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30 Jul 2012
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PostedFeb 13, 2013 5:55 pm

Introducing the Beauty & the Beast Car Pack!

Two years ago we started releasing the special Valentine’s Day edition Beauty & the Beast collectors’ cars and if you didn’t manage to get them in the years past you still have another chance with the Beauty & the Beast Car Pack!

The Beauty & the Beast Car Pack gets you behind the wheel of all the 2011 & 2012 Valentine’s Day edition cars! Each features their own exclusively unique liveries and female drivers in the “Beauty” editions! Included in this pack are the:

Lexus IS F Beauty - This Beauty has a secret, in her V8 at 400 plus horsepower engine which packs quite a potent punch! The Lexus IS-F is the front runner when it comes to sport sedans and with its improved ride and handling this beauty doesn’t disappoint!

Corvette Z06 Beast - The Corvette Z06 features a snarling V8 under its louvered hood which gives its strength plus a wide body kit and hunkered stance and black paint job and red two tones, giving it a predator presence! With a powerful engine and its lightweight road-holding and braking the Z06 is one of the best balanced machine on the road!

Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Beauty - The improved aluminum V8 engine at 505 horsepower and aerodynamics will also help the carbon fiber Vette punch a smaller hole through the air, aiding acceleration, top speed and mpg. Twist the carbon-fiber key of this Carbon Beauty and listen to its race-bred sing as she’s available to be paired with any of the other Beasts in your garage!

Lexus LFA Beast - The V10 makes over 550hp, and revs to more than 9000rpm…Wearing a high down force, wide body kit, and BBS alloys, this V10 Beast is ready to scream into the higher RPM’s. The custom livery and “heart breaker” neon set this bad boy apart from all the rest! The Lexus LFA is incredibly fast and extraordinary in its ability to hold the line in a heartbeat so reward yourself by driving one today!

Who knows how long the beauty & the Beast Car Pack is only going to be available for so don’t hesitate to get it!
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