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26 Jan 2013
PostedMar 09, 2013 10:07 pm


Ranks do matter
Hey Guys, well to start i would like to tell you is that Ranks do matter a lot in every field, whether its sports, business, or GAMES!. This is my personal experience, that whichever game I played if my rank was less, I used to be kicked out by the PRO’s! and would be left to do nothing, but when I got a high rank, no one kicks me now.
In Soldier Front, if you want to rank up you need to obtain Experience (EXP) and to gain this experience, you definitely have to play amazingly awesome as to get more Experience per Game. The better you play, more the Experience you gain. To play better you can practice in “Training mode”, or else you could do a “Single Battle” which would help you to some extend to play better. There are some special techniques in this games.....................
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