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08 Jul 2012
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part 1: the royal mail

Our tale begins in the Middle Ages, where magic was pretty much common, so were the knights, clerics, and assassins.
Our tale begins in a little place nearby a lake where the water is crystal clear, and the birds singing can be heard very clearly, the fish are swimming happily, and the sky is clear.
In the scene of this beautiful nature scenery, we hear some … weird sounds nearby us.
We go to our right side, and notice two young girls playing around.
While their mother was making lunch, the both girls were enjoying their time.
Their mother finished her work and called for them both.

????: Rebecca, Angelica!
The both girls: yes mom!
????: come here and eat launch!
The both girls: coming!
The mother walked a little into the bookshelf: my god … where are you to see your girls…we miss you so much.
The both girls entered the house and began to eat.
Rebecca: mom can’t you make us anything sweet? We’d like something yummy!
Angelica: yeah mom!
The mother: I’ll see what I can do.

She joins them to the launch and eats in silence.
Until suddenly the door sounds came up.
The mother went to see who it is, the reply was from a guy outside the door.
The man: excuse me Mrs. Zed! I am here with a letter from the royal palace!
The mother opened the door and took it.
The mother: thanks!

And she closed the door.
The both girl got very curious, and they went to their mother.
Rebecca: so what’s the big deal now?
Angelica: yeah mom!
The mother: let me see…

“Greetings lady Lara, this is the principal of the royal palace with you!
I am sending this letter to inform you that since your both daughters are now six years old you should send them both to the town in order for them to begin their learning and education; as you know our town and palace is in need always for new recruits and the age is no matter for any excuses! We need more people and more power! I’ll be expecting you in two days!...
The Principal: Thomas Edwards”

Lara: well as you can see girls you must begin to go to school pretty soon!
Rebecca: awesome!
Angelica: outstanding!
Lara: we’ll go to the town tomorrow’s morning so make sure you have everything ready and inform me about what you want to be when you decide ok?
Rebecca and Angelica: alright!

That night both girls couldn’t sleep because of the excitement.
While their mother was a bit worried.
In the next morning Lara and her young daughters went together to the town and searched for a horse car so they can go to the country.
Once they were at the country Lara began her searching for the royal palace guards; so she knows where to go.

And after few minutes she found one of them which told her to go to the city hall so she did.
Once they’re there the both girls were checking how big the place is and how many the markets were, while Lara was searching for new comers and others.
Few minutes and many other people came from everywhere with this number of kids around Lara began to feel a little bit safer; it’s her first time ever to be in the city’s hall with her little daughters.

She used to come into this place with her husband…before he…
And her thoughts train was interfered by the speech of the royal palace messenger.
The royal palace messenger: good morning everyone and welcome! I’m the royal palace messenger Alexander Okeen
As I can see so many of families came here today! Well then as you all know that your children will begin their training as soon as possible! And with each of them will be a teacher to teach every group about the knowledge they will need, once they’re ready they’ll be going to the Siwa Island!

The place where all the novice kids go to they will return here to the city of Kaslow once they’re ready to begin their own carrier don’t worry at all gentlemen your kids will be in a safe hand!
So please let the kids begin to come here so we begin to register them!
Your kids will either return home as fighter, hunters, acolytes, or spell casters!
Depending on their nature talent they’ll choose from their hearts what will their carrier be and since all of these need so much of training the training begins in such an early age as you can see but no worries we’ll take a good care of your kids so let’s begin registering shall we?!

Before she registered her both daughters Lara gave each of them a Coco Bean!
Angelica: eh…mom what’s this for?
Rebecca: yeah mom why the beans? We can’t eat them like this you know!
Lara: I gave you this to always remember me! Once you both come back home I’ll make you chocolate from these Coco beans; you told me you wanted to eat something sweet right?! So you just have to pass the tests and exams and once you’re back we’ll be going together to make Chocolate!

Both of the girls placed their beans in their pockets and went together to the groups.
After that their mother returned home praying her little girls will return home safe and sound.
Their training took about 2 months and their mother all the time was waiting and dreaming many dreams most of them were out of her fear and some of them were out of her caring.
She always was curious what will they choose which paths?

Angelica always seemed to love to play hide and seek she was a very good hider, while Rebecca always was very well known by her wisdom and very smart mind.
After few days of waiting, one day in the morning Lara woke up as always and went to the bathroom, she looked at her mirror to see the reflection of her face; she has not been sleeping for many days the way she used to sleep.
She’s still feeling tired, but she knows it’s time to work; she washes her face and goes to the kitchen, makes herself some meal and goes outside the door.
While she is closing the door she notices something weird.
There’s a scratch!

A scratch on the lock’s location.
She lowers herself a little bit and examines it, it’s not a light scratch, and it’s not that scratch that can be done by a simple tool, it’s a deep one, and the tool that’s used to make such a scratch is really long and heavy!
She gets up and examines the length of the scratch’s hole, she goes along side with it and finds out it leads to a very small hole nearby the entrance!
Lara: with this hole anyone can see everything in the house! Is there someone spying at me?
She doesn’t feel safe no more so she heads instantly towards the town; and asks some help from the warriors and the hunters there.
Too bad they didn’t care! They told her that a scratch is something not too-important in their point of view.

But Lara didn’t give up or accept what they said, so she went to the royal security wing and told them about what she has.
Surprisingly none cared!
Lara: I can’t believe I’m living in a place where none cares about a big hole in the wall in my house!
She returned home again after she lost all her hope.
She’s back home she began to bake some bread, cake, and some cookies!
Her job in the town was in the bakery.
She makes and bakes; they buy and comment about her job.
It’s kind of like a market for herself.
While baking some cake she noticed something!
Lara: what?! I’m missing some coco beans…
Then she remembered that she gave them to both of her daughters that should be home pretty soon!

Lara: once they return home and show me what they learned I’ll make sure o make for both of them the most delicious cake in the whole world! They’re my precious angels!
And she laughed happily.
She placed her hands on some bread so she begins making it.
Lara screamed as she felt pain on her head.
She turned around to see nothing but black!
Lara: what the Hard is going on?!
She tried to move a bit but couldn’t!
Lara: is this an assault?...why am I feeling so light?
Lara couldn’t add any more words; she just fell down on the ground.
And the entire place went weirdly quiet.

what happened to Lara?! and will she be able to see her daughters agian? what will the girls do when they don't see their mother at the docs of Bluebay?!

to be conintued

PS: feedback and comments are requested


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PostedMar 03, 2013 4:40 pm
OMG Lora, this is amazing Q.Q *tears of joy*. Give me part 2 pweez >.<


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18 Feb 2011
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good story

waw i'm gone be a great rank when i grow up XDD
pretty good now the next one
hurry lol (don't have to)
lil sis, Sisi

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