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01 Jul 2012
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[Guide] Pet Equipment

Beef up your pet by equipping it with a weapon, armor and other useful equipment! Not only will your character be armed to his/her teeth, but so will your pet! There are currently four pieces of equipment pets may equip. These include weapon, armor, ring and vitalon. Pet equipment is currently categorized by four different level ranges, including level 30, 60, 80 and 100. Lastly, pet equipment is categorized in four different types (each with a random quality): Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Orange. Upon looting a purple type equipment, you may synthesize it, upgrading it to orange quality.

Pet equipment can be enchanted just like ordinary equipment, and can be socketed with certain gems. The following pet armor can use the following gems:
Pet Weapon - Ruby and Topaz
Pet Armor - Jade
Pet Ring - Ruby, Topaz and Jade
Pet Vitalon - Ruby and Topaz
Apply four available Pet Heavenly Crystals to enchant your pet equipment. For further details on these Pet Heavenly Crystals, read their descriptions below:
Inferior Pet Heavenly Crystal - Drops in all dungeons.
Minor Pet Heavenly Crystal - Purchasable in the Item Shop for 35 Crystal.
Moderate Pet Heavenly Crystal - Purchasable in the Item Shop for 65 Crystal.
Major Pet Heavenly Crystal - Purchasable in the Item Shop for 105 Crystal.
Inferior Pet Heavenly Crystals will offer the lowest success rate, while the Major Pet Heavenly Crystal will offer the highest. All Pet Heavenly Crystals may be applied for all levels of pet equipment. What are you waiting for? Various pet equipment can be found in all dungeons (and all modes)! Once you have snatched a piece of pet equipment, simply summon your pet and double click the piece of equipment.

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