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24 Jul 2008
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PostedMar 10, 2013 12:03 pm

United States Daylight Saving's Time

Push your game clocks forward, GA Players :D

Just an announcement for the non-United States and Canada residential players -

We have pushed our clocks forward an hour as of 02:00 GMT -5 this morning (10 March 2013, Sunday).

Since Golden Age's clock is set on GMT -5, you should consider it GMT -4 until clocks are pushed back again in November.

Additionally, Aeria events take place on Pacific Coast time (GMT -8 ). The DST offset for this is now GMT -7.

For more information about Time Zones, please see here or feel free to look up your own preferred GMT map/time-zone check website to compare.

Thank you,

♥ Vampy ♥
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