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20 Apr 2010
PostedMar 27, 2013 10:38 am
So, the world met this new SuperHero named HeavenHero (HH), his super power is to help everyone of course but his real power is to make the people that died and went to Heaven have the chance to revive... he helps the people alongside with his Partner FunnyHero, this one makes everyone happy by making jokes and talking with sad people making them happy.

They fight the the most soulful villain, SadVillain... this one destroys the city and make everybody sad and kill a lot of people and this is the main reason why HeavenHero and FunnyHero need to go along side by side fighting this particular SuperVillain.



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01 Dec 2008
PostedMar 27, 2013 12:21 pm
SUPER LIME was once and ordinary lime who lived in FRUITDOM under the rule of KING JACK FRUIT, QUEEN PINE APPLE-FRUIT and their daughter, PRINCESS APPLE FRUIT. He works as a squire along WATER MELON (who hates water) and COCO NUT in the FRUITDOM PALACE. He's also good friends with the local FRUIT DOCTOR, TOM ATO. He likes the PRINCESS a lot, and somehow, she likes him too. One day, an omen happened and the fiance of PRINCESS APPLE, LORD BITTER-GOURD took over the FRUITDOM PALACE, keeping the royal family hostage... LIME woke up and saw the FRUIT FAIRY and she asked LIME for help in saving FRUITDOM so she gave LIME and his friends some powers to get by... and then SUPER LIME with his buddies, MELON-MAN, THE COCO LOCO and TOM THE MEDIC comes to the rescue! SUPER LIME has X-ray vision and uses his super strength to beat him enemies while MELON-MAN has the power to spit/barf water to flood the area! COCO LOCO in the other hand can make a massive tornado while rolling around and TOM THE MEDIC is well.. a medic. Can these four Super Fruits make their way up the Palace, fighting scary, strong, large fruits and walking knives until the reach the tower to face LORD BITTER-GOURD (who now prefers to be called LORD GOURDARD) and finally free the Royal family?

After saving the Royal family and banishing LORD GOURDARD forever, KING JACK FRUIT approved to the marriage of the Princess and SUPER LIME. SUPER LIME became the head of the FRUITDOM GREEN KNIGHTS! He and his friends also became the local super hero, saving the fruits from the hands of nature!

I'm hotter than your future wife. Like, duh, I'm freaking awesome.


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04 Jul 2010
Chess Table Morocco
PostedMar 27, 2013 3:09 pm

In Every dimension , every world , there is a Hero , we only hear tales about them in childhood.
They could be humans like us , aliens , whoever they are , or should I say whatever they are ?
This time our story totally different ..
Lime , and Lemon two super heroes , one goal , to defeat the evil in the world and to destroy their enemy TwoVeegie , using The sour power,

.. The End
(I have like best story in my head but lazy to write it .-.)


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26 Feb 2010
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PostedMar 27, 2013 8:03 pm
Super Lime and The Lime Leprechaun vs. The Atomic Squirrel

One day in the city of Blue Coral, Max and Jack were walking to Max's house through the warehouse district. They were talking about the upcoming career fair at school.

"Max, we're going to have to choose a career. We can't keep acting the maggot about it," Jack said.

Max sighed. "I know, Jack, but, I don't know what I want to choose."

Jack looked at him. "Why don't you be a warrior like your pa?"

Max shook his head. "It's not like it used to be. The olden days were better."

Jack nodded. "That's true..."

As they were walking by a particular warehouse, a evil scientist was inside working on a new invention. It was called the Atomic Nut Bomb.

"Why can't I get this blasted thing to work!" Daniel yelled, "I'll never get it done at this rate!"

He took off his goggles and threw them down in a fit of rage. He wasn't paying attention to where he was aiming so the goggles hit the bomb and the bomb rolled off the table, hitting the floor.

The bomb exploded and a huge blast went off in the area, blowing up the warehouse and everything around it within a few feet of it. Jack and Max got hit by the explosion and were thrown back several feet while the scientist got hit and was thrown back a mile or two.

They were all knocked out and didn't come to till hours later. Max and Jack were woken up by Max's dad.

"Max! Max, wake up! Wake up!"

Max groaned and moved his head then opened his eyes to see his dad's face above him.

His dad smiled in relief. "How are you feeling, bud?"

Max blinked. "I'm fine, just sore. What happened?"

Max's dad frowned. "There was an bad explosion at one of the warehouses, and you and Jack were near it when it happened. You were thrown back all the way to the next street. You're lucky to be alive."

Max sat up and looked up. "Where's Jack?"

Jack groaned. "I'm over here and I'm bleedin' sore all over. Feels like I got beat up by a bloody gouger."

Max looked at his dad. "What caused the explosion?"

Max's dad shrugged. "We don't know yet. They're investigating right now."

Jack sat up and looked around then looked at Max's dad. "Do we have to stick around? I'd rather be heading home."

Max's dad got up and helped Max up then Jack. "No, you can head home. I'll drop you off at home then Max and I will head home."

They all got into Max's dad's car and headed for Jack's house. They dropped Jack off then headed for their house.

The Next Day

Jack and Max were allowed to stay home because of what happened the day before. Jack went over to Max's house and they were in the backyard, tossing a football back and forth.

"Have they found out what caused that bloody explosion yet?" Jack asked, throwing the ball.

Max caught it and shook his head. "No, not yet."

He threw it back to Jack and Jack caught it. As Jack threw the ball, Max could see he was going to throw it high and long so he started running, looking back. He watched as the ball left Jack's hand and soared through the air. Max jumped up and caught the ball.

"Whoooo! I caught it!" he yelled triumphantly, holding the ball up.


Max looked at Jack. "What is it?"

"You're floating in midair."

Max's eyes widened and he looked down at the ground. "What the heck! How am I floating?!

Jack shrugged.

Max thought for a minute. "Wait...That explosion could of caused this."

Jack nodded. "Yeah, it could have. You can fly. What else can you do?"

Max shrugged. "I guess we mess around till we find out."

They did different things for the rest of the day till they found what all of their powers were. Max could fly, transform into a person or an animal, and shoot acid out of his hands. Jack had super agility, could make a rainbow of various green colors, and could make acid rain. They both got energy from eating limes which is good because they love limes.

They were relaxing under the lime tree in the backyard when Jack came up with the idea of being superheroes.

Max thought about it then responded, "That'd be cool. But who is going to be the sidekick?"

They looked at each other then Jack said, "I will."

"Okay. Now we just need to come up with superhero names, "Max said.

Jack thought for a minute then said," I'll be the Lime Leprechaun. I have red hair and I'm short anyway. I also have the rainbow power and the super agility."

Jack sat up and looked at Max. "You can be Super Lime."

Max nodded. "Alright. Now, let's get our powers mastered and our costumes ready

They spent the next two days mastering their powers and getting their costumes ready. On the third day, Max was flying over Blue Coral, holding Jack. They were on crime patrol. Suddenly, something exploded. Max and Jack immediately headed over to where it came from. It turned out to be at the local lime factory. It was caused by what looked like a squirrel man and a lot of squirrel bots.

"Mwahaha! I, the Atomic Squirrel, will finally rid Blue Coral of these horrible tasting limes!" the Atomic Squirrel yelled.

Max gently dropped Jack and yelled, "You'll never rid Blue Coral of its limes!"

The Atomic Squirrel turned around and smirked. "So I'm not the only one who was mutated from that explosion at my lab."

Max looked at Jack. "So, it was the explosion and now we know who caused it. Let's kick his butt."

Jack nodded and headed straight for the Atomic Squirrel, but squirrel bots got in the way. Max flew over and blasted them with acid so Jack could get through. Jack ran up to the Atomic Squirrel, but stopped as the Atomic Squirrel waved a remote in front of him.

"Not so fast. The whole lime factory will explode with a press of this button."

Jack looked at the remote then looked at Jack and made a hand signal. Max nodded, understanding.

Max yelled out, " Hey, Nutty Man!"

The Atomic Squirrel turned around and glared at Max. "Don't call me that! It's the Atomic Squirrel!"

Max grinned and yelled again, "Are you sure, Nutty Man?"

The Atomic Squirrel got angrier. "That's it! I'm pressing the button!"

He was about to press it, but the remote was gone. His eyes widened as he saw the remote in Jack's hand.

Jack smirked. "I'm not called the Lime Leprechaun for nothing."

He threw the remote up and Max blasted it with acid.

The Atomic Squirrel stared at Max and Jack in astonishment then he took on a crazed look.

"You will pay for that!"

He headed for Jack and tried punching and kicking him over and over, but Jack always was out of reach. As this was going on, Max landed and turned into a guy with muscles. He ran up to the Atomic Squirrel and knocked him out with one blow to the head.

He transformed back to normal and grinned. Jack grinned also. "Nice, man."

Max nodded. "Same to you."

The warrior police showed up and gaped at the two teenagers. One of the warriors said, "Who are you two?"

Max and Jack grinned then Max flew up, grabbing Jack and said, "I'm Super Lime and this is the Lime Leprechaun."

Jack did a small salute and said, "We'll always protect Blue Coral. Have a limetastic day!"

With that, Max flew off, carrying Jack. As they soared into the air, Jack made a lime rainbow appear behind them. It represented that they would always protect Blue Coral and represented their love of limes.

The End


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17 Mar 2013
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PostedMar 27, 2013 9:36 pm

Under the Limelight

The end of the beginning
On a distant planet between here and their was a land of fruit, but not just ordinary fruit. The fruit here walked, talked, had emotion, feelings and even had bodies far similar to ours. The only difference is when they bled they not only bleed their juice from which they were, they bleed their life force. Upon this cocktail of outstanding fruits, diversified with pride and resolve, we find a Lime. The outcast who has been shunned by his other fellow fruits for being too sour and grumpy.. Not even the grapefruit would comfort him. No, there wasn't really anything wrong with Mr. Lime.. although he did have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. For Mr. Lime had a twin, but not just any twin.. Sir Lemon of Drop! The most desired Fruit to have ever lived, knighted for his tales of victory over the icy seas of tea, for his exploration of the meringue mountains. So popular that they even made a desert called the Lemon Meringue Pie. *ahem* So back to Lime. Lime was not like his successful, more brighter twin.. the people thought that he needed more sunlight that he was too green too sour not ripe. Lime was lime... (to be continued, got to go to work)


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23 Jul 2011
OKC United States
PostedMar 27, 2013 9:57 pm
Introducing the world's newest most citrusy superhero of all time, SUPER LIME! Is here to help save the world from all the bad lemons. Mr. Lime brings his most awesome abilities the lime ray and shows up in the juice mobile, to crack open the bad lemons and juice them for the best tasting lemonade with a lime on the side. Crime has never tasted sweeter then when it's been juiced. Together with his faithful sidekick Mr. Sugar, the biter sweetener, together they are the ultimate force for justice everywhere! The only problem is, no one knows anything about him or even what he does or do they? Talking to the local social media sources, we have uncover some of the mystery's behind Super Lime. Tim from a local factory in Island of Kiwi said that, "Super Lime had gain his powers from a mysteries rock he found in the underwater Island of Alantica". We've been told that he found the island while diving off the boat Santa Green, while on a cruise to Line Paradise. Johan the postman says that, Green rays shoot right out of his eyes that chills down the suspect while his sidekick takes the bitterness right out of them and makes them all nice and sweet." We have even talk to Sara his girlfriend, she told us he came from a small town in northern part of Peachvile, on the west coast of Peach Tree where he grew up on a small farm with his family. At that time he always want to leave the farm and explore the world someday. His parents Jim and Kim told us, "He was sometimes sour when growing up, but was always sweet to them ". When Lime was eighteen he finally got the opportunity to go on a cruise to Lime Paradise, for his graduation present from Peach High and never look back. There you have it, the truth behind the mystery's superhero, SUPER LIME!


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14 Mar 2013
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PostedMar 27, 2013 11:07 pm
This story begins with a faithful accident on a regular persons lawn on a regular boring day. This is the story of how the citrus superhero came to be....

Before Super Lime was Super Lime, he was just a regular old schmuck working at the paint factory. His job was to over see the paint production and all that boring stuff. But one day, there was a shipment. A shipment of radioactive acid. Well coincidentally that day, Super Lime, who wasn't called Super Lime back then, was having a bet with one of his co-workers that he could go the day blindfolded. So he walked around the factory with a blindfold around his eyes. Well of course that just happened to be the day someone messed up and a shipment of radioactive acid came into the factory! Super Lime was just mucking around and then -gasp- someone accidentally pushed him into the acid! He started screaming, thrashing, sobbing, asking for his mommy, when suddenly, a flash of bright light went into the room. Floating above the air was Papa Lime, Super Limes real father!Papa Lime was a very weird one, he had on spandex tights, a leather jacket, purple goggles, clown shoes, and a baboon hanging on his arm. He touched the thrashing Super Lime then died. Dropped dead. Then little fairies came in and took the body away. Random. While this was happening, Super Lime began to unlock his memories and he remembered! He remembered he was the Prince of Ooma Ooma Land and that when he came into his inheritance, his father would die then he would rule. But before he could rule he had to go on adventures with his born sidekick Beta! His powers would come in as he went on adventures and he had to learn what life meant. Will you join Super Lime on his adventures? Will his skin turn green from the acid? We may never know...


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26 May 2010
PostedMar 27, 2013 11:48 pm

Super Lime the terror of Candy

The Rise of a Lime
In the land of Kitchenzania, an evil had rised within the cupboard his name was Sweetneto, he had the superpower of transforming things into candy and he made people sick of sweets and made cavities on children, and all because he was jealous that the kid's mothers usually restrained their children from sweets, so he had to take his revenge!.
Alll the kingdom of Kitchenzania were afraid, they didn't wanted to be transformed into candy. So in the need of a Hero, a little lime was taking his daily walk through the shelves of the refrigerator, when he suddenly watched how Sweetneto was threatening a little and defenseless tangerine, the lime didn't knew what to do, he was also afraid, but he couldn't let the tangerine turn into a lolipop.

-"what to do?... what to do?" he thought.

Then a little strawberry poked the lime and said:
-"I've heard rumors, back from the supermarket... apples say that the only thing that could fight sweetness was sourness",
-"Sourness?... what's that?" the naive lime asked,
-"I'm not sure, but it had something to do with citrus, watch out!!!" the strawberry yelled while a ray of candy had flied almost hitting him, so he had to run. The fight between the tangerine and Sweetneto was getting worse, in that moment the lime remembered; once his father The Big Lime Tree, told him that they were from the Family of Citrus, in that moment a big light appeared in the sky....

-"They're comming!!!... ruuuuuuuuuuun" The vegetables and milk boxes yelled, a human had oppened the Refrigerator, and everyone took their possitions and hide,
-"Mmmmm... it seems there's nothing to eat" The human said,
-"Mooooooooooom... I'm hungry" he yelled, while he closed the refrigerator.

-"That was close" the lime thought,
-"Ouch!!!" The little tangerine yelled, Sweetneto was pushing him and threatening him even more, so there was no choice the Lime had to do something and in that moment the lime felt something within him something that was different fron roting, he felt.... he felt... *cough cough...* "sorry" - Narrator

...He felt how his pulp was getting better, juicier... so he grabbed a straw that was inside a glass, and insert it in his skin
-"Agh... this hurt!!!" He said while the straw was getting through him, and then a blast of lime juice went out of him and hitted Sweetneto, he had discovered he had the power of Unlimited Lime Juice,
-"Ugh... what's this?... so sour?" Sweetneto said while tasting the juice,
-"Ugh... I hate sour, that's why I want to eliminate all sourness from Kitchenzania!, Who are you?" said Sweetneto,
-"I'm... I'm" The lime stuttered,
-"You don't know who you are?" Sweetneto yelled while laughing,
-"Of course I know who am I, I'm Super Lime!", Sweetneto started laughing -"What a lame name!, let's see if you can do that trick again" He said, while he tried to get Super Lime with his candy bolt.
The more bolts Sweetneto launched, the more sour he became with juice,
-"Ugh, I hate this... I'm leaving... for now, but this won't be the last time you'll be hearing from me!" Sweetneto said, while leaving the refrigerator, and going towards the cupboard.

Everyone was so happy that day, they even did a party for Super Lime, and the Tangerine that was threated that day became Super Lime's sidekick, he named himself Tangy (Because Sancho Tangerine sounded tacky). And for some reason Sweetneto didn't apperead any day further.

There where rumors by the cereals that said, that one day a human came to the cupboard searching for some candy, and he founded Sweetneto, but when he taste it, he tasted sour!, and bitter, so he throw him in the garbage, but of course those where rumors only...

The End.

"I think you're exagerating a little"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean I wasn't that useless you know!?"
"Oh shut up Tangy, I'm the one telling the story"


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09 Mar 2012
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PostedMar 28, 2013 12:40 pm

[Event] The Stupendous Super Lime!

This citrusy hero come from a world like no other. Where groceries are plentiful; where dragons are not allowed to enter, unless you have a permit. He is small and round. He is green and sour. He is used in perfumes, cleaning products, and aromatherapy. He is rich in vitamin C, thus, preventing scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, etc. He is Super Lime! At day, this zesty hero is disguised as a plain old fruit in your kitchen, but at night he works his magic at your dinner feast. Together with his trusty sidekick Sugarboy, the salt shaker, they will save the night. With his Juice Elixir Zap Cannon, no bland food will ever torture your taste buds. With his Zesty Fluid H2O Changer Beam, your water will no longer be water. With his Super Body Rind Solar Wave X3, no pastry will ever be as flavorful. If you ever need his help; if you ever need a flavoring agent; if you ever need someone with only 0.2g of fat, and 11g of carbohydrates; or a hero with 24 milligrams less vitamin C per 100 grams than the not so stupendous Super Lemon, then, go to the store, and stop being lazy, sending signals for an inanimate object.


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23 May 2011
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PostedMar 28, 2013 2:48 pm
-read in the voice of Morgan Freeman-
Now children gather round for the tale of SUPER LIME
Once Alejandro Lime was a simple boy but at the age of 10 he realized he was the last of his kind ,The Limedorians (SUPERMAN ORIGIN)
He practice in secret preforming as the sensational secret lime until tragically a robber he failed to stop killed his uncle hen. (NOPE NO SPIDER-MAN LINKS HERE) Shocked
He dedicated his life to stopping crime with his assistant JOHN (the super amazing JOHN)
With super sour taste and the power to make any child healthy with his FIVEADAYINESS he now combats evil cavities and and the malevolent Dr Dentist A.K.A the Baron Badness. However unbeknownst to him his love Lizzy Lemon and his editor Jonah J Jalapeno are betraying him to B.B. (not at all another Marvel reference with matching character initials)
Now with super fruitiness in his aim her wishes to destroy evil with the help of JOHN who powers are too awesome and detailed and will blow-your-head-offness to describe.
Like seriously your will just implode like a black hole and everyone will be like whoa he must have heard JOHN's powers.
Well back to the story.....
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