavy breaths.

“ seems I have more talents besides strength and flying.”

“He...hehe...he....hehe...” X laughed creepily in a stiff manner before squeezing me tightly. The liquid just squirted out like a water fountain onto X's head. “Mmm, lime flavored.” We both laughed as I flew higher into the sky hoping none of the pirates noticed us.

After flying for a bit, I began to worry about Xen and Talja. “Where did they go?”

“Don't worry about them, I told Vi to take them some place safe until I call for her. They will return when I whistle.” X answered.

“So you fell into the ocean on purpose? That is just reckless, what if I couldn't help you?”

“You have super strength, and she was holding you with her hand. If you'd have just gotten serious instead of trying to talk to her- There wasn't a doubt in my mind the situation wasn't under control. Of course if I would have remembered I couldn't swim I would have tried to land on the ship.”

“How have you survived so long with out me?”

“Heavy armor, a degree in basic thievery and a truck load of healing medicines?” I laughed not knowing if X was joking or not. “You laugh now, but just you wait. One day your going to be on an adventure and your going to say to yourself, crap I ran out of health food and it will be too late!”

Eventually I spotted a large island below. “I'm going to land on the island down there.”

“I can't see still, but ok.” X sniffed as tears pour from his eyes. I slowly descended towards the island and spotted what looked like a fire in the forest. Perhaps there were people there? What if it was pirates? It be a pain dealing with them. I landed on the beach and gently helped X lean against a tree.

“I'll be back. I saw a fire further in the forest. I'm going to check to see who it is and see if they would be willing to help.”

“The burning isn't as bad anymore, so I'm going to cry some more before going to sleep. Won't you join me?”

“I'm sorry.” I felt horrible. X was crying his eyes out all because of me.

“Oh no worries. You saved my life. Besides, I wasn't inviting you to cry with me, just to rest really.” X laughed.

I sighed but accepted. I was tiered, it had been a long day after all. I snuggled against X's neck and fell fast asleep.

I awoke to the sound of people's voices, it sounded like their was a crowd. I sat up to behold a sight that left me speechless. It was a crowd of fruits and vegetables playing on the beach. Surely what I was seeing was some sort of Lime Paradise.

Epilogue – X and I had discovered a wonderful island called Lime Paradise. The residents were very kindhearted and welcoming of us. This place feels a lot like my home. Personally I an suspecting that it is.

There is a lake filled with the power of the goddess fruit that is suppose to kill a simple fruit like myself, however I believe that I may have fallen into that lake and instead of dying, awoke with my abilities. It is still uncertain, but I am sure one day I will know the truth about why X found me that day. We have yet to find the goddesses lime, nor have we discovered what happened to Orta. However, X and I make a great team, I'm a lime and X is a...well X is X, and together I believe we can do anything.

Sure I'm not your typical super lime who runs around saving everyone. I'm just a simple everyday adventurer, who happens to be a super lime.

End ~


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^__^ My story <3
Dearest friends, I write this from the eyes of the Lime’s closest friend. I was his sidekick in battle, and his underling in the real world. I write this words with the sadness that fills all of our hearts, the brokenness that sits within each of us. Let me tell you about the day the Lime and I met.
My father left when I was young, leaving my mother to struggle the support me. She always worked nights and slept during the day. I never saw her much. I understood this fact and I was also okay with this. We always had Sunday breakfast together, despite the business of her working weekends. But one Sunday morning, she did not arrive. I had cooked all sorts of her favorite dishes. I cooked things like Human Omelet, Kitty Kat Krepes, and her possible favorite, Hot Dog Frog Legs. As the food cooled, my hopes of seeing her weakened. After three hours of waiting and pushing around my fair share of human omelet, I decided something was wrong. Possibly my mom couldn’t be running this late, her manager couldn’t have held her three hours past leaving time. I decided to go to the Guppy Gummy City Police. If they couldn’t find my mother, then nobody could. Or at least I thought.
After weeks of their looking, nothing had turned up. The only clue they had was there was a rock thrown into the window of the factory where she worked. It was an odd stone, one I had never seen before. I glowed with a bright yellow fluorescent, it was the size of a grape, yet it broke through a glass window. It was very light and would float in air if you threw it correctly. In the next weeks, I distanced myself from everything, and everyone. I didn’t attend most of my classes and I avoided talking to anyone in them. The only class I did enjoy was Fruity Fantasy. I really enjoyed this class because I could imagine all sorts of variations to my mothers return. This is where I met our beloved hero, and this is where he saved his first life.
After writing a story in Fruity Fantasy about a young banana with no parents. This banana wanted nothing more than to peel this life away. This banana was actually me, and I had thoughts about unpeeling myself and leaving myself to dry. But my classmate, Lime Sprite, approached me that same day with rumors of a fallen space stone in the forest behind our school. He asked me if I wanted to go investigate during recess. Being the deprived, and close to death, banana I was, I decided it would be best to go out with a big bang.
At recess that day, Lime swiftly convinced the strictest teacher in the school to allow us to leave. The way Lime spoke and the emotion in his voice was a beautiful thing. I had never felt so warm before. Mr. Lemon allowed us to leave and we quickly snuck into the back of the schoolyard and into the woods. After ten minutes of following Lime, who walked like he had a purpose, like he knew where he was going. He took me to a clearing where a huge stone sank into a crater created from what seemed like it was created from an explosion. This stone radiated a bright yellow fluorescent light, much like the one that was found at my mothers work place. My heart sank, there was more of this wretched rock.
“H-how. W-w-what is this? How d-did you know?” The words stumbled from my mouth, I could not believe what he was showing me. A whole source of the same rock, a rock which was controlled by the fruit that stole my mother from me.
“I know this must be hard,” Lime quickly soothed me with his words. “This is the rock of Lemonisty, the enemy of all things good. Lemonisty is my arch nemesis, and I, I am Super Lime, sent here by the Gods to protect and serve. You are to be my sidekick, and together we shall destroy the owner of this rock, and in turn, reclaim your mother from the filthy hands of Lemonisty.”
What was he talking about? He claimed to be some huge superhero? And I was to be his sidekick? This guy was missing a few seeds, he had to be. There was no way that I, a simple high school student with no parents, could possibly be any sort of hero, or even a sidekick of a hero. This Lime guy was crazy, he was no superhero. I had been his classmate for so long and I had never seen him use any sort of superpower.
“Well, if you’re some sort of superhero,” I began to say, in an angry fit, “then you should be able to pick this rock up, or at least prove it to me somehow.
“This rock here, the Lemsity rock, it’s my biggest weakness. My powers blank out when I am around it.” He calmly said while turning away. “Lemonsity came here to this planet thirty years ago, and that is when I was created. As he ages, my body does not change. The universe gives me the upper hand of youth over such a wise foe. I sprang from the head of Lemonisty while he rode this wretched rock through the atmosphere of your planet. We come from the planet of Citrusic. Citrusic is ruled by evil people like Lemonisty, but each of them have an alter ego, one which springs from their head when they become too powerful. I am the alter ego of Lemonisty, I am the good of the universe to outweigh his evil. When he entered this planet, his powers grew exponentially, and I was called forth.”
This all seemed so unreal. How could I believe such an unreal story? A lime claimed he sprung from the head of a lemon while that lemon rode the rock through the atmosphere? How crazy. My thoughts were running crazy, and which would soon betray me.
“Ahh, I hear.” Whispered Lime as he walked past me. “You still don’t believe me. Well then meet me after school, you’ll believe me then.” At this point he disappeared into the wooded area and I called out after him, “Where should I meet you?” There was no answer. But as I walked from the woods, I put my hands into my pockets and there sat a sheet of paper which read, “You’ll know.” It was written in a deep green color, and it glowed off the paper.
For the rest of the day at school, I couldn’t think straight. I don’t even remember what happened for the next 3 hours. But towards the end of my school day, I figured I should stop by my favorite restaurant on the way home, since I hadn’t eaten all day.
As I walked into ChacoTaco, the hostess eyed me, looked at my usual table, and nodded. I smiled and walked to my normal seat and plopped down. A waitress brought me a Human Tear Tea, and then left to put my order in, which she knew of course. As I was sitting there, I pulled out the note and placed it on the table. The letters were still glowing, “You’ll know.” Then next thing I know, the booth drops below the floor and flips me onto the ground. I immediately stood up since there was water on the ground. That water made me believe that I had been dropped into the sewer. How gross.
After looking around for an exit, and finding there was none, I decided I would just follow the path to the end, seeing as I felt stuck. So I walked and encountered many mice along the way. Finally I reached a big opening in the sewer. It was a library. And in the middle of this library sat a huge elegant chair. And in that chair sat our hero, The Super Lime.
“I have been waiting for you.” He said quietly, calmness dancing with every word. “I was wondering how long it would take you.”
“I didn’t mean to find you, it just happened. If it was my choice, I would never see you again!” I was so angry. All I wanted was to enjoy a nice meal.
“Ah, but it’s fate that draw us together. Without you, I am not strong enough to beat Lemonisty, and without me, you are not strong enough to find your mother. I promise you she is not dead, she is alive and very well. Only she is under the captivity of the wretched villain.” I couldn’t believe how soothing his voice was. It was amazing, he could just talk and talk and it was so beautiful.
“Okay,” I began quietly, “if you are some super hero, tell me what your powers are.”
“Fair enough, I believe I owe you that.” All my anger was gone. His smooth and beautiful words just made me so calm. “For starters, you feel calm right now, my voice makes you feel safe. This is my first super power. I can use this to allow myself entrance to Lemonisty’s layer without having to fight any of his guards. I would hate to have to kill them, I don’t believe in that. Secondly, I am able to soak up information. This is one of my prime powers, without it, I would be nothing. I use this power to investigate Lemonisty, to find his hideout, and to find his weakness are. That’s what all these books are, the history of our planet, the rock, and Lemonisty. I will defeat him, but I cannot with you. Your emotions are something I do not have, but greatly desire. As I have told you, Lemonisty stole your mother from you, and you ought to believe me. Your emotions will be your greatest weapon.”
“Is that all you have for superpowers, you must be lame.” I was trying to avoid the part about my mother, and about joining him in his quest to fight this Lemonisty character.
“Oh of course that isn’t it. But along the way, you will see the true extent of my powers, and the true power of my will. I have located Lemonisty’s newest hideout, it’s in a mountainside cave about an hour from here. What do you say, we leave in an hour?” The way the word we slithered its way out of his mouth made it sound like we had known each other for years, like we have been fighting side by side for ages. I didn’t like it.
“Woah now buddy, what do you mean we? I’m not apart of you, I don’t even believe in your crime fighting nonsense. Why would I go with you?” The words flew from my mouth in an angry fit. I couldn’t believe his nerve, nor could I believe that he expected me to go with him. His had to be crazy. But these were crazy days.
“I’ve already told you, Banana Man, you are destined to come with me. I cannot defeat Lemonisty without you, you are my missing piece.” He said this with a small amount of anger tickling his words. I could tell he really did need me, if this war wasn’t a spoof.
“Look, how about this. I sit tonight out, since I’m still in total shock and need to cope with this curveball you just threw at me. But tomorrow at school we’ll talk more about this.” I lied my way out of this. I knew I wouldn’t be talking to this odd lime ever again.
“Your thoughts betray you, my friend. I hear your lies, you will avoid me? Ah, I see. Go home tonight, you will find your way tonight. But for now, leave, I must prepare.” I hated that ‘I would find my way ****.’ I immediately hid my thoughts of how I wasn’t going out tonight. I would stay right at home.
“Fine, I’ll gladly leave. Just show me the way out.” I sternly demanded. I still hadn’t found any sort of exit.
“Sure thing.” He abruptly closed his eyes and before I knew it, a gust of wind picked me up and dropped me into my favorite chair in my house, it used to be my mothers favorite chair. It reminded me of her. God, I really missed her. Maybe if this lime character was telling the truth, maybe I could find her, and save her. Man, that would be nice. Maybe if I went tonight... just maybe.
I had given into my temptation. I had to go. I knew I had to. Maybe I could see my mother. Man, that would be nice. But where was I going? All I knew was it was a mountainside cave. How could I possibly find it within the next hour. Man, this was a problem. I decided since he was superhero and could probably fly, Lime would be there before me anyway, but I wanted to hurry anyway. I decided to trust my instincts, since last time I ‘found my way’ it was a complete accident. I had been camping on a mountain with a few friends before and it had taken us about two hours to get there, because we got lost, of course. So I decided it must be the same mountain. I took the city bus, seeing as my mothers car got swallowed by the sums of paperwork needed to be filled out for the Guppy Gummy PD evidence lot.
I arrived at the mountain a little bit later than what I had expected. And of course, I could feel a pull towards the trail I hiked with my friends many years ago. I started up that trail, and about two miles up, there was a fork in the road, a heavily traveled one, and a less traveled one. I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
I quickly arrived at an opening where Lime sat, almost like he was waiting for me. The moment he saw me, he jumped up and smiled. “I knew you would come, I just knew it.” He exclaimed. I could hear the relief in his voice. “Come on now, we have work to do.”
We walked through the open hole on the side of the mountain and into the cave. It was a skinny path, much like the one into Lime’s library. We walked for about 10 minutes until we walked into an open room with 4 paths. “Tell me what you feel,” Lime whispered.
“W-what I feel? What do you mean? What does that matter? I feel angered that I came on this silly adventure, you must be crazy to ask what I feel.” I seethed.
“No, slow down, what do you feel? Not your emotions, but what you feel? I know you, Banana, I know you feel things. Hard, you ended up here by a feeling. So slow your thoughts, slow your heart, you have a great power of feeling, a power you will soon learn to control, but for now, tell me what you feel.” His voice got me again. It was beautiful. But what does he mean ‘slow your heart.’ He made me so mad. But I took his advice, I took a deep breath, then another.
“The left, it is one of those. I can feel a pull to them.” Call me crazy, but I really could. I didn’t know what it was. But the same way my mind told me to come to this mountain, to follow the same path, I just knew I was right. The only problem was that there were two paths to the left and I couldn’t decide between the two.
“Great job, we’ll take the one farthest left first. Lemonisty often makes his lair a maze, just be prepared.” I could hear the pride in his voice, the emotions were always so evident, and soothing. I knew I was right, I had to be.
We followed the farthest path to the left for five minutes. Soon we could see an opened. Lime started to slow down and he told me to wait where I was. This made me really nervous, what would happen that I shouldn’t go with him? He continued on a couple yards on his own until he was standing in the opening. Then I heard a voice yell, “Hey! Isn’t that him? C’mon guys, let’s get him!” Lime very casually took a step forward and disappeared. Just like that, he disappeared into mid air, he was nowhere to be seen. The criminals were bewildered, just as I was. I took the moment to taken in what I saw, the group of ten standing about in awe. They were all Coconuts, and I could tell the rumors about their kind was true, they weren’t that smart. They were big, tough, and intimidating. They looked around, poking at the air with mallets the size of tree branches. How could anyone hold something that big? All of a sudden, from a flash of light, Lime appeared in the middle of the circle they had formed. And before the coconuts or myself could process it, Lime shot juices that knocked back the enemies and stuck the to the walls. He swiftly ran over to me, grabbed me by the peel and told me to hurry up. We ran back to the center and took the left trail of the middle two. We ran for fifteen minutes and came to a dead end. My heart dropped because I felt I had let Lime down, as if I had led him the wrong way. But he smiled his cunning smile and paces back and forth for two minutes.
“Ahhh, Lemonisty, you’re tricky one. I hear your power in these rocks, there is no more hiding from me. My alliance is complete and surely we will defeat you. But first,” Lime whispered to himself, so quietly I almost couldn’t hear him. As he said this, he walked up to the wall and motioned me to follow. I stood next to him so close to the wall I could smell the dirt. Lime stood there for a second, then instructed me to breathe. As I breathed in, I inhaled some dirt and began to choke. As I did so, I rock forward and smashed my head into the rock wall. Wow did that hurt, and it left a Hard of a bruise, seeing as I am a fragile banana. The moment my head made contact with the rock, the shattered and fell to pieces.
“Nicely done,” Lime chuckled, “now come on, we have work to do.” I looked up to the most heartbreaking scene. My mother was being pulled four different ways with these electric, pulsing chains. There was a blue force field surrounding her. She cried. My heart swelled to the size of a grape, and I had to force it down my throat. My mother was alive. She lived. I couldn’t believe it. Meanwhile, right beside it, sat Lemonisty. He was a lemon, one that looked old with age. Black spots were forming all over his body, and his peel was no longer bright. The shine in his eyes had been diminished into that of a month old apple.
Lemonisty snickered and spoke to Lime, “Ahh, I see you, too, have discovered your own power. I was wondering how long it would take for you to realize.” Lime had grown ten times his normal size. It was incredible what he could do in battle.
“And I see you, Lemonisty, have still gone on wreaking havoc on the innocent,” Lime’s eyes shot to where my mother and I stood. His eyes were filled with hatred, and what seemed like betrayal. I guess Lime was a superhero, passionate to save everyone, and I must be his sidekick, even though I often became more trouble than I was worth.
The tension was building between the two beings. Lemonisty was twice the size of Lime, and yet Lime stood his ground like a true hero. Lemonisty began the ruthless battle, he sprung into the air and landed behind Lime, knocking him into the air. He then wiped out his tongue and like a lizard, shot it at Lime while he was in mid air. With Lime now in his control, the fire in Lemonisty’s eyes dwindled and he relaxed a bit. He relaxed a bit too early, for Lime had juiced out what seemed to be an acidic liquid. It sizzled on Lemonisty’s tongue and dripped down his throat. Lime had escaped his grasp and quickly cloaked himself with invisibility. After a few minutes of Lemonisty burning, Lime appeared on the ceiling and dropped down onto his head. This knocked Lemonisty onto the ground, and Lime jumped into the air in the other direction. Quickly, although he was still in pain, Lemonisty got to his feet and tip toed around the middle of the room. “You are mistaken, Lime. I have taken nothing of which hasn’t already belonged to me.” Chimed Lemonisty, almost mocking Lime.
“Oh really? I have read every second of your life, I know everything about you, Lemonisty. And I can assure you, this woman does not belong to you. You ought to let her go.” Lime’s voice was booming, his chest puffed up.
“Ah but that is something I cannot do. This woman is the source of my power, and with her in my possession, you will never be able to stop me.” Having said this, Lemonisty bound over to where I was standing, mesmerized by what I had witnessed. Lemonisty simply stepped through the electrical barrier which separated me from my mother. He then grabbed my mother and simply, disappeared, right into thin air.
I rushed over to Lime, almost more worried about him than my mother. “That was awesome, man! You will totally kick his ***! How did you do all that?” I belted through excitement.
“I have-never done any of that before. It must have been the power I have gained from you being by my side,” he stammered this with a bit of surprise. Then he stood and said, “Nevertheless, I will not celebrate until the battle is over, I wonder what he meant. I wonder how I do not already knew. What have I missed? Anyway, come, let us return.” Then, taking me by the hand, he teleported us back to his lair. “You must stay here from now on. Lemonisty has seen you, you will no longer be safe.” After saying this, a couch appeared, all made up for me to sleep in.
After many year of battles like this, there was back and forth victories, and many days of solitude and rest. The fights never became jaded, and the action never failed to amaze me. We studied Lemonisty, looking for the missing piece, but never finding anything. Until one day we found the newest hide out of Lemonisty. In order to get to it, we had to go below the ocean and into an underwater city Lemonisty had built. It was an amazing place. As I sat by, watching as Lime was taking a beating, wishing I could do something, Lemonisty had one final hit that ended the battle. He then turned to me, and spoke in an echoing voice, “I know you two have been searching, but you have been looking into the wrong place. You have searching books, and documents, still nothing had shown up from these searches, you have hit a dead end.
“You must look into your heart, Banana. You must sift through your memories as a child. Banana, I am your father, and your mother, my wife. You two are my possessions, which is what makes you such a powerful ally to Lime. He is a part of me, and I of you. I am your father.” The word father echoed through the air, through my empty head, and through my empty heart. My father. Lemonisty was my father. As the word echoed for the last time, Lime struggled to stand. He told me he had heard everything and that we would find him, and defeat him. This was four months ago.
Two days ago we invaded another of Lemonisty’s hideouts. Only this would be the last one we invaded. We all know how it ends, for the world has never felt like a colder, more empty place. Everything was normal, the fighting, the powers, the attacks, the taunting. It was an amazing fight. But when Lime had seemed to be defeated, Lemonisty jumped through the barrier and grabbed my mother and ripped a portal into the air. Immediately after he jumped through, Lime rose to his feet and dove in after him. Now the portal remained open and I didn’t know what to do. I stood awestruck because this was something I had never seen. I did not stand still for long though, for quickly my mother was thrown back through the portal. I immediately went to her aid and kissed her on the cheek. She pushed me away and whispered, “I’m fine, but Lime-he needs you. Go, child, save what you can.”
After hesitating for a second, I left my mother and jumped through the portal. I was immediately dropped onto the floor of a demonic room. In this room was sat a huge amount of Lemonisty’s yellow glowing rock. Over in the left corner laid Lime. He was ten time the size of usual. I quickly ran to him and got down on my knees.
“Banana, I have done it. I have swallowed Lemonisty, there is only one thing left to do.” His voice was deep and strong. “Please, you must grab that rock and shove it down my throat. I will explode, killing myself and Lemonisty, and freeing this world from his presence.”
“I-uh. Lime. I can’t do that. I cannot kill you, not even to kill Lem-” I stuttered.
“Stop, this is destiny, you must do so,” he was using that voice again. “Quickly, there isn’t much time!” His voice grew weaker with every word. I was bewildered. But I knew Lime was right, and there was no reason to disobey him, or to argue with him. Slowly, I rose and shuffled toward the rock. “Hurry, Banana.” Lime was furious, and weak. I sped up my pace. I picked up the rock and slowly placed it in front of Lime. “Quickly, make me eat it, do not allow me to spi-” Before he finished, I forced the stone down his throat. He coughed a few times, but he managed to keep it down. Slowly he shrank in size, and slowly he began to die. “Go, Banana, you must not see what is to happen, you must leave or perish along with us. Go and protect your mother, oh how you’ve missed her.” Lime grew weaker with every word. Tears fell from my eyes and I got up the leave. “Thank you.” muttered Lime as I was sucked through the portal.
I collapsed into my mothers arms, and I cried.
And now I write to you, followers of Lime. As the closest fruit that ever stood next to Lime. I tell you all, the end is near. But before I bid you farewell, remember the words of our love, of our hero, and stay strong to your values, to your desire for the Lime. “I will not celebrate until the battle is over.”


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Once upon a time, there was a lime called Super Lime, but peoples (not humans) call him Kryptonite. Cool

His powers were:
-Taste lime a lime
-Be green
-Be cute
-Make superman weak (no)
He get his powers when he was just a flower :3

And his past was sad...
His tree mother was killed to build a company there. He found out by one neighbor of him, a orange called Orange, that the evil person who is commanding the company that destroyed him mother, is the Evil Superman Twisted Evil (hahahaha not funny)

So Kryptonite (the lime) is trying to be the hero of limes, and trying to defeat the Evil Superman!

Then, he will try to figth the one "crime" called deforestation! He will have partners from all trees of the world!
Will he can?Will he be a hero, and become the super lime(with a red cape :3)?Or will he be transformed in a game, by 1 witches, one called Sirius, but it failed in the spell and FAIL, and other called Daum, that didn't fail,(what?) and join that game company?

You will never know!

Now give me that badge! =D

And by the way...

(Did my story make any sense? .-.)
(and sorry for my english...) Crying or Very sad


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Once upon a time, there was a Super Lime. He saved Orta many, many times. The end. c:



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Miusia wrote:
Once upon a time, there was a lime called Kryptonite.  

The Main Character has to be called "Super Lime".

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