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24 Jul 2012
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PostedMar 02, 2013 10:51 pm

need to update cog's now!!!

massive update
hello everyone im making this topic so hopefully cog and more ppl comment on this. Call of Gods needs a massive update. the way it is now the game is going downhill very fast. my first order of operations is this

1. make orange and red gear that is bound unbound so players can sell it when they dont need it.

2. do a update to introduce red books into this game. there is a slot for them in ah but no red books.

3. and lastly update more lvls into this game. add 10-20 more lvls and lvl 130 dungeons.

if anyone else has anything to add or comment on this game. hopefully the more people that comment and add stuff maybe the gm's listen and tell the devs they need to fix this game.
let me know what ya'll think

also fix the clash cause it still stinks and the advance wheel most of that crap shouldnt even be on the wheel.
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