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part 7: our mother of chocolate
Lara: girls! this is the plan!
The guards came into the cell and threw a new prisoner…
A guard: heh a new stupid black master! Who did she think she’s to try to beat a Death knight!
The prisoner: I’ll curse you until the day of your demise!
The guard: shut up! Cheap demonologist!

And once the guard turned his back the blades of Angelica were right around his neck while the other guard was captured by Rebecca’s staff ready to snap his neck!
Rebecca and Angelica: we have few questions if you care to live!
Rebecca and Angelica placed the both guards in a cell and Rebecca called out her Jackal to run after them both!

Rebecca: answer and you’ll live reject and my dog will eat you! Without salt!
Angelica: for whom are you both working?
The running guard: we can’t answer that!
Rebecca: bite some of him doggie!
The guard: OUCH! My back!
The other guard: he’s called…the justice mask!*pant*.*pant*
Rebecca: what’s your job exactly!
The guard: *pant * *pant* we take the ones who out allies beat and place them here until *pant* until their execution is decided!
Angelica: who built this place!
The guard: *pant* *pant* they told us *pant* the king ordered for this place to be built! *pant* so he can *pant* torture and interrogate the black ones!
The king interferes: and who exactly told you that!
The both guards instantly stopped running and saluted!
Rebecca: Jackal stand still!

The both guards: your highness! Please help us outside this place! Those both black ones are making us toys!
The king is angry!: who the Hard told you I ordered to build this chamber and torture the black ones in such a bad way!
The guards: your highness it’s the advisor!
Rebecca: this doesn’t look good at all you have a traitor here!
The king: let’s get out of here! I have many questions to ask my advisor now! Sir. Jack!
Angelica: kiddo!
The apprentice: yes ma’am!
Lara: o my god! Angelica is he your apprentice! You’re a master!
Angelica: yeah mom!
Lara: this is so sweet! I’m really proud of you dear! Great!
Angelica gave a shy smile: kiddo! I want from you to break in all these cells!
The guards interfered: please let us out and we’ll help you if the king wants us to free all out prisoners!
Rebecca: I never expected the white one to be so good!
The king: many things should be corrected. guards! help this assassin to free all the prisoners!
The apprentice: umm your majesty I’m a wind shadow not an assassin…
The king: well help this wind shadow to free the prisoners!
Guards: right away your highness!

Rebecca, Angelica and Lara followed the king to the main hall.
????: well well! If what I am seeing is not fantasy! Do I see our highness king being followed by black ones and a prisoner!
The king: so here you are Jack!
Jack: well my majesty! You want me to order for those rats to be arrested!?
The king: arrest Jack! For using unofficially and un-allowed orders and the name of the king himself permission less use to perform inhuman torture and unacceptable brutality!
The guards didn’t move an inch!
The king: what!
Rebecca: looks like they’re too afraid to approach him!
Angelica: leave him to me!
And she dashed to fight him surprising her with a sprite!
Rebecca followed her sister but they both were thrown away!
Rebecca: what the Hard!
Angelica: he’s too strong!

Jack: sure thing the sprite king knows how to prize his own most special servants by giving them 2 sprites instead of one!
Rebecca and Angelica: THE Hard!!!!!!!!
Lara moves forward passing her daughters.
Rebecca: mom!
Angelica: don’t!
Lara: its ok my sweet candies! Mama can handle this cocky guy!
Jack: really! Mrs. Lara! The mother of those cheap black ones!
Lara: those girls are my daughters and they’re much more priceless than your own pretty face sir. Jack!
Jack: too big talk comes from the mama!
Lara: well this mama is about to show you what mothers are capable of doing!
Jack: surprise me …mama!

Lara throws a magic missile, a dark bolt! And curses jack with jinx!
Rebecca: impossible! Mom! You’re…
Lara: a black master?! Yes!
Angelica: what’s your rank?
Lara: come forth! BLAZE!
And instantly a great high Hard demon came out!
Lara: dear your mom is nothing less than a Shadow lord!
Jack: shadow lords can’t ever beat me! Go!
And he sent towards her his sprites!
Rebecca: mom!!!!!
Angelica: MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Slash* and *dash*!
Both attacks were blocked!
Jack: but how?!
Lara: well the sprite king sure gives his servants some prizes! But as well he gives his dear Sprites best friends the ability to control three at once!
Rebecca and Angelica: Shocked ! THREE! MOM YOU ROCK!
Jack: impossible how can you divide your mind’s focus into three!
Lara: didn’t I tell you cocky boy! The mothers are tough!

And few hits from here and there she sends him through the great hall’s window flying like a meteor into the main gate where he gets stuck in the cross decoration of the gate! And he’s dead.
Lara: a nice ending for a traitor! What a Crusade he was!
The king: I can’t believe how strong the black masters are! No wonder you’re a great danger on us all!
Rebecca and Angelica: what?!
The king: I made up my mind all the black ones will be arrested! The world of Sapheal doesn’t need such a threaten power!
And before he made any move his neck was between angelica’s blades and behind him Rebecca was preparing a curse!
The king: how dare you demons!
Lara: we have to talk!
And Rebecca casts a great shadow that lets them all to vanish.

The next day morning…
A little boy is selling news scrolls: buy a news scroll and hear about all what’s new! The king is deleting the racist system and each class will be called by its own name! the black ones are now free to live as they wish in peace! The necromancers are now allowed and welcomed in the college of magic! The great secret about the sages is revealed! The assassins got a new work as the kings’ most trusted Special Forces! The white ones are friends with their old nemesis! The death knights are helping the young and the crusades are now battlefields managers!

The traitor advisor sir. Jack is dead and his body will remain on the main gate’s cross as a sign for every traitor’s ending! And in his place a wind shadow apprentice named Mark will be the new advisor!
A new unique bakery opened and the workers are from the undead!
Read and buy news scrolls everyone everyday new news!
Back to the bakery we see that Rebecca called her frost liche and ordered him to cool and use his magic on the cake! While Lara told her frost liche and jackal to help out cleaning the place and serving the bread! The Hard butcher of Lara is taking the orders from the customers and the Hard butcher of Rebecca is controlling the fire of the oven.

We go into the inside of the bakery to see angelica using her panther’s help to prepare more and more bread with the help of her mother and the bake more cake!
In that night the 2 girls with their mother go outside into the main park and sit down.
Rebecca: so what’s the special event mom?
Angelica: yeah mom you said it’s very special!
Lara: well ladies! First thing is …
And she pulls outside her basket 2 BIG CHOCOLATE COOKIES!
Angelica: MOMMY!

The both jump to hug their mother very hard!
Lara: calm down now girls! You’re now ladies! Behave!
The both girls sit down with a blushy face.
Lara: ok… girl act as you wish! Take these are for you both!
Rebecca: thanks mom!
Angelica: yeah thanks mommy!
Lara: so then girls I heard that the new advisor is Mark! The son of the former mansion’s owner! And he told me that 12 years ago one of you worked for him very well!
And because he saw how much you cared about the Chocó beans and how you used them to wake up my memory he made for us a statue! As a trophy for having the best bakery in the entire city of llya!

Rebecca: I can see it from here!
Angelica: yes it’s showing us in the kitchen! And that’s mom’s liche holding the dish with the cake!
Rebecca: yeah look at that jackal that’s sweeping the floor! Laughing
Angelica: much more look at that Hard butcher wearing an entire wait’s uniform! HAHA!!! Laughing
Lara: and the best part about this statue is!
Rebecca and Angelica: what?!
Lara: read the name of it!
Rebecca and Angelica: WHAT! “THE MOTHER OF CHCOLATE!”
Both of them looked at each other’s faces and smiled!
Rebecca and Angelica: MARK! THANKS A LOT!

And girls and their mother sat down with the sunset enjoying a dozen of chocolate cookies and a chocolate milk with a chocolate cake! The scene goes away from them and closer to the statue showing a little detail the girls missed to notice!
The scene comes closer showing Rebecca and Angelica’s
Statues and on the top of their head … a little statue of a flying Chocó bean!
The scene goes behind the statue to show a little hidden Chocó bean behind it in a little bucket.
Mark from the palace is watching them happy together.
Mark: you deserve every single bit of this girls! He moves away showing a chocolate beans tree in the middle of the palace’s main hall and beneath it written in silver:
“The city will always respect and remember the two brave girls who suffered so much to find their mother and save her life” –live happily ever after-

Mark: good night … mother of chocolate.
And as he closes the door the scene begins to fade outside the castle into the sky showing the entire world of Sapheal and then the scene showing the sky with all the shining stars in it the scene fades into ultimate darkness.


i hope you liked this story it took me 82 MS word pages to finish it

please give me feedbck and comments

thanks for reading everyone
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