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how to transport to other lands
1) go to infernus
2) click gate
3) pick destination

easy way go to shop bottom left of screen click silver and buy transport scrolls 1 use each Smile

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05 Dec 2011
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A guide to gaining the maximum honor points

A guide to gaining the maximum honor points
A guide to gaining the maximum honor points

Call of Gods has multiple point systems in the game , where players can accomplish certain tasks to accumulate points to exchange for rewards. Honor points are one of them. Honor Shop can be accessed by talking to Esmera residing in the Exchange shop at Regia Deorum. Honor points can be exchanged for silver keys, Tier 3 troop cards, equipments and quest items.
Honor was an integral component of the game in the past. It has become less of a value after the introduction of bound troop cards. However, they are still necessary for players who have no access to recruiting Bark monsters in their castle. A level 90+ player can use the troop cards as feeders for recruiting Tier 4 units. This guide explains how to obtain the maximum number of honor points.

There are three main ways honor points can be collected: Plundering, Arena and Obtaining honor cards (which gives 3000 honor per card).

1) Plunders
Honor can be won by attacking other players’ castles and by successfully defending your own. A non-VIP player has 15 free chances per day to attack others, and a VIP player has 20 free chances per day. These chances can be increased by 2 for each Force Plunder Card used. You can attack players who are 10 levels below or above your level and you can be attacked by players from the same range. The amount of honor obtained increases with the increased level of the opponent.
TIP: Find and attack players who are 10 levels higher than you. Do not attack the same person more than once a day to minimize the possibility of retaliation from them.
When attacking a player’s castle, set only one hero in your deployment assigned to one unit, to minimize the possibility of unit losses in case the opponent is defending their castle.
TIP: If you do not know how to assign only one unit to a hero – under the assign tab, choose you hero, and highlight the number of units assigned as indicated by red circle in picture below. Change the number to ‘1’ and press ‘Assign’.

TIP: Only defend your castle if you are confident that you will win and you have a lot of resources to protect. Otherwise, the unit loses from failing to defend is not worth the trouble. However, if you can successfully defend you will gain more honor points.

2) Challenge (ranked games) in Arena
This is one of the best ways to get honor. You can attack anyone within ten ranks higher than you, the higher the level of the player the greater the amount of honor you can obtain by successfully defeating them. Even if you lose against a player, you get a lesser amount of honor for attacking. Each player has 20 chances a day to attack other players.

3) Honor cards (each gives 3000 honor)
There are two ways of obtaining these:
Battle rewards – If you are part of an alliance that controls the Shores of Perdition city you can obtain an honor card a day from the battle rewards chest in your alliance castle.

Challenge (ranked games) in Arena – Honor cards are awarded at the end of the week (Monday after reset) to all players who are ranked above 500.
For players whose ranking is from 101-500, Ranked Games Inspirer Pack is awarded (contains 1 Honor card). For ranks 33-100, Ranked Games Honor Pack is awarded (contains 3 Honor cards). For ranks 2-32, Ranked Games Winner Pack is awarded (contains 5 Honor cards). For ranking number one, Ranked Games No.1 Pack is awarded (contains 10 Honor cards).
TIP: If you want to rank high at the challenge, attack the highest ranked player above you that you know you can beat. Wait for the refresh (that takes place every 30 min). Repeat until you are at the top.
TIP: The final ranking for the week are refreshed on Sundays at 23:30 server time. Make sure you place yourself within reach of the first place by following the above tip and save up some attacking opportunities for any last minute changes to your ranking. Use up all the remaining attacking opportunities within 23:00 to 23:29 server time for maximum results. This takes strategy to place yourself at a perfect place so that you don’t get attacked much to drop your rankings, but also at a place to obtain a score higher than the #1 ranked player.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful. Have fun playing!


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Leveling & Cultivating Heros

You will find as you progress and advance better heroes do become easier to find I promise, but once you do find them you are faced with the task of leveling them to a decent fighting level. Sure you could use the hero sacrifice option but unless you've got real deep pockets this isn't where you want to spend your gold. Instead save your coupons, they're free and will make your leveling process so much easier.

-Once you've acquired and equipped your new hero start by placing him in a line up with your strongest heroes and doing the boss runs that you can tank (beat easily with minimal losses) and run them, do not do dungeons this comes later.
-Once you surpass a level with your new hero that bosses you can tank are not worth the xp(experience) you receive then you move onto dungeons. The most important thing you need to have done is to make sure you've saved as many free coupons as possible.
-In your deploy heroes screen ensure at this point that the only hero you have deployed for attacking is the one you want to level.
-Enter the highest possible dungeon level you can
-approach any of the mobs that appear on your screen as you move around, DO NOT CLICK ON THE QUESTION MARK SQUARES(dense fog) OR ON THE BOSS SQUARES,
-click on any of the regular mob/troop squares a pop up screen will ask if you want to attack or avoid
-click on the avoid button and for 3 coupons, OR 3 gold you will not only not have to fight but you will get the full xp, any silver and any item drops that the square will of given you if you had fought, because only your one hero you are leveling is the only one deployed he will get the full xp from the skipped fight towards his level
-the boss squares and the fog squares do not have the avoid option so be very careful where you click as you move around once you click on either of these square you will have to fight

Once your new hero reaches level 30 you are able to cultivate his abilities under the fourth tab when you click on the hero symbol bottom centre of your screen, in order to have the best of the best this is a must do.
At level 30 it will cost you 1000 silver OR 1 gold each time you hit the cultivate button
once you hit the button you will see numbers appear next to your hero attributes in either green with an up arrow or red with a down arrow
Depending on your hero and what you are using him for you will the click on either the save or remain button circled in purple below

as you can see, circled in red, this is a defense hero, then if you look circled in blue I would lose 8 points on my defense, even though the rest of the stats are green i want this hero for defense so i will click on the remain button leaving the stats as they were before the cultivation, it will still cost you your silver or gold if you click on remain
It is important to cultivate as much as possible when your heroes are low levels, this hero is level 77 and now costs 5303 silver or 5 gold to cultivate every time and the price goes up as the heroes level progresses

With these methods you will aquire stronger heroes faster and shame your enemies every time, unless they read this as well, even more reason to ensure you are dilligent with your cultivation

S8 Nivello S8
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PostedMar 21, 2013 7:17 pm
i know i already wrote one guide am i able to write another one with the same account, it was fun, i'm not looking to enter twice just enjoy sharing the knowledge i have


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Guide !!!

Ok this one is for the new players so pay attention:

when you start playing you will see in WC (world chat) ppl geting good stuff from higher dungs purg.... this will make you want to lvl up ASAP but thers a catch, most of new plaers lvl up their CHARACKTER and leave the heroes limping to rech it for example i saw ppl lvl 70 that have their main heroes at lvl 50 and this is a huge problem becouse they can barely fo the 50h or not be able to do it at all so have to go for 40h but get LOW exp becouse your characker is a way big lvl for this dung, keep you characker and your heroes lest say 5 lvls difference, fof no spendars get rid of blue heroes asap and get all purple for starters for those who buy Gold its no prob to get even better than that in bigining. The fun starts at lvl 60 dung you can get Oj hero card I there and harmony parts so you wana get to lvl 60 asap and do it hard to get that gr8 gear for starters and ofcourse OJ heroes what i did id skip the 70dung its rubbish rlly and go for the 80+ dungs it gives RED HERO CARD I now thats the place u wana bee after ur fed with harmony parts and oj heroes note: 70h doesnt frop harmony or any good gear olny oj gems if ur lucky so better skip it and do 60 that way u will lvl up ur heroes and charackter at same lvl. Get in a alliance a good one if u can u will get gr8 help from there from the players will be doing ali wars and quests but whats important is u get acses to PURGATORY i think from lvl 60 u can go in but its tuff in there my suggestion is before every fight untill you memorize it click on bottol right corner: Rank than hit Abyss than search for the room you are about to do, this is a gr8 way to see the formation of ppl that did this room before you and choose the best one to win that room as easy as possible, fun in Purgatory starts at layer 2 there yxou can get a envy drop and its a good def set a lvl 80 set has 3 things spaulder helm and sword its a MUST to have at lvl 80 gr8 at boosting ur def and vit and you will get wrath diags note: wrath you can get 4 things with diags and shards= transmutation and 4 things as a drop but thats in layer 3 also u can get those 4diag items as a drop too but my suggestion is when u get diags trans it becose the drop in layer 3 is not gr8 for getting wrath imidietly, and in the end the famous layer 2 toom 25 that can even frop BERIAL but chances are LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW to nothing and also drops Silence helm and spaulders and also Anger and the other one dunno the name, u want the silence ones it combined u get 650 att and most important 950 acc insane to the point that u can combine tham with lucifers greatsword that had 2500 att and NO ACC so most players hate that item but with silence u can use it very well.
PS:-new players when you reach lvl 30 DONT do DAILY QUESTS 90% of tham is no exp for heroes and alot exp to charackter this will make what i said above your CHARACKTER sky high and your heroes crippled so daily quests are a big NO NO but a big YES YES when you get your heroes and charackter on a 5 lvl difference or even!

Cultivarion: as soo as your hero hits lvl 30 cultivate him max becouse it takes only 1k silver or 1g per cultivation for example a 102lvl to cultivate takes 9k silver so you do the math.

Events: keep track in forum when will the events be. you want the Score event becouse with the score you can get gr8 GEAR from the shop and all the 95 pot heroes as well as 110 pot ones.
save your dung keys they r pricless as yo know you can do 6 dungs per day 3 are free but other 3 require dung keys, so save tham for a gm event like the one we have now where they require 18 days to do the 6 dung per day and other requests which are free so 18x3=54 keys needed, and that is a problem ppl spent their keys on score event becouse main boss gave score and now most have 9keys and takes 540g to buy the keys for vip is 432 and with score is 1080 alot of hard earned GOLD and SCORE so keep those keys in asafe place for an event like this and win awesome prizes with almoust no EFFORT

TY for your time hope i helped atleast one of you tc and play smart Smile


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How to move up quickly.
1. after the tutorial portion, you should have everything you need to start dungeons.
2. go dungeon delving with the formula of your character always being five levels above the version of dungeon you are in. for example lvl 10 normal (do this until you are lvl 15) / lvl 10 nightmare (do this until you are lvl 20) / lvl 10 Hard (do this until you are lvl 25). After that start using the same formula with every dungeon that opens until you are doing 60 hells. After that it gets trickier.
3. as soon as you reach level 30 (first day easily) send an invite to the top 2 or 3 alliances on the server.
4. when one of them takes you in, the welfare chest in the alliance will build your castle up for the next week.
5. after following the above steps for the first week you should be lvl 50-60. at this point, it becomes important to start trying to acquire purple, orange, and red gear to optimize your army. orange and red heros start to become necessary at this level as well.
6. once you are level 60 you should decide whether or not you want to buy gold. your free vip will have run out by now and it will get increasingly harder to progress without being able to spend gold. i'm not talking about more than 200 or so gold a month if you are regularly selling stuff in the ah.
7. follow the above and you will gain at least a level a day until you are lvl 90. At this point, I know nothing about how to progress beyond.


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Wild Guide

How to survive on the wild map.
First of all I want to excurse for mistakes below, I'm not a native english speaker.

About me in brief:
I'm not a very experienced player, I play on s8 and it's my 1st server. I am one of those who tries to use max amount of plunders for a day, and even more with Force plunder cards. As long as I play, I plundered for lots of resources and honor, but also made lots of mistakes, which helped me to make some rules I want to share with you. Hope that would help you not to repeat them.

1. Why we plunder?
Many people think that losses are not worth resources gained. I agree, sometimes you loose much more than gain. But from my experience, skirmishes happen 2-3 times a week, and you plunder much more often. Most of the time people avoid you or you can just attack someone stronger than you with just one unit assigned.
So the main rule in this part - always remember why you plunder. You plunder for honor and resources. Not because you're a cruel maniac or want to kill every army around you. There are many people around with their armies, and you are alone in this business, you could probably get some help from friends to protect yourself, but noone will help you to attack.
Try to avoid useless losses.

2. Whom we plunder?
Everyone. It's simple. Do not afraid of plundering, and don't just plunder guys 10 levels lower than you. High lvl guys wouldn't be able to do anything to you, unless they know your home address Smile
Just avoid fights with them and plunder with 1 unit assigned when they are offline or afk. Some people don't turn off their computers, but you can figure out their timezone and attack at unconvenient time, which is late night, world boss or clash of gods.
Know your enemy. It's really important. Make some notes on sticky paper with name, coords and a brief comment. Many players almost never change formations - easy to kill, just note their usual formation and counter it. Many people are too greedy to use market and they have huge amounts of 1-2 types of resources, note that too. Also some players always defends. Just try to outlevel them, you can easily hold them in 5-6 levels below, just use units you don't need, for example tier2 left after wb or clash, which you would dismiss anyway to free your population for tier3 or tier4 units.
Give them a break! Do not plunder all the time same persons. Farmers usually use their fields for 2 years and leaving them unsown for the 3rd year. Do the same, give your lower level targets 2-3 days break to gather armies and build structures/learn tech, otherwise you will outlevel them fast and won't have more chances to plunder.

3. How to protect yourself against plunders?
Don't keep large amounts of resouces for long time or while you are afk/off. I can't tell you which amount is large, depends on your level, but remember one simple thing: there is nothing you can't build or learn after 12 dungeon runs! How to do that? First of all, you need to get used to run a single dungeon in less than 10 minutes. It's not hard as it seems, just need practice. Then you need to ask a friend of the same level to attack you with 1 unit and def it - you'll get 30 minutes of peace state. It's just enough to run 3 dungeons. Repeat it and you will have time for 6 dungs. How to do 12 dungeons in a row? Just atart your dung run at 22.30-22.40 pdt and continue runs after server refresh (of course, you need 6 dungeon keys prepared for it).
In brief - if you don't have resources, noone would plunder you. You may not afraid of high level avengers or knights in shining armors defending their low lvl friends - they will get bored after 3-4 times of useless attacks.

4. When we plunder?
As it was told before, good time is during clashes - people stuck there won't be able to set defence or spend resources. Also good time is when you know that someone is trying to build smth like tech tower. 90+ players also have large amounts of resources before super units double exchange times.
And of course, our little red and orange friends:

telling us that someone is running dungeons, and soon be prepared to share with us his resources, give him an hour to finish it and take what you need more than him Very Happy
Bad times to plunder - just after wb, if someone participates - he would probably have enough silver to acoomplish something he needs with res cards bought for silver. After arena bets - same reason. After recruiting super units double exchange times, if you are higher than 90.

5. How do we attack?
Sometimes we need to fight. I'm not telling that it happens often and actually it's not a part of this guide, but I still want to share some thoughts.
First of all, it doesn't matter you win or loose. You don't need to win a certain battle, you need to win the war. Important things to remember - one average tier3 unit costs 6 tier2 units, one tier4 1-population unit costs 10 tier3 units. So, if you are attacking with full tier2 units and just killing one stack of tier4, you're even. But it's still bad result.
When your opponent is weaker than you, it's not a problem for you to deal with him, and probably he won't accept the challenge. But what to do with much stronger guys? Just use waves with lower lvl tier units, and, if you know that your tanks won't hold more than one hit of enemy archers or casters, use 1 unit there just to take one shot and let your casters make one more turn, i.e. if someone uses left feint with tramps and barks (very often was that on 60-80 levels range), use this formation:

You will loose, but your army would cost just a half of one stack of your enemy, and you would probably kill 1,5 barks and 1 tramp stack.

6. What you should never do?
Never setup your revenge. You got plundered by lower level and pissed up because of that? Just forget it. You would probably get nothing from him if you attack at once. Had been trying to keep resources for something important and was plundered multiple times by someone? Think of it - if you counterattack, in best case you would get nothing, in worst - you will loose not only res, but also your army.
Always be calm and never forget - it's just a game.

Good luck everyone and welcome, Solari, s8 251.254 Wink


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helpful items to gain power
Sometimes the most mundane items can help you level and become stronger. And some can be gotten on a regular basis easily, depending on your level.

Level 10- You can join an alliance
Alliances are a good way to gain experience from many older players, but they also hold helpful daily items. The welfare chest can be grabbed once a day and has copper and transmute materials or sometimes gold keys, diagrams or dungeon keys.
Also if you are in an alliance that holds land you can get different items from battle awards.

Level 20 - You can enter arena
Now at this level you are not likely to get very far in arena, but it will help you get honour and if you place in the top 500 for the week you can get honour cards after Sunday reset, just click on rewards. 1 for 101-500, 3 for 33-100, 5 for 2-32 and I am not sure for number 1.
Also you can bid on the top 32 for the week with silver. If you win you will double your silver and get a prize in the mail.

Level 30- You can join World boss and Clash of Gods
Both are icons at the top of the window. In World boss you hit the boss even once and you will get experience, silver and a Soul of Valhalla, which is used to recruit powerful heroes from tavern. World boss is daily at 1100 and 2200 server time
In Clash of Gods, you face off against other players in PVP. At the end of the 20 minute battle you will get Exploit points which can be traded for great items or senior unit cards. After you have entered clash and have a title in chat, example Lord, Private, you can receive title gifts, which is found below enter battle. This title gift is at least 1 inspiring lights, which is used to increase heroes chance of learning the next skill, and 1 1000 silver card.

You can also get 1 free Soul of Valhalla a day from using all 5 free refreshes in tavern. Also by completing certain goals, most are easy enough to do, you can gain a variety of items.



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Rhynde's New Player Guide to Combat Basics

Gives some basic tips on the COG combat system for new players
This guide gives some basic tips for combat. As I am level 65 as of the writing of this guide, it is mostly applicable to combat basics at lower levels, mainly for PvE combat such as dungeons.

The main considerations in COG combat are:

1) Hero type and level

There are four types of heroes in COG: Attack, Defense, Agility and Balanced. In general, it's a good idea to put Defense heroes or Agility heroes in front of Attack heroes. This allows your frontline heroes to avoid (dodge) or withstand (defend) attacks up front, while your attack heroes inflict damage at the back. Putting higher-level heroes up front to protect your lower-level heroes can also be useful.

2) Unit type

There are five basic unit types in COG, with each unit type having four variations (tiers) ranging from basic to advanced. The unit types are: Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, Spellcaster and Flying. For example, elven tier 1 archers are hunters; elven tier 2 archers are elven rangers. You want to position the units you use correctly to gain maximum advantage from each. There are many nuances to this -- these are just some basic ideas.

Infantry has high defense and moderate move speed. Assigning Agility or Defense heroes with Infantry unit types and placing them in the front line can make them into "tanks" that take punishment in order to protect attack heroes in the rear equipped with spellcasters or archers.

Archers do not move, but stand back and do damage from a distance -- they do the most damage at moderate range and have a bonus against cavalry units. Assign archers to Attack or Balanced heroes in the back line. Many mid-level (level 40-60) players find advantages in using tier 2 archers (such as elven rangers) exclusively for all heroes. T2 archers have decent defense and agility, meaning they will often get off the first round of shots, especially if they are assigned to an agility hero. Assigning t2 archers to agility heroes in the front line can be an effective way of eliminating substantial numbers of the opposing units before they have a chance to hurt you.

Cavalry units have higher move speed, agility, attack and defense than do infantry, and make an alternative to infantry to use as a tank unit. However, each cavalry unit takes 2 population, so you only get half as many as you would infantry. They perform relatively poorly vs. archers.

Spellcasters are like archers in that they do not move, but instead stand back and do damage from afar. They should be used on the back line; they tend to be easier to kill and do not make good frontline units. Because they have low agility, they will often not hit until after the opposing forces have made their first moves. In general, a force composed entirely of archers can do significant damage to an opposing force of spellcasters of equivalent or even higher tiers, unless the spellcasters have tank units or archers protecting them.

Flying units have very fast move speed and high attack and defense. However, they require 3 population, so you can only have 1/3 as many of them as infantry, archers or spellcasters. They can move up quickly and do damage, but their speed also makes them susceptible to take damage from cavalry, infantry or flying units on the other side. In general, flying units have limited usefulness for mid-level players, although they can be an alternative and can be particularly effective against spellcasters.

The most important point in terms of unit selection is NEVER to place infantry, cavalry or flying units behind spellcasters or archers. This will prevent them from moving forward, which means they can neither protect the spellcasters/archers NOR do any damage to the opposing side. They will stand there and watch your casters and archers die, then likely die themselves before they have a chance to advance.

In a situation of repeated PvE combat such as a dungeon, limiting casualties may be a goal. You may also want to focus casualties on units that are easier to replace (have a faster regeneration time). Or you may have acquired some senior units through the use of cards but have limited numbers of them. In general, it's a good idea to assign those units to the back line, where they will do damage but not require replacement. One unit you will see used in this way is the tramp master, since they cannot be acquired except through cards until the player reaches level 90. Pay attention to the pattern of your losses -- if you are able to fight through a dungeon mob or boss without losing any frontline heroes, it is safe to use senior units of which you have limited numbers inf your back line. This may help reduce overall casualties.

3. Formation

As you progress in Call of Gods, you will unlock a variety of ways to arrange your heroes through acquiring formation tomes. The advantages and disadvantages of each formation are described in the deployment screen; some formations are strong against other formations, while others are weaker. There are two basic types of formations: Those with four heroes in one row and two in the other, and ones with three heroes in each row.

Because of the effectiveness of using Defense and Agility heroes with protective infantry, cavalry or flying units in the front and Attack or Balanced heroes with spellcaster or archer units in the back, many players tend to prefer formations with three heroes in each line, affording maximum protection to the back-row heroes. These formations are left feint, right feint, left guard and right guard. In the absence of information about what the opposing formation is, such as for alliance wars, these formations are preferable to those that have four heroes in one row and two in the other.

The formation you choose may also be affected by the type of heroes you have. For example, if you have mostly Agility heroes, you may prefer to spread out the hits along a 4-hero line, since you don't have as much incentive to protect backline Attack heroes that have low defense or agility.

4. Equipment

Various equipment sets have different bonuses for different numbers of pieces; often there will be bonuses for having 2 pieces, 4 pieces or 8 pieces of a set. Keep in mind that you care mostly about defense, agility and vitality for frontline heroes and about attack and agility for backline heroes. Do not be afraid to mix and match sets when using 2 pieces from each of 3 sets will give you the highest overall bonus to defense for a frontline hero, for example. This can often have better results than using a complete set.

This is just a few basic points about setting up for combat; I welcome any comments, additions or corrections.

Player: Rhynde, server 8
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