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26 Jan 2013
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PostedFeb 21, 2013 5:07 pm

Tarpiean Watch Dione Guild Recruiting

We are recruiting active players
Tarpiean Watch is a lvl 4 guild in the Dione Realm. We have 34 members. We go on boss raids together, level together, quest together and RVR together. We also hold mini events where you have the opportunity to win things like Lvl 40 Gear and Deathblow Runes. If you are wondering what Tarpiean means, Tarpiean Rock was the cliff the Romans use to throw people off during ancient times. Our goal is to have 55 active members by the end of the month.

We play in all different time zones but mostly US ones. The time our activity is highest in the day is during the early afternoon PST and mid evening PST.

If you would like to join the guild you can whisper Caius in game or leave a comment here. Thanks for your interest in joining Tarpiean Watch.
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