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08 Mar 2010
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PostedFeb 11, 2013 8:21 pm

GS treasure hunt!

it's basicly like a treasure hunt except your hunting GS's.

How to play:
-Players start at a city with the 1st GS present, the 1st GS gives clues to the location of the next GS and so on.
-Players are to be in teams of 2, one a 40 and/or below while the other is above 40.
-After given the first clue and finding the next GS they have to party the GS in order to get the next clue and collect an special item from the GS
-The thing repeats till players come to the last GS and then trade in the items after which they get a prezi! *.*
-First 5 pair to get to the end wins the prezis! *.*

-The partying the GS is to avoid players who are in the map that the GS is in from hearing the clue and so spoilers, ofc using 'say' chat works too.
-Each GS apart from the 1st and last has an item, prob something useless to players since this is a GS event, that players have to collect from each GS and hand into the last GS to get a prize - so to avoid exploiting and friends telling where the last GS is.
-The low and high lvl pairing is to get newer players introduced to the community and take part instead of the 'older' players getting all the prezes.
-Each 'item' that players are to collect from the GSes should be random and from high and low lvl maps so players cant pre-collect them and just find the last GS.
-GSes should hide somewhere that aint that easy to find but too not difficult.
the GSes giving the clues - apart from the first - could be in pairs so that one person dont get swamped by everyone.
-Not much of a time limits on this but something like 1 hour is just..........bleh

The item thing does mean the GSes have to grind - sorry xD - enough for like 50 pairs.
This is base on ALL the GS willing to take part Twisted Evil or enough to make it fun and ofc being avialable at the time.
The event should be on Friday, saturday or sunday since most people are home and ofc there's 2 server to do this event for. unless your willing to do it one after the other.
Timing for the event would be nice if it when most people can come online.



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16 Feb 2012
PostedMay 10, 2013 1:45 pm
Could work... but one problem....

The places for the GSes to hide are limited because level 40's cant go many places.
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