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Love is in the Air with the 2013 Beauty & the Beast!

Every so often we introduce truly special cars to Need for Speed World and the 2013 Beauty & the Beast can be counted among them! They are so amazingly unique that we just had to have the Cars team describe them in their own words!

Hi everyone,
Here are some behind the scenes details on the 2013 Beauty & Beast special edition cars.

This year, we wanted to really set the two cars apart from what we’ve done in the past. With the first two iterations of “Beauty” and “Beast” we had Chevrolet trading blows with Lexus. First, the IS-F went up against the Corvette Z06, and last year the LF-A fired back at the Z06 Carbon Limited Edition. Traditionally the cars featured mainly cosmetic additions, in the form of vinyls and neons. This year, we’ve set up an epic battle, with the Koenigsegg CCX-R Special Edition pitted against the newest bull on the block, the Lamborghini Aventador. To really separate these cars from the usual art cars, we designed 1-off body kits, to compliment the theme and liveries of each car.

The Koenigsegg has a more fluid and soft form, and the kit continues this theme. The design is aggressive, but not vulgar. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Lamborghini, has lines are taught and angular. The base car is probably the most beautiful car that Lamborghini has ever produced, and so designing the kit was a bit challenging. In the end, I decided to go with an evolution of the original form, pushing it to its extents. Vinod brought his talents to bear on the designs, and improved upon them in the modeling stage, to bring about what you see in game.

Once the cars received their new sheet metal, I turned my attention to the livery designs. Keeping with the theme of past cars, the CCX-R Special Edition is adorned in white and fuchsia, whereas the Aventador wears a menacing combination of black, charcoal, and deep crimson reds. To further push the idea that the cars may be disparate in their designs, yet they are bound together, each car wears a half of a heart through their livery designs. When parked side by side, the two halves show as a whole. The Aventador wearing a charcoal heart, the CCX-R wearing an off white heart respectively. These days, most of the designs are devoid of neon under body lighting, but these are Beauty and Beast cars, so they get neons and custom license plates, and the whole nine yards.

The first car to get some of the added love and detail was actually the Chinese New Year edition of the Lamborghini Reventón. You’ve all noticed the new body kit with the fang! Vinod took the original design, and really ran with it, to create the awesome snake fang effect on the bumpers!

There are more cars coming soon with unique items, ranging from body kits to other visual touches. We will continue to raise the bar, and try to make each special edition stand out, just that much more!

PS: We realize that not everything we do will resonate with the whole community, but that’s what makes the game vibrant and alive. It’s the fact that everyone in the game has differing tastes, different cars, and different play styles. Some people just like to race, some like to customize, and there are truly vinyl artists in this game that go beyond what we envisioned with the tools that have been given to you! Each release, we try to give a little something to everyone, for all tastes. Whether you like your cars to be stock looking sleepers, or heavily tuned, and brightly colored, everyone is needed to have a healthy place to play.
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