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16 May 2008
linwood United States
PostedFeb 27, 2013 8:42 pm

Event after action report - how'd you do?

Dungeon rewards - made it to level 101 and got my Reese

Victory rewards - hit the ceiling at 60 kills so easily got my Succi

Personal ranking - was hovering around 80 for the longest time and then woke up this morning to find myself in the 105-110 range, so lost out on 5 kraken draughts but still got Harpo and the other cards

Guild ranking - ended at 71 but as noted earlier there were only three of us making an honest go of the event (of our 601k gems I earned 302k)

I was slightly disappointed about not making the top 100 personal but I got all the cards I was looking for so all said I'm happy with my results.

As a side note, anyone notice that Harpo has tan lines that clash with her outfit? Laughing
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