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15 Feb 2013
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Aeternaa PVX Guild ***New guild***

I would first like to say to all the readers, HI! We are a new guild on EE and we are aiming towards becoming an active guild within Eden!

Aeterna, is looking for more active and dedicated members to join our ranks. Our aim is to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere, while maintaining our competitive edge. We are a close knit group. This is what so many of us at Aeterna have come to enjoy, and it is what makes us a force to be reckoned with.

What is "Aeterna" exactly?

We have always been a medium sized guild currently and we're looking to expand to have a solid, active player base online every night and day. We are addicted to PVP/dueling and it's safe to say that we love it and love making an impact in GVG whenever we can. We don't want to become a quantity guild with just sheer numbers who don't speak to each other, we want quality player additions. We would like to build a close-knit guild so to speak, where everyone knows everyone, where we have social and friendly chats going on every night.

What is a Quality player?

There are many ways to define a quality player and can be generalized as a skilled and knowledgeable player. That's great, but we're looking into something that's more then just that. We want the person behind that player. We want someone who can follow orders, or at times, become a leader. We want people who are willing to listen and take into consideration criticism and become a better player. There is no "I" in a guild, there is only us.

What can Aeterna offer you?

We're just a bunch of real people that enjoys every aspect of the game. We are very competitive when it comes to pvp/gvg. We play to win. We like to keep it real so drama is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. We are all adults/young adults, so you'll be treated like one. This guild is full of opportunities and the only direction you and the guild is going, is up. You will never encounter a glass ceiling within this guild, I promise you. We will never EVER, deny anyone when they need help or pretend we didn't notice them.

What are we looking for?

We do not recruit the player, but we recruit the person behind the player. For us the most important thing is to maintain the friendly feel and encourage guild play. Our current player base is mature/friendly and we wish to keep it that way, but there is no age discrimination and strict limits on age is not implemented. Although the core players are hardcore, we encourage people to live their lives before logging in to the game. Don't get hung up on this game too much.

The leaders

Our leaders are very much different from other leaders from other different guilds. They listen to you and are always willing to take criticism from guildmates. They are always asking opinions from other guildmates and how or which directions the guild can go whether it's pvp/gvg or pve. This is just a quote that I've used in one of our many past guild meetings in order to re-assured guildmates that we keep it real, "I am the Leader of our guild but that doesn't necessarily mean I am of higher status. I am your host, your older/younger brother and I am here to serve you guys. Us leaders invest our time and effort specifically in everyone to become the best we can be. You guys are what's going to make us, a guild to be reckoned in where ever we go.

Aeterna [Ae]

Newly formed guild
Leader: AlphaBladie
Style: PVX [everything]
guildmates = 5 atm
Voice comms = Mumble
forums =

--As of now, our guildmates are all scattered about doing their own stuff rather staying in GW2, playing different MMOs, or RL stuff-- We are basically starting fresh here and would like to create new a Generation of Aeterna!

Goal: GVG, Guild town, Dungeons and Farming, gear up for satisfisfaction!
Recruitment attitude: positive and very optimistic

Misc Videos

Realm Vs Realm in Guild Wars 2
Commander: Alpha Bladie [Blue icon over head] commanding everyone on the Borderland to retake our Garrison from enemy invader after they took it and built up their defense. Basically we created a diversion in the opposite direction so we could escort our beloved [very squishy] golems to break down both doors. Timing is everything ^^

Another Beloved former guildmate roaming open realm vs realm

Come join us and be part of something great in, as we head towards the happiness and difficulties of turning this guild into something very special!
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