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10 Feb 2013
Petoskey, Michigan United States
PostedMar 04, 2013 11:14 pm

The chat filter in Digimon online is giving ALL headaches!

Censorship Makes Conversation a Pain
Ok, this has been brewing in my mind ever since I started DMO.

WTF is up with the chat filter? it doesn't actually filter swear words, but combinations of letters, which coincidentally are found in SEVERAL other words. "SM" "ISH" "NGI" "SS" not to mention words that are ALREADY IN THE GAME! "devil" "asses" << asses is in a quest from a frigimon to kick kyobotimon's asses. devil data can't be said in chat.... any digimon with their prefix ending in "s" can't be said in chat because MON is after it and SM is censored.

there is NO option to turn it off!
I'm 27 and I don't care about swear words, but I can't turn the censor off.
If I say "smell ya later guys! I got my myotismon tonight, and I have classes in the morning.
it says @$ellya later guys I got my myoti@*monto@*%ht and I have cl@#$es in the morning.

REALLY annoying
sometimes.... it makes things look akward.
I'm hungry = I'm h@*$ry
making it look like you saidn horny.

so, PLEASE come up with a solution for this.... it is a common complaint amongst all players
since we can't carry on regular conversations and are getting angry (a@^$y) at this.


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08 Mar 2010
Hell. Denmark
PostedMar 04, 2013 11:47 pm

It is a game in which mostly people from their childhood would play, seeing as it's based off a popular T.V series, but the way you make it sound, well, let's just say every other word I say would be in hashtags and asterisks.

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