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12 Jun 2008
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PostedFeb 12, 2013 5:05 am

Superman Re Billing Maintenance Completed

Still many have issue with in game shop
hello just saw your post re maintenance

POSTEDYesterday, at 10:34 pm
Maint completed. Everything checks good. taken from here

However many including myself at time of posting this still have system error and 0 ap in i game shop.

I have quit game and re logged a few times to see if would clear. It hasnt.

Just thought you should know

rt #9230557


PS to clarify can buy from webmall just not in game shop. You can also access your items in records. Just click on system error to confirm. You just cannot purchase as not enough ap.

Edit 13 Feb: All is fine in LC after maintenance. Thanks Smile

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