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part 5: how the darkness rules
An: you have anything to prove that?
Reaper: sure thing! Jackal come forth!
And an undead dog came out, and it looks really angry!
An: very well, what took you so long Reap?
Reaper: I had to clean a little path before I arrived; there were too many ranged ones!
An: and?
Reaper: Jackal had a good dinner!
The apprentice: ugh! “And he vomited”
Reaper: he does that all the time?
An: kind of.
Reaper: so ready for the attack?
An: you bet!

While preparing for the assault An tried to look at Reaper many times; weirdly for a name like that this black master has a body of a girl! She can’t see her face because of the mask.
Reaper: here they come!
And instantly three shadows jumped!
The car is moving peacefully and suddenly a shadow comes by.
The driver: hm? Hey guys! You saw anything?
Other men: why you ask? I saw nothing dude.
A ranged one: if there’s something you’re uncomfortable about just tell me! My eyes are trained very well!
The driver: just stay focusing!
The ranged one: understood!

And once he turned his face back to his patrol…
The ranged one: what the?! Shocked
He’s simply staring at … legs? Tow black socked legs!
He raises his vision: ummm.
To see in front of him a black master –necromancer- sitting in front of him!
Reaper: didn’t you mom teach you anything about manners?! Don’t stare at lady’s legs without permission!
The ranged one-hawk eye-: what the! A Black Master!
And before he was even able to shout An came from behind and slit his throat.
An holding him on her chest while removing her blade from his neck: didn’t your mommy teach you to apologize to ladies that you annoyed?
And with her hand on his mouth she simply moved it quick enough to snap his neck! And simply she threw him away for the apprentice to take him from the road silently and hide him somewhere safe.

Reaper: you had to snap his neck?
An: we were taught to make sure they will NEVER return!
Reaper: now we have a mystic one and a white one!
An: classes?
Reaper: Avatar, and a Death Knight!
An: this won’t be easy.
Reaper: the driver himself is a ranged one! Class: Hawk eye
An: I doubt that the seduction trick will work again.
Reaper: men…even that the black masters have no nature beauty yet a little skirt with long socks will do all the work!
An: you can say it again! Sheesh.
Reaper: so the plan?
An: this is what we’re going to do.
The driver: hmmm weirdly quiet. Jad! Are you there?
And instantly from his right side a flying shadow came out of the nowhere to give him a flying kick!
And the driver is fired outside the cabin.

Once the hawk eye driver is on the ground he kicked up and went running to his car, and within seconds a creepy creature came out to him!
The driver: GOD! A Hard BUTCHER!
An: that’s one!
From inside the car’s room.
The avatar was sitting on the chair along side with the death knight.
The avatar: Ken everything alright?
No answering.
The avatar went outside the window to see what’s wrong, and in that very moment a jackal dog came to the death knight and a bite in the neck was more than enough to drag him outside the car!

The death knight made a twister kick up and got ready to fight the necromancer.
The death knight: so an ugly hag like you is attacking a might death knight! Black masters … how I hate them!
Reaper: I know I’m not that hot, but you have no right to insult me like this! White one!
The death knight: I’ll turn you into dust!
Reaper: come and prove it!
The death knight is provoked and dashed for the attack.
Reaper gives a very tricky freaky smile as she says: come forth kiddo!
A mighty blast came out and the death knight is thrown into a great boulder.
The death knight: how?!
And he sees before his eyes: a DEMON!
And within one moment… BLAST!
Reaper: I must admit it you’re a good one; none was capable to take on 3 mighty shocks and stay alive!
Reaper: problems!

And instantly Reaper calls her Jackal and rides on it.
To see An on the ground trying to stand up.
Reaper: what’s wrong?
Injured An: god …this Avatar is a beast! “cough” “cough”
Reaper: where’s the little kid?
An: in the car examining it for info.
Reaper: I should have told you…”never send an assassin to do a mage’s work”!
An: eh!?
Reaper: avatars are very strong and they are very powerful as well only can be defeated by another mage like him!
Returning to the apprentice.
????: god this car is very messy! Where should I look and for what?!
………… nope nothing here at all, not even here, what about that suspicious looking chest?!
Sheesh…what’s the point of this escort then?!
I better go back to master to tell her about this.
And once he went out back to his master.
????: GOD! Shocked
Reaper and An are on the ground!
An: he’s a monster!
Reaper: **** it how come he can be this powerful?
The avatar: you both are so silly you though you can beat a Sprite master?
Reaper and An : WHAT !! Shocked
The avatar: I have my own guardian sprite and he does most of the work for me! Shame you both are simple black ones!

Reaper: then I’ll show you my sprite! Come forth Scythe!
An: you’re a sprite master!??
Reaper: how you think I became a Shadow lord?
An: by calling this! Come forth Mirage!
Reaper: what on earth! Shocked
An: what you never expect to see me as a sprite master?
An: what?!
Reaper instantly takes off her mask!
An: THE Hard!!!!!!! Shocked Rebecca!
And instantly she took off her mask as well!
Rebecca: SIS! I knew it!
The avatar: what on earth is going on?!
Both of them dashed towards each others and gave a very tight hug! With tears on their faces coming out from their eyes just like wires of rivers!
The avatar: eh??
The apprentice: I don’t know what on earth is happening but.

He simply sneaked behind the avatar and gave him a strike on the head to knock him out.
The apprentice: what’s going on here?
An with a face with a big smile she looked his way: I can’t believe I just found my sister! It has been 12 years!
The apprentice: ummm ok…did anyone before tell you, you look cute when you smile?
Rebecca: what?! Hitting on my sister are you kiddo?!
An turned her face back to her sister: ignore him! Let me just feel you again sis! I can’t believe it has been all these years!

They both hugged for couple minutes then stopped.
Angelica: so kiddo what did you find?
The apprentice: there’s nothing in the car!
Rebecca: let’s just take this avatar and interrogate him!
Angelica: alright!
Rebecca summons her jackal and places the Avatar on it.
The Avatar wakes up while hearing weird voices around him talking about the car and the sprites.
He opens his eyes to see an entire black out! So he shouts!
Angelica removes the cloak away from his eyes to find himself placed in the center of the grand hall of the head quarters!

Surrounded by black shadows from each side the Avatar didn’t know what to do.
Angelica takes off her helmet to show him who she is!
The Avatar: I knew it! Angelica! What happened to you and why are you doing this?
The head assassin came out to him: so then wind shadows as I can see this white one knows our little blood slicer!
The Avatar: who are you?
The boss: I’m the head master assassin here and I’m the master, as I can see the royal escort was totally empty! Let me guess it… you’re the treasure that was being escorted! Right?
The Avatar: I am not forced to answer your questions black one!
Angelica stabs him in the leg with her blade: actually you are FORCED!
Rebecca comes out: tell me where is the woman that’s called Lara?
The Avatar: what is it with her? Are you related?
Angelica stabs more: it’s none of your business you just have to answer you have no rights to ask.

While they ask more he suffers more.
In the end he asked one question: how did become like this?
Angelica: after you have rejected to help us to find our mother were we taken by those guys and then we turned into what we are now! Now for the last time I ask.
Where is the woman that’s called Lara!
The Avatar: even if I knew where she is I won’t tell you!
Angelica: sis tell the whites ones royal palace to be ready to receive from us a special delivery!
Rebecca: what are we sending?
Angelica: sliced Avatar!
Rebecca takes away from him his gem stones of the sprite and throws it into a nearby altar.
Angelica: now no friends no allies no sprite and no nothing!
Rebecca: now you’ll tell us where’s the woman that’s called Lara!?
The Avatar: if you’re expecting an answer then you’ll have to make me talk!
Angelica: master! Please cut the lights here! I’ll be making some unreal torture here! Apprentice!

????: yes ma’am!
Angelica: give me my both blades! We’ll be having a barbeque party here!
????: but master we have no meat!
Angelica: no need! This avatar will turn into sliced meat as long as he doesn’t talk!
Rebecca: if you don’t mind sister leave the member to me! My Jackal would love to eat some sausage every now and then!
The surrounding assassins went one step backwards!
Angelica stabs the avatar in the feet: speak! Where’s Lara?
The avatar: go to Hard!
She begins a very quick shredder slicing! All the feet are now slices of meat!
The avatar: why the Hard can’t I use my magic?!
Rebecca: we took your staff and you have no mana with our little curse, and with my curse your mind can’t concentrate!
Angelica: head master! Please close the window! This scene here is going to get very bloody and gore!

The avatar: wait you don’t have to do this! Please!
Angelica: give me a name!
The avatar: I CAN”T!
Angelica: master! Please! The windows!
The head master closes the window and the moon light vanishes alongside with the Avatar’s life!
And a very loud cry comes out…

what will the girls now do after the sisters are reunited? and will they be able to find their mother?

to be continued

PS: feedback is requested
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