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06 Sep 2012
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PostedMar 01, 2013 1:02 pm

Team Armored Recruiting

Contact Information
Main recruiters:

Staff AlphaxSoul
Staff iliku
Staff iGalactis
Staff ITreeI
Staff CityOTrees
Staff iNerdcore

Looking for your all around average fun clan member.

Answered Questions:

How do I join?

- You Tryout with your game sense.

How do I know if I made it in?

-.. You would receive and invite

I sent a Pm on the forums no response?

-.. Log into the game that's where we are.

Do you Voip?

- Yes Raidcall

What are you looking for?

- Fun clan members who want to enjoy the game with us with great personality's and manageable skill. Doesn't need to be perfect just understand the game.

C4n me join nao>w?

- When you can string a sentence properly due to American Clan.

Any other questions ask anyone listed above.

Look forward to seeing your presence, 41 Members and counting. 13-16 Online on average.

Also will be building a clan war squad as well

Wins - 1056 Loses - 569
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