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[PAID] CoG EXTENDED GM Weekly! Ends: 03/24/2013

Not sure what a GM Weekly Reward is? Check out our FAQ!


All participants will receive:
5x Dungeon Keys!
The Five best guides will win 500 AP in the form of an ePin!

Winners have been picked! Congrats to:


(Ends 03/24/2013)
Write a Guide about Call of Gods!

Simply Post in this thread your guide to helping other player understand Call of Gods! It can be about anything as long as the guide follows these rules:

-The guide must be accurate
-The guide can be about any system in Call of Gods. However, preference will be given to guides about things that addresses more complex features than others. (E.g. A guide about how to fortify gear will be given more consideration vs a guide how to equip weapons)
- Variety is the spice of life! Hopefully you guys pick a whole bunch of different subject to write guides about. If there are 5 well written guides on one subject and 1 well written guide on another, the subject with one guide has a better chance of being selected.
-Original Content only! Plagiarized entries will be disqualified.

Other than that, have fun! This is a fantastic opportunity to help out your fellow gamers and earn some free AP!


Ends on 03/24/2013!


[list][*]Before participating, be sure to Read our FAQ!
[*]No exceptions for participation outside of the given time frame will be provided. Sorry!
[*]PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION. The requirements for the reward will change on a regular basis. If we need you to fill out a form or post a screenshot, you may be disqualified for not following our rules!
[*]You may not reuse screenshots from other reward events or from other players.
[*]You may only participate in each Weekly Reward ONCE (which means only on ONE server!)  


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PostedMar 12, 2013 4:48 pm


I am going to teach you how to recruit more heroes from the tavern!
1. First, you are going to need to go into your main races' city. (Above level 30 you can also go to Regia Deorum).
2. Go to the "Tavern" icon.
3. See if there is a good hero: White-Green-Blue-Purple-Orange-Red (In worst-best order).
4. If there is not a good hero in the 3-hero window, then you can do one of 4 things:
1. Click "Refresh" and use one of 5 "Free-Refreshes". (You obtain 5 "Free-Refreshes daily).
2. Use a "Summoning Horn". (You can obtain this by:getting it from a monster by battling and beating it or by buying it from one of the multiple shops:Example: 5 Coupons from the shop.
3. Using a "Book of Astrology". (Can obtain this from multiple battles and by buying it:Example: 50 gold from the shop.
4. Using Soul of Valhalla: Can obtain by: 1. Refreshing heroes in the tavern freely every 5 times, you will obtain one “Soul of Valhalla”.
2. Refreshing heroes in the tavern with Summoning Horn once, you will obtain one “Soul of Valhalla”. The maximum amount of “Soul of Valhalla” you can obtain with Summoning Horn every day is five.
3. Refreshing heroes in the tavern with book of astrology once, you will obtain three “Soul of Valhalla”. There is not any restriction on it.
4. You will also be able to acquire different amount of “Soul of Valhalla” in another new feature namely “World Boss Campaign”.
5. In “The kiss of Valkyrie”, better heroes require more amounts of “Soul of Valhalla”.
5. The best hero is called "Inferno", you can get "Heart of Fury (Need 150) from layer 5 in Purgatory Abyss, or from the advanced wheel sometimes.


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PostedMar 12, 2013 6:00 pm
How to be Top Player on a Server (Dont take this Guide too serious Razz )

1. Steal daddy's credit card
2. Click on Purchase AeriaPoints (AP)
3. Choose your Country (For this example we will use USA $)
4. Click on proceed and choose the highest avaible option, in this case 250$ for 30.000 AP.
5. Click again on proceed till u reach the point about ur "personal infos".
6. Write them down and confirm them.
7. Repeat the steps 2-7 till u have 300.000 AP
8. Wait a few minutes till u have access to use the AP
9. Click ingame on the "add gold button" in the upper right corner and choose the 2000 Gold option.
10. Repeat this till u have 0 AP left
11. Since you now have Gold, u can buy the good stuff:
- XP cards to level really fast
- spin the advanced wheel for good Heros, Equip and Gems
- red equip from other players
- if you have leftover gold many OJ gems for advanced transmution to red gems
(but remember u need also 435g per Item to fully socket it)

Now u just need to use all the stuff and u prolly end up as top player if you dont slack!



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10 May 2011
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PostedMar 13, 2013 1:14 am

How to be a happy COG camper

My personal guide to CoG happiness :

1. Accept that the dungeon drop rates go through cycles, u might not get something worthwhile now but u will eventually.

2. Make friends with other players, I know it sometimes gets frustating when all u want to do is click away and you only have 5 mins, but a simple good morning wont take that long. This is a peer based game after all. Besides you never know when you'll need something they have Smile

3. Always be civil I know sometimes you want to throttle someone, especially the devs, but remember that your tickets, comments etc. would be taken more seriously if they are presented with civility. As far as your peers are concerned it is always important to remember that although you and the second party might be having issues atm, the other players do not come online to witness your squabbles.

4. Aeria is a publisher not the devs I know that when something goes wrong in game, you want to shout at the closest person with authority, but most in game issues can only be forwarded to the actual developers. So Please stop insulting Aeria GM's for something that is not in their control.

5. Choose when to spend and what to spend it on Try to wait for promotions before buying AP, there are some nice promotions going and if u have suggestions on promotions approach a GM. If you are not sure whether or not the promo is worthwhile ask one of your local spenders Smile

6. Have FUN It is a game after all



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15 Jul 2012
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PostedMar 13, 2013 7:57 am

My guide to plundering

My guide to plundering
Here are my thoughts on how to plunder and, more importantly, how to plunder effectively.

When you plunder you gain honor points. The higher the level people you plunder the more honor points you get. You can go to the exchange shop in Regia Deorum and exchange these honor points for gear, tier three troops, transmute items, etc.

Here's how you plunder. First off in the top, right section of your screen click on Wild icon. If you left click it and drag it will bring you to different sections of the map. If you left click on any space on the map it will bring up any castles in the area. You can plunder anyone that is up to 10 levels higher than you and 10 levels lower than you. To initiate the plunder left click on the castle and chose the option to plunder. Your opponent will then have 90 seconds to get ready to defend their castle (even if they are offline.)

In the top, middle portion of the screen you can input coordinates to quickly bring you to any castle's position on the map. The whole map is on a coordinate plane so that you can find any castle.

Now here are some tips. Try and unclear some portions of the map when you have time. That way you can have the largest pool of folks to plunder that are as close to 10 levels above you as possible. When you find a castle that you have had success in plundering make a shortcut (left click on the castle and chose the option add shortcut.) You can plunder someone up to six times a day. Any player can be plundered once every half an hour. If you find a castle for an inactive player you can continue to plunder it, get honor points, and you don't have to worry about being attacked back. My recommendation is only plunder active players if you need resources at the time. Because if they attack you back they might just get those resources back anyway. Try your best to find castles ten levels above you so that you can plunder for maximum honor.


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28 Dec 2011
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PostedMar 13, 2013 2:46 pm

T4 Exchange

#1 100% Occs,Rpprs,Sirens + #2 High chance for Dark Knights
#1 Guide on Occs Rippers and Sirens

This guarantees Occs,Rippers,Sirens
donate units = T3 with 1 population inf,arch,mages
Use 3 diff donate units

double exchange:
Castles Max Population - ( donate units/10 ) = desired castle population

regular exchange:
Castles Max Population - ( donate units/20 ) = desired castle population

Then just disband or recruiit to get close to the desired population

Hit the arrow and it will give you an icon saying you have reached your population limit close and repeat till it works.

#2 High Chance for Dark Knights

Higher chance for Dark Knights and 2 out of 3 (Occ,Rpr,Srn)
donate group = T3 with 1 population inf,arch,mages 5200
Use the same amount of 3 diff donate groups (example: 5200 of each bandits, lizards, kisses)

double exchange:
Castles Max Population - {( 2 donate groups /10) + (1 donate group/5 )} = desired castle population

regular exchange:
Castles Max Population - {( 2 donate groups /20) + (1 donate group/10 )} = desired castle population

Then recruit or disband to get the desired pop. Spam the Arrow !!!


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06 Jan 2012
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PostedMar 14, 2013 4:19 pm

Game guide

A light in the grim darkness
Call Of Gods is a game that should be played with winning in mind, any fight lost should be remembered and learned from... every battle won is a step forward to the higher prize of the greatest character and heros, and all the bounty you will make from then on, as the greatest champion in the land, will be of great reward.

Always go out to get the highest possible exp points available to you from dungeons, pergatory abyss, battles and quests.

Always use the strongest and best gear to put on each hero you have.

If you are looking for the color of any hero from white through to red...
it is in the color of his/her name.

Try to gain the strongest hero (red) with the highest potential you can find...

Your defenders usualy go in the front rank of your fighting setup
and your attackers usually go in the back rank.
agility and balanced heros can go where you think their skills will serve them best.

Defence is as important as attack in the winning of any battle just as vitality, accuracy, and agility are all just as important in the winning of any war.

Join an alliance and enjoy companionship and war stories all day and every day... its good fun.

Most of all have a great load of fun when you play Call Of Gods the greatest warrior strategy game... ever!!!

Forget chess!!!!... this dungeons and dragons challenger game will blow all contenders away.


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05 Oct 2012
PostedMar 16, 2013 2:01 am

how to get REDHEROCARD good stuff(weapons,books) from chests

Here I am going to explain how to get good stuff from chest(golden,silver and bronze) here are few tips

* high chance to get red hero card
-golden treasure chest5 has good chance to get red hero cards as well good stuff like weapons,books
-to get books silver treasure chest and bronze chest are good to open

* how to get chests of level5
-you will get level5 chest from 90hell dungeon
note: if your level is not high enough to play 90hell dungeon ask your friends or your alliance people to give level5 chest

-save your golden keys as they are not easy to get and use them to open golden treasure chest 5 and above

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15 Aug 2012
PostedMar 16, 2013 8:04 am

Guide: the chat room

Killing mobs, clearing dungeons and beating hard Abyss rooms are all good and well, but what happens if you just don't feel like it, or ran out of energy?

For moments like those we have an awsome chatbox in Call Of Gods.

Setting up the chat system
- The chat is located in the left bottem corner, it is that thing with a lot of letters and colors in xD
- Now the first thing that you want to do when you are online is to "pin" the chat room, to do that you press the tumb nail. Now its a lot easier to read the chat.
- The next thing you need to do is expend the chatroom to it max, this makes it a lot easier to follow conversations if you are talking to more as 1 person. To expand it press the double sided arrow in the right lower corner of the chatroom.
- You see that bottem to close the chat? NEVER press it xD.

Basic chat controls
-At the top of the chatroom you see "tabs", there are 5 tabs; World, League, Alliance, Whisper and System. When you click on one of these tabs you will only see what has been said there (with a exception of world, which containes everything).
-Advanced chatters are using the lower dropdown menu to switch tabs since they can keep lurking at world chat that way Wink.
-Press enter after each time you typed something that you want to post Very Happy

How not to be a bambi in chat
-know the often used slangs and shorts like: tbh, lol, jk....
-Don't try to whisper to yourself, it doesnt work!
-You can't chat in system, so don't try it

Congratz, you are now a master in chat-fu
*warning chatting too much can cause slacking, random team boss invites, 383 "friends" and sore fingers*

Have fun in CoG
A guide by a chat-addict from server 7


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26 Oct 2012
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PostedMar 18, 2013 3:40 pm

how to optimize dungeons

Dungeons offer some of the best xp as well as resources in the game, because of this you should always do at least 3 dungeons a day. However, if you are on a time crunch the random battles may not be worth your time. This guide will be my best attempt at explaining how to go through the dungeons quickly while maximizing your loot and minimizing your costs (and time).

1) Know your dungeon capability- A general rule of thumb is that you should be attacking the Hard level difficulty of the dungeon 10 levels beneath you. However if you are well equipped you may be able to fight at the dungeon equal to your level, so check!

2) Avoid certain battles- some rooms are empty, some have goodies, some are shrouded in fog, but some have clear enemies. These are the rooms you should avoid unless they are blocking your only route. Remember, most routes that seem blocked can be accessed by going around.

3) Know the boss formations- Especially as you get to the higher levels. If you know where the boss is standing you can avoid needless casualties. You can look these up on the CoG wiki.

4) Fog rooms are worth exploring- Yes, most of these rooms will be battles, but it is worth the risk for the potential resources cache.

5) Learn the floor layouts- As you run the dungeons a few times you will quickly start to learn the walls and possible paths. Use this knowledge to your advantage. The quicker you can navigate the dungeons the more you can accomplish in a limited time.

Hope this helps guys!

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