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Aeria: Product Manager
26 Sep 2011
United States
PostedFeb 09, 2013 8:12 pm

In response to player concerns regarding the new costumes


This will be a bit of a long post, but please allow me to clarify some things.

First and foremost, the two new costumes have been removed from the tiered spender and have been replaced with two new, unreleased costumes for each gender. Any costumes already redeemed will be deleted and replaced with the new package.

We sincerely apologize for anyone that may have been offended.

Please understand that there was no ill intent on our part by releasing these costumes. We are not glorifying or approving anything these costumes may or may not represent, nor did we feel they would offend any of our players. Our intent was just to release a military-style costume for players to enjoy.

This is not the case, which is completely understandable. We recognize the complaints and concerns regarding these costumes, and wish to make sure Grand Fantasia is an enjoyable environment for all players.

Thank you for each of the players who voiced their concerns. We appreciate your dedication and continued support of Grand Fantasia and Aeria Games.
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