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15 Feb 2013
Livermore United States
PostedFeb 23, 2013 8:53 pm

Goldstar Recruitment <Apocalypse only>

Goldstar is Recruiting players of all shapes and sizes!
Goldstar (Called Goldstr in-game) is now looking for new and experienced recruits alike to join our cause which is ultimately to grow stronger as a whole and individuality as a player.

All we ask for is a moderate commitment to doing the alliance quests and having at least a 25% in clan activity. Most members are situated in Harp Lake but its not a issue if you are not located there. Also we accept all levels and offer advice to inexperienced players on many GA topics and are willing to assist all our member's in moments of need.
We are a level 4 alliance at the moment and are growing stronger everyday. Thanks for your moment of time and good luck out there!

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