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16 Jun 2011
Dans le coeur des âmes morte France
PostedFeb 08, 2013 10:20 pm

Search guild

Hi all,

I am looking for a guild that support Souvant quite sympathetic with people, I am low level in May I will be mounted quickly enough as I know well enough games.

English not being the original one I can hurt to speak your language, if possible I would like to play with one person who knows can the French May I'll do my best to avoid as much as possible out of respect.

Otherwise I have enough experience to play in the UK my main character is level 69 is all I have xp my class, I just lack the corsair.

I particularly like the magic as physical DPS, I'm not playing I would Souvant May conecter every day except inprevue, here I hope to find a guild that aceptera me =)

To contact me, send me a message by courier or games under the pseudonym "AngeNoir."

I wish you a pleasant game and a good day, cordially.

" Les ombres tomberont, les villes bruleront, je suis la reine du chaos "
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