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State of Dynasty Warriors Online

Aeria's Most neglected game?
Comprehensive List of Game Issues.

Part A) GameMasters' Faults and Responsibilities!

1. Red Halo Modification and Resulting Issues.

Since the modification of the Red Halo System the server has suffered from crashes and an increase in lag and hiccups. This issue has apparently been researched by Aeria & Koei, and the resulting answer was that the game would require a clean wipe/install.
So why has this NOT happened?

2. Issues with the Login Server.

Please refer to this post for more details.
This is a fault with Aeria's servers. However even after almost 3 weeks there has been NO communication from the Gms, no apparent resolution and no time frame given as to if this will be fixed.

3. Showdowns / Campaigns / Events

The in-game events are not being set up/run correctly. For the past 2 weeks we have had campaigns start during the scheduled showdown time.
Also, the inability of the GMs to post a REGULAR, STABLE schedule for weekend events is borderline laughable.
We have a Calendar on the heavily outdated (see section B Point #1) main page. This SHOULD/MUST be used for advanced scheduling of Weekend Events, Promos, Maintenance.
A post should be made on the General Discussion section of the forums by Thursday at the latest to inform the community of the weekend schedule.

4. Lack of Communication & Forum Issues

As the months have passed, GM communication with the community has reached an ALL-TIME low. Weekend Schedules are not posted. Questions on issues are going unanswered. There are no community updates to problems that the GMs know are prevalent.
The only thing that can almost always be guaranteed is that they will post the information for events that make Aeria MONEY!.
We understand that you are running a business! But you treat the customers like dirt and fools!

Another issue that the community, as a whole, has shown a CLEAR distaste for is the constant advertising of other Aeria games.
You push and push other games, but show and inability to maintain even one game!
Please STOP advertising other Aeria games and try advertising this one every once in awhile.

Maintenance Time does NOT mean a different game.

5. Spender Rewards And Events

Every week the (what had been monthly) tiered spenders appear on the forums. GREAT! Free stuff! Everyone loves free stuff. But the lack of variety, lack of types, and lack of accommodation for the whole player base has become the standard.
I know full well how difficult weapon codes are. But the seemingly obvious decision to not offer different weapon levels due to the increased amount of work (and likelihood for mistakes) is appalling.

If you wish to know the different types of furniture you can sell, or anything I or any Game Sage will be happy to assist.

Also the FACT that EVERY payout for the past year or more has had an error has become a joke. I understand the complexity of the weapons, but with a little time and effort these mistakes should not be happening.

7. Item Mall, First Time Spender & Items OWED

The Item Mall was taken down about a year ago due to an issue with it giving out free items.
It was announced that it was going to be fixed and then returned ASAP.
Yet, here we are and it's still noticeably absent. On top of that, the community has received zero communication from GMs about this issue.

  • However the lack of an Item Mall has lead to several issues.
  • Items that were pending are stuck in limbo. Items that, 'I hasten to point out' that have been paid for with real money! Yet, the customers continue to wait for their PAID for goods and have not even been informed as to when they will be sent or compensated.
  • Inability of the GMs to insert items outside of maintenance.
  • Previously insert-able items are no longer available.

The Community has waited and waited for answers, it's about time some were given.

On to the First Time Spender.
Although I agree it is nice to give new spenders a perk (you work for money after all)
The inability to pay it out, and the lack of items that would be useful to a new player shows a complete lack of understanding of the game and is upsetting.

This game requires certain items that must be bought with cash to do some important things with in the game.
These items are cheap and only require being bought once. However, if a player is unable to spend the AP to buy them, then that person's ability to fully enjoy and participate in the game is hampered.
Following suit with a large percentage of Aeria's games, a FREE new players package is recommended.

8. Game Sages

Currently the Game Sage team is reduced to 4 active/semi-active members.
The community has noticed the absence of several members of the team. I suggest the time is taken to re-open applications.

Part B. Aeria Game's Responsibilities and MAJOR faults

1. Main Page Heavily Outdated.

The Main page is seriously outdated.
Dynasty Warriors receives a Major update every 9-10 Months.
This level of update requires an update to the main site also.

  • The current poll is 2 years old.
  • The Youtube button links to a Youtube page that is NEVER used.
  • The Game Guide refers to game modes that have been removed entirely.
  • The Media section, The overview.. the list goes on.

This shows a blatant lack of care and attention from what is supposed to be a highly regarded Online Games Publisher!

2. Advertising.

This game is from a well-known and respected developer. It is the game that helped Aeria truly become a leader in Online Games Publishing.
So why on earth do you treat it like ... well, like crap?
Speak with Koei America and arrange for them to Advertise a KOEI game along with Dynasty Warriors Online and other Warriors games they sell.
Advertise on game sites.. Youtube.. ANYTHING!
How do you expect to bring new players to Aeria games when you only BRIEFLY advertise new games?

Part C. The Community's Responsibility

1. Forum Trolls.

We have too many trolls on this forum, and whats worse is the amount of people that encourage it.
I have witnessed people in the Shoutbox outright telling people NOT to play this game,
and then later complaining about the lack of players.

2. Community's Attitude towards Game Masters.

YES you're frustrated!
YES it's annoying as heck to pay for something only to receive the Wrong Item!
YES Game Masters do not give the community due care and attention!

But let me ask you this:

If you had to work at a place where a few hundred people do nothing but **** at you all day, would you give two craps?

I know I wouldn't..

3. Community's Attitude towards New Players.

It's up to you how you play a game and behave online, this is not a “DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!” post.
But stop and think for a minute. You dislike how few matches there are?
How few people there are? How things cost too dang much!

How about, instead of having this uber elitist mentality that a large percentage of the veteran playerbase has...
take care of the noobies!!
Stop making alts to farm the noobies!
Give the noobies some love man! Love and peace!

This is everything for now. If you read this far, then you care about the game as much as I do.
If I think of anything more to moan about I will add it.

Comments are welcome so long as they are constructive and not outright Aeria bashing.
Hopefully, together we can make the game better for everyone.


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PostedFeb 19, 2013 10:14 pm
Wow. That is a very well put rant.

It seems like all of Aeria's fantasy-based games are going in the toilet, while their Anime games are the one that prosper. More appeal I suppose? I've played DWO, it was a pretty fun game for a while. (I only played for mobbing.) But this rant doesn't seem at all exaggerated in any way.

Aeria's Response:

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27 Jan 2012
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PostedFeb 19, 2013 10:36 pm
Yes, we REALLY need to get the word out on the state of this game, I've been playing it for a year and the community is, as Yurisaki, one of the contributors to the game's initial success, stated about is partially responsible for the current state. This game has been one of Aeria's real money makers, but they leave it out high and dry, what sense does that make?


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PostedFeb 20, 2013 10:31 am
Alright, I'm gonna comment here instead on the various points. Beware of the wall of text~

Part A.
1. This kind of issue has been happening for about 2 years now. Previous PMs have been able to keep us updated on the issue(Fenryr and TankGirl), however the current team has been rather absent on the issue. I do agree, why have we been not given a clean client with all the patches except the red halo tweaking?

3. As far as I'm concerned, the campaigns have been starting on their own, programmed time. Instead of the usually scheduled 8am campaigns, there are 6pm ones instead, running along with showdowns. This causes problems with participation of the players as the campaign has started on an off time. I'm starting to think that this is becoming more and more like the Japanese server, which has their game programmed in such a way.

4. I do agree that communication between the players and the GMs is at an all time low. I would not care as much about this issue however, the advertizing of other games is like saying "we do not care about your game.".. Then again, with the responses they get from us players, I wouldn't blame them myself for not caring about us. With us yelling at them while spending AP, I can bet you nothing will get done. They won't want to do anything for us, and they still get their money, soooo...

7. The item mall has been down for a year. As Yuri has said, you guys did say you were going to fix it asap. ijji merged with Aeria, okay, but now that's long over with and the item mall is still not fixed. I am one of these people with items stuck in the item mall and have been unable to claim them since it went down.

8. I don't know about you, but with a majority of the game sage team being inactive shows how much people care about the game. The inactives are practically pulling in AP they never worked for(and will probably never spend)

Part B.
1. The fact that the main page is never updated shows how neglected the game is on its own. I personally would like to see the main site and game down for a day or two, heck even up to a week, and use that time to update and fix as much as possible.

Part C.
1. One or two like Panderp and mongeru are fine, but half the community doing it? The amount of people necro'ing threads is too much. There have also been cases of a player impersonating other players on forums, and those that reported him were unable to bring the said player to justice.

I'm also going to add that you have also trolled the community time and time again. None of us should be talking about the telling players to not play, since we have told them at least once, in one form or another. But onto the more known matter, you have been caught telling the community that the kunlun drops were just harder to find. Yes I did play along for a little while, but you have later admitted on shoutbox that it was just to troll(proof was screenshotted by a game sage that actually cares)
I was requested to add this little fact in, so the above section is not entirely me.

2. see Part A4

3(listed as second 2). There have been guilds to recruit new players, however only two guilds doing it only goes so far.

I may have an invalid here and there, but I needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for your time. ^^'


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PostedFeb 20, 2013 2:26 pm
Hanbei.Chan wrote:
7. The item mall has been down for a year. As Yuri has said, you guys did say you were going to fix it asap. ijji merged with Aeria, okay, but now that's long over with and the item mall is still not fixed. I am one of these people with items stuck in the item mall and have been unable to claim them since it went down.  

I know someone in the guild who has had 6 armories in limbo. He cancelled his paypal auto-purchase because of it. Aeria is really shooting themselves in the foot here. He has to upgrade his house, again, but he's not doing it until he gets his 6 armories.... Can't say I blame him, if I had 6 armories (and a 7th that he didn't SS but disappeared on the list) and god knows what else stuck (basically about 5k AP worth of stuff) in limbo, I wouldn't spend money either.

At the risk of "calling him out," I still think panderp does more good than harm. He's generally more serious about the serious issues (and throws in some funnies along the way of course.) I've been known to troll too, but most people just go to far.


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17 Oct 2007
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PostedFeb 21, 2013 4:22 am
Wow, this was a great spot-on read. XD To think so many things have not changed since OB started, and the things that did change weren't for the better. XP

If there's ever a full wipe, I will be more than happy to jump back on board full-time. <3 But I can't see that happening. XD


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26 Apr 2011
PostedFeb 21, 2013 10:20 am
I read all of this and read what GMHC replied.
And my feeling after I read what he wrote is is no hope for new change only accept and deal with it.


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PostedFeb 22, 2013 9:51 pm
Really enjoyed DWO when it was first out, but now seeing how it has become under aeria's grips, I think i'll stay far away until another company buys the hosting rights and the Devs do more.

-Retired PvPer and Ex-Noob.


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30 Jun 2010
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PostedFeb 23, 2013 10:53 am
LordRapthorne wrote:
The short version of it is this:

If a game isn't offering all that much in the way of profit, then it's going to be put to the very bottom of the priority list for Aeria. So unless you can magically pull a crapload of spenders out of thin air, things on DWO will not improve.  

Not often I see anything on DWO item mall.

-Retired PvPer and Ex-Noob.


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PostedFeb 23, 2013 11:14 am
I see some similar problems with Ts2... D:

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