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07 Aug 2012
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my guide on astrals

what to do with astrals
Astrals, like gems, give you added stat boosts. They are expensive in gold to upgrade but are well worth it.

Green astrals - You dont want these except to upgrade with. They are the lowest grade of astral. Personally I sell these to gain gold back to increase star points.

Blue - these are good to use until you can find a higher level astral. These are good to level up astrals with.

Pink/Purple - the normal stat boost ones are great (like PATK, HP, MDEF etc) but the weird ones like blessed soul and will destroyer only really come in to play at a later player level, like you could have them when you are 50 to 80 once you fill up your astral chart with normal astrals.

Yellow - these are the granddaddy of all astrals and are a very hard task to get. Same principle applies as the purple astrals. Normal good, weird not so good.

The red astral in the astral shop adds 500 exp onto another astral when you drop it on it.

I am franciscogx and i play on s2 level 51 archer


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01 Dec 2012
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Equipment refining guide.
IGN: Morna
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PostedMar 24, 2013 1:14 am
Multiplayer Dungeon Guide with Videos!
Demon Temple 65 Normal

IGN: Daehawk
Server: 1


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25 Nov 2011
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A guide to guild skills

A guide to guild skills
Guild skills, also referred to as 'guild buffs' or 'guild boosts' are an essential and often overlooked way to strengthen your character as you level up. After joining a guild, any player can significantly increase her/his stats through the 'Guild Skills' page, accessed by pressing the 'Guild Skills' button in the guild page (hot key G). Available boosts allow to increase Power, Intelligence, Defense, Charisma, Endurance and Gold production. To increase the desired stat it is sufficient to press the 'Learn' button, provided that enough contributions have been credited beforehand to the guild. This way the guild boosts can be leveled from 'level 1' (priced at 200 contribution) to 'level 10' (priced at 10000). Every level will increase the related stat by 40, up to a maximum of +400. Gold production can be raised up to a 10% of the base city gold bonus.
In my opinion, at least the first 5 levels should be achieved as soon as possible, given the dramatic strength increase at lower levels, while the remaining levels should be maximized at mid game, after some work on astrals leveling.
However, to be available, the guild master has to 'activate' the guild skills in the 'Skill Tower' provided than the level of the tower is high enough. In fact, since the level of the guild skills is limited by the level of the 'Skill Tower', this will force some strategy decisions to choose which guild structure to level up first, thereby gaining or delaying the access to the related guild wise bonuses.

Thanks for reading!

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24 Jul 2012
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Last minute entry!

Daily tasks you should be doing in wartune( Or things ThatHotMage has been trying but failing to do)

Note: I suggest you buy VIP, it removes the cool-downs that are there for nearly everything on this guide.

Note 2: This Guide assumes you have the level to do every mentioned on here, players under level 30 will be unable to do everything listed inside of this guide.

Daily Check In

First we'll start with something simple, the daily check-in. Very simple, just open up the daily events menu by clicking on the button with the red flag, and then click on the check-in tab, and click check-in. You get some pretty great rewards for doing almost nothing.


Check in 2 times a month: 5K Gold and 2K Daru, plus a level 2 gem.
Check in 5 times a month: 10K Gold and 5K Daru, a skeleton key and a level 2 gem
Check in 10 times a month: 20K Gold and 10K Daru, a skeleton key and a level 2 gem.
Check in 17 times a month: 30k Gold and 15K Daru, 2 skeleton keys and 2 level 2 gems, plus 400 vouchers.

Check in 26 times in a month: 40k gold and 20k Daru, 5 Skeleton keys and 2 level 3 gems, 1.2k vouchers and a chest that will give you 2 random level 3 gems, with a chance for a level 4 gem.

Daily Task list.

This is harder, but with good rewards too, most the things required will be done by you just playing the game. There are 20 tasks on the list, and each will give you 5 devotion. The maximum amount of devotion you need is 95. You can also get extra devotion by being a level 3 VIP or higher. The tasks are listed below with small snippets of information, if it is blank or only says the amount of times it must be done, there is more information in the features own section below. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.

The tasks:

Daily Login: Log into the game
Complete a solo dungeon: Click the campaign button and complete 1 dungeon
Complete a multiplayer dungeon: Click the Hall of Heros, and complete 1 dungeon
Contribute to your guild: Open the guild interface and then the contribution section. The minimum contribution allowed is 1k gold, which gives you 1 contribution point. Balens can also be used to contribute, which 5 balens giving 1 contribution point. Contribution points can be spent on guild skills, the guild shop, and the guild altar.
Plunder a quarry: In the Wilds find and successfully attack a gold mine.
Plunder another player: Find the city of another player and successfully attack them
Perform a guild blessing: In the guild interface, click on guild territory and then click on the guild altar. Blessings cost 20 contribution each. This must be done twice.
Participate in a group arena fight: This must be done 3 times.
Spend Balens/Vouchers: Vouchers & Balens can be spent on many things, the easiest is by opening the store and buying something. I recommend spending 25 vouchers on either healing rune, brutality rune, or guardian rune, as they are the cheapest items in the store.
Speak in world chat: Use one small bullhorn to say something in world chat, doing only this and logging in will get you 10 devotion, which rewards 5 more bullhorns anyway, so it is recommended to be done.
Capture an Astral: Open the astro plane and capture an astral once You can capture one free astral a day, which used will fulfill this and give devotion.
Fight a World Boss: This must be done once.
Challenge another player: In the arena you can challenge other players, you will get exp for the fight even if you die. You will also get a choice of 5 random items that you can pick. These can range from Gold & Daru to Troops and Runes. This must be done 10 times.
Complete a daily quest: Check the daily quest section to see what they are, you must complete 3 of them to get devotion.
Enter the Altar of Ennoblement: You must enter the Altar and start cultivation, no stamina must be gained from this, and you can simply stop and leave as soon as you start, and still get devotion.
Enter The Forgotten Catacombs: You must enter the catacombs, no monster must be killed for the devotion, only entering is required. You can leave and soon as you start and will still get it.
Complete a Bounty Quest: This must be done 5 times.
Harvest: Harvest crops from your farm. Harvesting the tree of ancients also counts.
Visit Farm: Visit a friends farm, and interact with it. This could be reviving their crops or energizing their tree of ancients.
Enter a Battleground: Battlegrounds open at 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 22:00, & 23:00, on the start of the hour. Simply enter anyone of these to get Devotion.


For 10 Devotion: 5 Bullhorns, one is used every time you talk in world chat
For 40 Devotion: A 50% exp exp scroll, which lasts for an hour.
For 80 Devotion: 20K Gold, a level 5 luck stone( which increase your chance of enchanting equipment by 50%) and a rose (which can be sent to a friend to increase their charm by 1, and your friendliness by 1).
For 95 Devotion: You get a skeleton key(used to open mystery boxes in Multiplayer dungeons or Campaigns), a level 2 gem pack (which gives you a random level 2 gem), a mount training whip (which is used to increase exp in one of your mounts stats by 5), and 3 soul crystals (which add one exp each to soul engraving).

Daily Quests

Everyday you are given a number of quests to complete, they tell you to do a couple of things, and reward you with Gold, Experience and sometimes items are included. The rewards change according to your level. There is also a quest only for VIPs that gives 10 vip coins for getting 20 devotion. They resets at 5:00 server time every day.

These Quests are:

Shadow Crystal: You must collect a number of shadow crystals, the amount depends on your level. Completing this quest gives you gold and exp, along with some guild contribution, and some guild wealth for your guild

Proof of strength: You must battle a world boss 10 times. Completing this gives you experience.

Plunder a hostile city: You must successfully attack the city of another player. Completing this gives you guild contribution, guild wealth, and experience.

Harvest Copper: You have to go into the resource quarry and collect 10 pieces of copper. You get experience and gold for completing this.

Tree of the Ancients: Energize the tree of the ancients of you friends, twice. You are given Gold and Experience, along with a few minor health packs for completing this.

Trail of the hero: Complete 3 solo dungeons in the campaign. You are given Gold and Experience for completing this.

Arena party challenge: Participate in the Group arena 5 times. You are given Gold and Experience, guild wealth and guild contribution, and some insignia for completing this.

Enter A Battleground: Enter the battleground when it opens. You are given experience, gold and daru, along with battleground treasure shards for completing this quest.

Fight in the Battleground: Kill 2 players inside of the battleground. You are given experience and gold, along with battleground treasure shards for completing this quest.

Guild Blessing: Perform a guild blessing once. You receive Experience and gold, plus some kyanite for completing this quest.

World Bosses.

A world boss is summoned at the start of 11:00, 16:00 and 22:00 server time, Bloodfang at 11:00, Rangnoch at 16:00 and Redoga Drake at 22:00. It can be fought for Gold and Daru, the amount you get depends on the amount of damage you deal to the boss. After 5 attacks from the world boss, it will use it's ultimate attack that will automatically kill you. You will respawn after 30 seconds, and can attack the boss again. The boss will be there for one hour before despawning, but is regularly killing between 10 to 20 minutes. It is a very good way to earn Gold and Daru for players, so those looking to gain either are recommended to do all three every day. There are also additional rewards for players that fulfill certain requirements. Anyone who damages the world boss for over 1% of his HP gets the Warriors prize, the 3 top damage dealers get the Apollos prize, and the player who gets the last hit on the world boss which kills the boss, gets the lucky strike prize, which is over 1 million coins. Those who get the Apollos prize are unable to get the warriors prize. These prizes are given out once for every boss, so there are 3 chances a day for you to be able to get them.

Group PvP Arena:

The group arena is open during 12:00-14:00 & 18:00-20:00 server time. You need 3 players to start a fight, where you will be matched to fight another group from any of the wartune servers. You are rewarded for the first 30 fights you participate in, after that you will be given nothing. Every fight you win will give you and your teammates 15 cross server points, and 15 insignia. Every fight you you lose will get you only 5 Insignias, with no cross server points. Insignia can be spent in the Arena shop for Exp books, endurance potions, and powerful equipment that have set effects. Cross Server points aren't spent in a store, instead, they are counted up and every Saturday those who have over 1000 of them are given a warrior's mask.

Multiplayer Dungeons

Multiplayer dungeons are accessed through the Hall of Heros. You can raid a dungeon along with 3 other players, and are given Equipment, Luck Stones, Crystalloids and much more for doing these, not to mention a load of experience. Along with these you get what you normally would with campaign dungeons, mystery boxes, coin purses and treasure chests containing items. You are allowed 3 MP dungeon attempts a day that will give rewards, any after that do not reward anything. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.

Forgotten Catacombs.

A tiered dungeon, You get a massive amount of exp for doing this everyday. You get exp for every floor you clear of monsters. After every 5 floors there will be a boss monster and a reward chest. Defeating the boss will allow you to loot the chest which will give you a number of crypt tokens and either gems or crystalloids. There is a chance of getting a treasure chest containing runes or luck stones from non boss monsters too, after they are defeated. The more floors you complete the harder and more rewarding the dungeon becomes, you will get more exp and more crypt tokens and better gems the further and further you go. There are 100 floors, and you are allowed one attempt at the dungeon every day. A crypt key can be used to double the rewards you get from the dungeon. Crypt keys can be bought from the shop with balens or gotten from the guild altar and mystery boxes. Only one crypt key can be used per run, so 2 crypt keys cannot be used for one run to get triple the rewards. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.

Bounty Quests

These are 4 quests listed inside the bounty hall, they range from killing some monsters near your level to enchanting equipment to doing a Quick Time event. The colour of quest also means how good the rewards are, same as equipment and astrals, with White the worst, then green, then blue, then purple, and orange being the best. The list of quests automatically refreshes itself every 30 minutes, and you are allowed to manually reset it yourself for free twice a day. Every reset after that costs balens to do. You are allowed to complete 20 of them a day. Each quests give exp & gold, and are a good way to earn experience in the game. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.

Town Hall Levy

You can receive a large amount of gold 5 times a day from the town hall. The amount of gold you get depends on the level of your town hall. There is a 1 hour cool down after collecting for non vips. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.

Plunder attempts:

You can attack the cities of other players 5 times a day, any extra attempts cost balens to do. You receive 10% of the current gold they have when you are successful, along with some additional kyanite. Obviously if you lose you gain nothing, but there are no ill effects for failing to plunder them, apart from a wasted attempt. A player that attacks can not be attacked by anyone for 2 hours, unless they choose to attack someone else within that time or choose to manually remove the buff. Players can also use a city protection token to be unable to be plundered for 8 hours, though if they choose to attack someone that protection goes too. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.


Farming is a nice way to earn gold, daur, kyanite and exp. We aren’t here to talk about that though. While you probably should use the farm to grow crops while you play there are some daily things should also do while there. You can gain exp from friends farm from helping them by reviving their crops or energizing their tree, this gives your farm exp and helps level it up quickly, but is capped at 200 farm exp points a day. This should be an easy cap to hit if you have a near maxed friends list. You can also steal from friends crops, but this is also capped, but this cap is much harder to hit than the other one, since a crop can only be stolen from a few times, compared to reviving a crop which can be done until it is removed or harvested. There is also the tree of ancients which can be harvested for vouchers and kyanite everyday, and energized 3 times by yourself and once each by every friend unitl it is maxed. Energizing a tree gives you some gold and a farm exp point. energizing a friends tree gives you a friendliness bonus and farm exp, unless friends farm exp is maxed. There is one thing different about the farm than other parts of the game, which is that these caps do not reset at 5:00 like the others, but instead at 00:00.


Like many other games, this one has stamina. You use 20 stamina for every dungeon run in the campaign, and are given 100 stamina a day at 5:00 server time . You can also recover 60 stamina a day at the Altar of Ennoblement. recovering 60 takes 2 hours, with 1 stamina given for every 2 minutes spent there. The altar resets at 5:00 like nearly everything else. The campaigns give Exp, gold, kyanite and much more for doing them, so it is generally worth it. There are also quests for completing every dungeon for the first time which give good exp and gold. You can also find stamina potions that give either 10, 20 or 50 stamina for using them.

Duel Arena:

You can challenge other players 20 times a day at the arena, you get exp for finishing a fight, with bonus exp for winning. There is also a card draw where you pick one out of 5 random cards to receive a random item. Every 3 days you get rewarded gold and daru depending on your rank inside of the arena. Every time you win against someone with a higher rank you go to their rank and they go down to your old one. So if someone challenges you and defeats you, you will go down in the rankings. It resets at 5:00 server time every day. There is a 10 minute cooldown for non vips before they can duel again.

Gold Mines.

You are allowed to capture 2 god mines from the wilds at a time. They generate income for you until they expire. The amount of gold they give depends on their level, with the higher it is the more gold it gives. The mines last 12 hours and have a timer to show how much longer they will last. It is always worth it to capture gold mines as it is free gold being given automatically to you. The town hall also lets you manage the mines, by showing how long they have left and with a button to find or abandon them in-case you find a better mine.

Guild Altar.

You must pay 20 contribution points( 20k gold or 100 balens) for every spin(called blessing) on the altar. The level of your guild altar determines how many spins you can do every day. There is a daily task and daily quest involved with the altar. It is generally worth doing since you can get items that you normally couldn’t get from it, like crypt keys or socketing rods. It resets at 5:00 server time every day.


The Battleground opens at the start of the hour from 13:00-15:00 & 22:00-23:00. You have 2 attempts that give you rewards, which are battleground treasure shards, insignia, honor and cross server points. If your team loses you get 30 insignia and honor, and if you win you get 90 insignia and 80 honor. Defeating other players in the battleground gives you honor and cross server points, and it can received during any of the 5 battleground attempts, not just the first 2 attempts a day. Treasure shards and insignia can only be received in the first 2 attempts though.

By ThatHotMage
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I think it's a good idea if everyone takes their guides and puts them in the General section. Highlight all your text, hold ctrl and hit C, then create a new post in that section and hit ctrl + v to paste it. That way they'll be seen by a lot more people =)

You've made me VERY angry..


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GodofAcid wrote:
I think it's a good idea if everyone takes their guides and puts them in the General section. Highlight all your text, hold ctrl and hit C, then create a new post in that section and hit ctrl + v to paste it. That way they'll be seen by a lot more people =)  

But just for a while, slowly they will do down and in a few days to the second page. We need/want a section on the forum for guides.


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weekly rewrad

dungeon tips
make team near your level and battlerate, try find it in our own guild. so u can do it in same group everyday and u will know each other proberly, thats the key to make strong group..and that same group should participate other activites together also, like team dungeon u need to talk alot and make battle plans before minor and big bosses...only time will help your team hitch together. overlapping skills is worst mistake in dungeon so u need talk before using delphic, blessed lights and other big skills. in late dungeons (50)+++ best setup in dungeon are mage, 2 archer and knight. if pvp set mages in 50 and 55 mayby 2 mages. but 65 2 archer is necessity.


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PostedApr 17, 2013 9:17 pm
i know this is already ended,but in the reward description those hu join this contest will get 5 crypt key i join, i already write my own guide (although its a bit shoty nd nonsense i guess) i still didnt receive any crypt keys



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kyr125 wrote:
i know this is already ended,but in the reward description those hu join this contest will get 5 crypt key i join, i already write my own guide (although its a bit shoty nd nonsense i guess) i still didnt receive any crypt keys  

please send a ticket Contact Us

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