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09 Aug 2011
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PostedFeb 20, 2013 4:09 pm

[New] World of Battles Patch Notes (2/20/13)

New units, achivements, and more!
Greetings Warlords!

The World of Battles Team is presenting you the list of changes of the latest patch, which will include a new Master Unit, updated and more interesting tutorial and some balance changes.

New Achievement: Leader Levels

From now on, you will receive 10 Gems for every gained General Level!

New Master Unit: Dispeller

These Amazon sisters pose a serious threat to all enchanters on the battlefield. Gathering currents of arcane energy around them, Dispellers are able to instantly remove all magical effects from any target in battle.

Their ability is “Dispell”

“Dispell” removes all magical effects from the targeted unit. It takes years of practice and discipline to learn magic skills. It takes even more time and effort to learn how to dispel magic – a skill once used only by witch-doctors became a valued battle skill among all the races. The warlords, however, should be aware that by removing a curse from their soldiers, they can also remove the magic of the healer.

New Tutorial

We have improved tutorial to make it faster more interesting! Now, everyone can become a skilled warlord within 10 minutes!


• Bug that allowed parties to overcome tier rules at level 45 and play 2vs1, while 1 vs 1 allowed.
• 3 player parties at level 45 now won’t be able to start battles. Only 2 player parties are now allowed.

Changes in Balance


• Melee units damage boost from movement decreased.
• Divine Wrath and Arcane Shield Power decreased by 16%.

Spell Breakers:

• Active ability feedback is now 10/12/15% instead of 50/55/60%.
• Passive ability feedback is now 50/55/60% instead of 100/105/110%.


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25 May 2011
PostedAug 28, 2014 5:38 pm

World of Battles

When I launch the game , I get this message : Internal Error .
What should I do ?

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