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20 Jul 2012
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PostedMar 08, 2013 1:30 am

DDTank Improvement Ideas!!!

Tell me what you want to be improved on DDT ^-^
Ok, have you ever wondered " Augh.. This could be better"
well, Let me know your thoughts! Surprised Ill start! Very Happy

I think the Community could be improved. Since we have had the merged, I cant find people in the (exagerate) 34454657 pages of people there is (Lol) If there was a way we could actually search for a page, or better organize the people in there, i think it would make the community more helpfull for players. For example, if we are looking for someone who is level 12, we could input, " Level 12" then, it would show us the players. Another nice thing would be having the choice of showing on/offline players.

Ok, this one is a long shot and i doubt it will happen, but how many people have been in a game and you accidently leave the page? (to many times for me! *raises hand*) I think a Gaming countdown would be kinda nice. again, i think this may only be able to downloaded games but im not sure ^^'' ( im nooby lol) But still Very Happy What do you think?

Alright... my last example Very Happy New wedding choices! I think, that if you decide to get married, you could be able to choose where you want to get married. Like.. put your wedding on a... beach.. a barn... or a church ^-^ also, new dresses? D: I wanna wear jeans and a tank top on my wedding! Ill play Falling In Reverse! ( LOLL) New wedding choices would be nice too Smile

Let me know your thoughts!!



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26 Mar 2012
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PostedMar 08, 2013 2:27 pm
haha Hiyahaibye! We have a suggestion thread I believe.

Right here:

But I do want wedding choices! It's so plain the same old same old. Like themes or different dresses! Suggest it there ;D

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