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18 Nov 2012
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PostedFeb 17, 2013 6:26 am
for me is 7/10 i prefer para 100%



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22 Jul 2012
PostedFeb 17, 2013 6:40 am
wiNx. wrote:
.oldschooler. wrote:
XM8 is better than Gator.

XM8 has bloom where Gator has wierd recoil/bloom combination. Both are so easy and sprayable tho. I would say that the XM8 is a bit easier and spray-friendly. XM8 feels more powerful as well, probably due to better penetration. The ROF is the same, those stas lie & I'm certain that Gator doesn't out-DPS the XM8.

Where the gator shines is in stand/croutch mode where it's way more accurate than the XM8.

Gator is so overrated it's not even funny. PPL will QQ their head off if you use it.

TBH the gun that most resembles the Gator is Remington R4, they are pretty much the same gun. Slap a Rein-barrel on R4 & you have the Gator with uglier looks and sound. And everyone knows that the XM8 is better than the R4.  

Basically saying that the XM8 is better than the MK3 aswell..
In past people were saying the Gator is on par with the pre nerf MK3.

Now we do compare the XM8 to the Alligator saying that the XM8 is better.

Not even going to state my view regarding this statement.. just by comparing previous statements with the statements now you can certainly see that something is wrong.

I am sure a Cyphez with an Alligator is going to outgun a Cyphez with an XM8 in most situations.  

People where wrong back then as well. The reason being that players listen to rumors and make false statements without knowing for sure. Best case maybe someone picked up gator & did well with it. Most players who own the so called OP guns like gator, Pred & FG42 rarely use them because they are not as superior as you would think.
The ones who think they are alot better are the people who don't actually have them & maybe just tried them a few times (placebo).

Pre nerf mk3 is way better than alligator. Gator is on par with post nerf mk3. Most players just have no idea what they are talking about & speak out of jealousy towards guns that they don't have themselves.

Pre nerf mk3 was way more laser than the gator while the damage vs rof pretty much negates each other. After the nerf they are pretty equal in "laserness". Gator still has better croutch/standshot than the post nerf mk3 so maybe Gator is a tad bit better because the nerf was pretty significant.

IMO XM8 is comparable to pre-nerf mk3 & better than it post nerf. Yes it's less accurate & bloomy compared to pre nerf mk3, but the damage, range & riddiculous sprayability makes up for it. It blooms but you can still just hold the mouse down & hit almost every shot.
XM8 was one of the few guns I could own with before I got a gaming-mouse and still used my default 3$ mouse.


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30 Jul 2012
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PostedFeb 17, 2013 8:17 am

Re: G36 Alligator?

penrd wrote:
Why do people say its the best gun in the game? Like for me I will rate it like 6/10. Its like the tiny crosshair is hard to see. And the damage isn't soo pleasing either.

(I 1 capped this a long time ago)  

I give it a 7/10.

It is a weak gun imo but if you can aim really good you can make this gun indestructible.

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