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26 Oct 2011
United States
PostedMar 01, 2013 12:07 pm
Are the MVP monthly rewards gonna be class based like the rose emblem payouts are? I personally think if it was overall, certain classes in certain brackets will have one helluva hard time getting those rewards :/



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12 Dec 2009
Gaming in Japan
PostedMar 01, 2013 12:14 pm
xxFaeixx wrote:
Are the MVP monthly rewards gonna be class based like the rose emblem payouts are? I personally think if it was overall, certain classes in certain brackets will have one helluva hard time getting those rewards :/  

It will be general over-all Level based.

So top 5 for Lv90, top 5 for Lv80, etc.

No time to play! I'll be lurking around, though~


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17 Nov 2009
LONG ISLAND United States
PostedMar 02, 2013 12:48 pm
Some pvp only gear would be interesting. Like give the worst in the bracket some GM gear that can only be used in arena.

That would be fun.


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15 Jul 2012
Costa Rica
PostedMar 02, 2013 3:15 pm

custom stuff

this is my idea, to encourage ppl to do pvp at lvl 81-90
why noy make an option for the players to make their own custom vanity weapons?. make an itme that makes you able to create your own vanity weapon, make it worth 100k pvp points each time you want to make one, is like when you create your toon, this are the suggestion for the categories to customize:

- type of weapon. like: axe, sword...etc.
- type of glow, like: the ones that yellow weapons have
- color of the glow... pink, red, blue
- color of the weapon
- style of the weapon color, like strypes o some of that.

i am talking about vanity weapons (costume), make them NT, and just for lvl 81-90 pvp rewards.

this is waht will happen:
- everyone will want their own, self made costume, cause is like your toon, you fell is a part of you
- ppl will want to lvl up to get that kind of reward
- pvp will be way more active since you need that large amount of points
- and for aeria means more money because ppl will want to play yo lvl, and that means, more exp charms, skb and all that stuff we need when we lvl up.

so, for my point of view is a win-win, for us: something to fight for, and for you aeria, means more MONEY

its a suggestion to make the game more interesting, if you like it: great Very Happy and if dont: well i will think about another idea to help the game. thanks for read this Very Happy


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16 Oct 2012
PostedMar 03, 2013 6:45 pm
minuzaki wrote:
Well lookie here.I must admit, I'd never think additional pvp rewards would be introduced. Lotsa stuff getting done, I see. As good as these rewards are, they may not keep players in pvp, but it's a darn good start.  

Happy to heard that news.
But we still have "don't start" problem before we can take a reward.

For "don't start" problem,
How about the idea "auto start"
At lest we can do it in HF and WS.
It mean even if lack of player , battlefield still start with number player who ready join. (like Maze) . And when room full , player have to chose another battlefield to join (before it start).

1- It will fix problem battlefield don't start.
2- It will make other battlefield start working too. And you can join any battlefield you want , not have to wait for other player.

How about that idea ?


I think we still need to change rule of HF and WS.

For HF , it natural is chaotic . It don't have point to make "side" in first place. Isn't it will better if we make it more chaos by make it in to battle royale style. Imagine 20 to 10 player kill each other and only 1 win . No side , just kill and kill until battle end.
And one Who get killed most after 10' get dragon buff with HP add , double attack and defend in 3'.
Dragon will have 3 skill , [fire breath] long attack using magic damage , [bite] use close ranger damage , and [bull] use ranger damage . (after i get dragon buff first time , i find out it suck and only good for fighter class with high close ranger damage lol)

As for WS , we know that it trouble with camping . I think it better if WS have more way to earn point. Like you can earn point though normal mobs (soldiers/pirates).
And more advance if they make "side" that own crystal can't earn point though mobs , so after they controled crystal they have to move in order to stop other team kill they soliders.

It will better if invisible buff get longer dura to make people hard to camping , i think give a buff like sealth with no time dure it best  

Plz don't mind about what i write in [quote] , it just my pesonal thought *shy*
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