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20 Nov 2012
PostedFeb 22, 2013 11:32 pm

Help me please My Account STOLED !

My account
Hello Aeria. My Name is Bence Tengeri,

I noticed it on the today's day how my password is not good for my character, and I cannot enter with him, the password worked yet in the evening yesterday, and I do not understand this now. Let somebody help me let him be kind, away my character was stolen. at this time we the task ? I would like that character very much back up dared to receive present a lot for me very much, i don't know who has fun with me how, how it is good for a person why to steal. this indecent thing. kind areia I ask you for it that help me. thank you very much


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12 Jul 2012
PostedFeb 22, 2013 11:59 pm
Use this to recover the account.

Also I highly suggest removing personal information from your post. Just saying.
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